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Before looking around, Qin Dong smelled a fragrance from women which boosted his hormone secretion, the second he walked into the classroom. The aroma could not come from the hell.

Feasting his eyes on the beautiful girls, Qin Dong revitalized suddenly. Is the class really the hell for men? It must be men's heaven.

As he indulged in appreciating the girls, the beauties also fixed their eyes on him. It was the first time for Qin Dong to be gazed by so many pretty girls at the same time. He felt good and smiled.

When Qin Dong enjoyed casting his glance at the girls' faces one after another, he suddenly found something striking, just as he saw three lumps of excrement among blooming flowers. When he saw the glaring scene, his eyes felt like being pricked by thorns.

What came into Qin Dong's eyes were three quivering boys in a hidden corner. The three spoiled the beautiful scene like a bowl of broth was mixed with mouse droppings, which people felt sick at the their sight of.

The three boys all trembled with fear just as Bi Xiu and Lu Tong did, and their lips twitched as if they repeated spells to make them invisible. Obviously, the pitiful guys were always bullied by the girls. Qin Dong was embarrassed to blame them for spoiling his view.

"Boy, do you go to the wrong classroom? Here is Class 18, Senior Grade 3. I confess that you are handsome, but that does not mean you can run about." A tall and pretty girl with fair skin stared at Qin Dong and pointed at his nose, reproaching him with a tender voice.

"What a pity that a girl with a perfect figure and a pair of beautiful eyes is as sharp as a razor!" Qin Dong did not answer the girl but commented on her. All the people became silent in an instant, as if the classroom had been vacant.

Blue veins began to protrude on the girl's white forehead, and a cold flash like a lightening sparkled in her eyes. She cast a murderous look at Qin Dong.

"Oh, my gosh! Buddy, are you crazy?" Bi Xiu exclaimed, rushed into the classroom and stood between Qin Dong the girl.

Sweat breaking out on his forehead, Bi Xiu said to the girl with a quivering voice, "Shi Xiaoyue, the boy is new here and unaware of our rules. Please don't bother yourself arguing with the likes of him. Let him leave! Ha…ha…"

"Go to the hell, you fat boy. It is none of your business. Get out of my way as soon as possible; otherwise I will let you taste the taste of my Thunder Explosion Palm!" Shi Xiaoyue gnashed her teeth in rage, replied coldly and fixed her eyes upon Qin Dong, without glancing at Bi Xiu.

"Oh, you are the so-called Thunder Bodhisattva?" Qin Dong screamed when Bi Xiu had no idea what to do and felt his scalp tingled.

Hearing the shout, Bi Xiu nearly broke down. He jumped to the other side, "Buddy, I am so sorry that I can't protect you any longer. Good luck!"

Shi Xiaoyue hit Qin Dong's chest unexpectedly while Bi Xiu did not finish his words.

Her quick palm could be compared to a thunder. Apparently, she was adept at applying palms. Bi Xiu was not her match, so he had to run away quickly.

"Brother Xiu, the boy is dying!" Lu Tong returned to the classroom secretly and saw Shi Xiaoyue striking Qin Dong on his chest. He waved his head and said sympathetically.

So did Bi Xiu.

But the two could not believe their eyes when they saw what happened afterwards. Qin Dong stood still after being hit by Shi Xiaoyue. Crying out, Shi Xiaoyue stepped backward, knocked down lots of desks and chairs, and plunged herself on the floor, as if she had been knocked into the air.

"Shi Xiaoyue!" The girls shrieked, ran to her and helped her up.

Shi ignored others' concerned inquiries, but gazed at Qin Dong in surprise. She was shocked and did not believe what had happened.

Another girl giggled, "Our new classmate is not a commoner." Her laughter sounded as pleasant as a nightingale's chirp. Qin Dong's eyes blurred and saw a charming face like a gardenia flower in front of him. Anyone would feel delightful at sight of the face.

When Qin Dong was going to praise the girl, Bi Xiu yelled, "Buddy, be careful! She is the Smiling Bodhisattva—Ma Pei! Watch out her Searching Soul Finger in Laughter!"

"Eh…" Qin Dong was astonished and soon a strong wind rushed to him like a thorn stabbed on his chest.

"Hum, you dare to bully Shi Xiaoyue? Are you chasing death?" Ma Pei turned hostile immediately, as her smile vanished.

"Searching Soul Finger in Laughter?" Qin Dong whispered.

Ma Pei sneered, "Exactly. You will cough up blood and stay in bed for three months as long as I take off my finger from your chest."

"It will bring about such a serious outcome when you take off your finger from my chest?" Qin Dong pretended to be astounded and asked.

Ma Pei was pleased and laughed, "Of course! It is a punishment for your offending my classmate."

Qin Dong suddenly twitched his mouth, showed a villainous smile and mumbled, "I think it would be better for your finger to stay on my chest!"

"Huh! Is it up to you?" Ma Pei hummed coldly and was horrified to find that she could not take her finger off Qin Dong's chest as if it had been sucked in.

She never encountered such a situation before. Grinding her teeth, Ma Pei felt panic and anxious, and pushed herself into pulling her finger. But it did not move a inch.

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