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Fang Xian'er coughed, " The duty schedule is unfair for boys. I agree with Qin Dong. If he thinks the schedule needs to be changed, let's change it. The classroom belongs to everyone, and girls should take part of the responsibilities to clean it. Am I right?"

"Not part of the responsibilities, but all!" Qin Dong shouted before Fang Xian'er finished her speech.

"Er…" Fang Xian'er was speechless and reproached him for having no sense of propriety in her mind.

In Fang Xian'er's opinion, the boys had no status in the Class 18, as long as Qin Feiyan promised to compromise on the duty schedule, the boys would not suffer so much any longer. But arrogant Qin Dong asked the girls to undertake the whole cleaning task. Did he enrage Qin Feiyan deliberately?

Did Qin Dong think that he was extraordinary as his backup was Li Yunteng? Qin Feiyan's identity was a secret all the time. Fang Xian'er judged that Qin Feiyan came from a strong background since she mastered such excellent martial skills at a young age. If Qin Feiyan planned to combat with Qin Dong, he was doomed to lose because he was not a martial artist at all. 

Qin Feiyan uttered when Fang Xian'er was considering how to mediate the dispute for Qin Dong and placate her, "All right. I promise you. But you must fulfill your promise and responsibilities!"  

"Qin Feiyan!" As Qin Feiyan responded Qin Dong's unreasonable request, Shi Xiaoyue could not hold back and yelled.

Before Shi Xiaoyue finished her remarks, Qin Feiyan waved her hands and answered deeply, "Do as he said. Let's reschedule the duty roster table without involving the boys."

"Ah?" Shi Xiaoyue, Ma Pei and other girls looked at each other in surprise.

Fang Xian'er was both startled and confused, and her eyes flicked from Qin Feiyan's face to Qin Dong's.

So did Bi Xiu, Lu Tong and other three boys. Astonished, Liu Feng could not help crying. From the moment the boys studied in Class 18, it was the first time for them to receive human-like treatment.

Qin Dong strived for two rights for the boys upon his arrival. One was the boys moved from the back of the classroom to the front and could bath in sun. The other was he tore the duty schedule into pieces, which the boys hated most. As a result, Qin Dong became the leader of the boys, enjoying their adoring looks. Facing Qin Feiyan, Qin Dong held up his head. That being said, he was implacably opposed to her.

For all the students' class adviser, Fang Xian'er did not tech them. She left promptly after announcing that Qin Dong joined the collectivity of Class 18 from today on.

Qin Dong had never studied in a classroom before. His feeling of novelty faded soon when he found attending class boring. Teachers showed off their knowledge on the podium and Qin Dong almost fell asleep under it. He admired the teachers, who made him, a cultivator at the fifth level dispirited and discouraged in forty-five minutes.

Finally, the noon break came. Yawning, Qin Dong walked out of the classroom. He refreshed only when bathing in sunlight and began to ponder whether he should talk to Li Yexue and told her he was not qualified for being a student.

"Excuse me, does Qin Feiyan study in this class?" A magnetic voice came to Qin Dong's ears.

With eyes half closed, Qin Dong looked the boy up and down. The boy standing before Qin Dong's face was 1.8m tall, with a strongly-built body and a well-developed figure. Qin Dong supposed the boy to be a martial artist. Looking up, Qin Dong's eyes were fixed on the boy's handsome face. What exquisite facial features he had!

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