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"What kind of witch craft did you… you use? Let me go!" Ma Pei tried several times but in vain. She was anxious, stared at Qin Dong with eyes wide-opened and shouted.

Qin Dong shook his head with poker face, answering, "No, I can't let your finger leave my chest, otherwise I will cough up blood and stay in bed for three months."

"You…bastard!" Irrirated, Ma Pei raised her hand and intended to slap on Qin Dong' s face.

Qin Dong snickered when Ma Pei's small hand nearly touched his face, "Be clear-headed. I will not be responsible for your hand pasting on my face."

Hearing Qin Dong's remarks, Ma Pei stopped and did not dare to hit any longer.

Qin Dong felt complacent and laughed, "That's right. Think twice before you leap and don't act on impulse. You will regret for the stupid mistake in the rest of your life! Ha…ha…"

Ma Pei could not do anything, and became more annoying after hearing Qin Dong's utterance. She cried out with a pair of red eyes, "Shi Xiaoyue, come to help me!"

Shi Xiaoyue was incapable of beating up Qin Dong by her adept Thunder Explosion Palm and had no other method either.

"Qin Feiyan, come to help Ma Pei!" Shi Xiaoyue was thrilled and shouted at the door of the classroom. Smelling a fresh musky scent, Qin Dong refreshed.

He searched along the way the fragrance came and felt delightful suddenly, just as a light cast on him at dark night. Qin Dong was overwhelmed by this feeling.

"As bright as sunlight, as lovely as breeze."  He whispered when seeing the girl in front of him.

"Supreme Bodhisattva—Qin Feiyan! He is done!" Qin Dong heard Bi Xiu's uneasy exclamation while appreciating the pretty girl.

"Qin Feiyan, come to help me!" Ma Pei was ecstatic to see Qin Feiyan and yelled at her.

Qin Feiyan just came into the classroom and had no idea about what had occurred. She looked confused and cast a cold look at Qin Dong.

She was surprised to see Qin Dong and her bewilderment evaporated in a second, as if she knew him.

"Why are you…you here?" Qin Feiyan regained composure with a sullen face.

These peculiar changes perplexed Qin Dong. Did the coming girl know him?

When Qin Dong felt puzzled, he glimpsed at his ring. The dash of gold occupying a third of the mystic chaos ring now receded like tides. As a result, a dash of black took the place of it and almost covered half of the ring. Meanwhile, Qin Dong heard a mechanical voice around his ears, "Love index is negative fifty. She hates you!"

"Er? Love index can be minus!" Qin Dong was shocked.

Another question arose in his mind. Why the ring did not change when he faced Shi Xiaoyue and Ma Pei? But its color shifted when Qin Feiyan approached.

Qin Dong fixed his eyes on Shi Xiaoyue and repeated her name silently, however, the mystic chaos ring remained same. The ring did not change a little when he did the same thing to Ma Pei.

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