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Qin Dong smiled and answered, "Buddy, my elder sister is a thorny rose. You need to be careful while courting her. Don't prick your hands before smelling the fragrance."

After hearing Qin Dong's words, the fat boy did not flinch but straightened his neck and replied fearlessly, "I will sacrifice anything to befriend your sister even at the cost of my life. As an ambitious and brave man, nothing can scare me, let alone the thorn of a rose? "

Seeing the boy driven by his passion, Qin Dong also found the boy's remarks funny.

He threw his arms around the fat boy's shoulder, smiling, "Buddy, you are so courageous and sincere that I will hand my sister to you!"

"Thank you for your praise. I, Bi Xiu, swear that I will never disappoint you and make you the happiest brother-in-law all over the world!" Bi Xiu was grateful to Qin Dong, holding Qin's hands and shaking them.

Pleased, Qin Dong could not stop imagining. If Li Yexue knew that he had found such a boyfriend for her, how would she behave? Qin Dong found it more and more funny and smiled in a strange manner. 

"Buddy, why do I find an eerie smile on your face?"

"Really? You eyes are blurred. I did not smile…Do you know where Class 18, Senior Grade 3 is?" Afraid of being found out, Qin Dong changed another topic.

"You are from Class 18, Senior Grade 3?" Bi Xiu was startled after hearing Qin Dong's words.

Qin Dong asked in reply, "Do you study in that class?"

With face darkening, Bi Xiu drew a deep sigh and whispered, "Brother, is your elder sister your enemy?"

"What do you mean?" Qin Dong asked in a confusing look.

Bi Xiu groaned with a brooding look and mumbled, "Class 18, Senior Grade 3 is men's hell. You have never heard of it, have you?"

"Men's hell?" Qin Dong looked increasingly bewildered.

Waving his head, Bi Xiu glimpsed at the brand watch on his hand and said, "It is time for class, I take you to Class 18, Senior Grade 3 now. You will understand why it is called the hell for men."

Qin Dong was in doubt, following Bi Xiu to Class 18. As they approached the class, Bi reduced his pace and even trembled with a miserable look. On their way, the boys from other classes also cast a sympathetic look at Bi Xiu. Qin Dong realized that this class was not a normal one.

"Buddy, the classroom of Class 18, Senior Grade 3 is ahead of us. Can you…you hold me to walk?" He already leaned against Qin Dong without finishing his remarks.

"Why are you so afraid? What is on earth in Class 18? You are so brave while expressing your intention to court my sister." Qin Dong asked and strode to Class 18.

He took several steps and suddenly heard a shriek from the classroom of Class 18. Before Qin Dong figured out what had happened, a disheveled boy with bruises on face ran wildly from the classroom and screamed.

"Lu Tong, I am Bi Xiu!" Noticing the boy running towards them, Bi stretched one hand and seized him.

The boy held Bi Xiu and cried out, "Brother Xiu, you come back finally. Help!"

Glancing at the classroom, Bi Xiu asked Lu Tong in a low voice, "Tell me whom do you provoke today?"

"You do me…me…wrong! I was slow while handing my homework and scolded by Shi Xiaoyue. Unfortunately, I was not clear-headed and talked back. And then I turned into this look! She told me that she would castrate me if I don't kneel down before her and call her 'grandma' three times today! "

"What…? You offended Shi Xiaoyue, the so-called Thunder Bodhisattva? I have some money in hand; you take it all and escape by air as soon as possible!" After hearing Shi Xiaoyue, Bi Xiu's face became pallid instantly as if he had been struck by thunder. He quivered, took out some money from his pocket and thrust it into Lu Tong's hand.

"Brother Xiu, I have no idea about what time we will have chance to meet after today. Farewell!" Lu Tong bowed to Bi Xiu like a knight in ancient times.

Qin Dong was stunned to see Bi and Lu's exaggerated behavior.

"Hey, who is Shi Xiaoyue, the Thunder Bodhisattva?"

Bi Xiu and Lu Tong hurried to cover Qin Dong's mouth when he was about to speak. Bi Xiu looked at Class 18 in trepidation, and exhaled with a relief after finding no one coming out there. He said with a deep voice, "Buddy, lower your voice a little. If Shi Xiaoyue knows we discuss her behind her back, I am afraid we will not leave school alive today."

"Brother Xiu, I…I am leaving. Take care!" Wiping his tears, Lu Tong turned around and prepared to escape.

Qin Dong frowned and shouted, "Stop!"

Lu Tong was frightened by Qin's shout. He turned back his head and saw Qin Dong hum coldly, "A man flees because of scaring a woman. What a coward you are! You take me to meet the Thunder Bodhisattva!"

"You are new here and know little about this class. I have practiced martial arts for several years, but was beaten by them. Don't parade your ability!"

"Ah? You have practiced martial arts?" Qin Dong was surprised when hearing Bi Xiu's remarks. He looked Bi up and down and found a sign that weak vital energy floated inside his body.

Bi Xiu sighed, "I offered to come to Class 18 and wanted to punish the girls by my martial arts. However, I was defeated by the stronger girls, and could do nothing but weep sadly."

Seeing sorrowful Bi Xiu nearly cry out, Qin Dong was increasingly curious with the girls from Class 18, Senior Grade 3. Ignoring Bi and Lu, he came into the classroom alone.

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