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"Qin Feiyan, how can you tolerate him?" Shi Xiaoyue found it unbelievable that Qi Feiyan did not move a little.

"Have had enough fun?" Roaring deeply, Qin Feiyan turned her head and glared at Qin Dong.

"Enough fun? Huh, huh! I have not begun yet!" Qin Dong thundered and saw the duty schedule pasted on the wall when he turned his head.

As the schedule said, the five boys were on duty in turn from Monday to Friday. But the girls were exempted from the cleaning task. Moreover, the schedule also contained some stringent punishment clauses, such as the girls would whack the boys by stick for ten times if they did not wipe the desks clean, or the classroom smelled bad and for five to twenty times if they did not wipe the glass clean.

Qin Dong could not go on reading any longer after scanning several clauses and tore the whole schedule off.

"Excuse me, is this schedule a certificate of humiliation? Bi Xiu, as a man, how can you accept this unequal treaty??"

All the boys detested this duty schedule, which achieved the unanimity of all girls. The boys had no choice to change this but reconciled. The girls were unhappy when they saw Qin Dong tear the schedule off the wall but blushed and lowered their heads as Qin Dong reproached them.

"We must reschedule the duty roster table!" Qin Dong yelled and tore this shameful schedule into pieces.

"You…you…" Pointing at Qin Dong, Shi Xiaoyue quivered in rage.

"Screw you! I announce that from today on girls will take charge of the classroom cleaning!"

"What did you say? You asked us to do the cleaning?" Shi Xiaoyue flushed with anger and shouted as if she was humiliated.

"Exactly, you girls do the job. Cleaning ought to be girl's duty! Qin Feiyan, am I right?" Qin Dong gazed at Qin Feiyan arrogantly and provoked her.

Now Qin Feiyan nearly gnashed all her teeth into pieces, and she could do nothing but bear Qin Dong's order because of his identity.

Led by Qin Feiyan, Shi Xiaoyue and Ma Pei, all the girls were anxious to beat up Qin Dong. They glanced at Qin Feiyan and waited for her command. If Qin Feiyan had ordered, they would have run to Qin Dong and brought him down.

Lu Tong nudged Bi Xiu and asked him thoughtfully, "Brother Xiu, where does the buddy come from? He is a warrior!"

With his eyes shining, Bi Xiu murmured, "Don't call me brother, he is our elder brother."

"I suppose he is unaware of Qin Feiyan's cruelty, otherwise…" Lu Tong waved his head and looked at Qin Dong more sympathetically than admiringly, as if Qin Dong would die soon.

Bi Xiu did not respond, but incredibility showed between his eyebrows.

"Qin Feiyan, what happened?" A fluty voice came and the speaker seemed to be the Goddess of the Empyrean.

Qin Dong swiveled head and his eyes shone suddenly.

In front of him stood a charming girl at the age of around twenty-four. Her delicate and fair face was so soft and it seemed that water could be squeezed out from it. She wore a white silk shirt with a broad collar, and the shirt's lower hem tucked in her creamy skirt. Her voluptuous breasts stood erect inside, and the deep cleavage under the broad collar was alluring.

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