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Tianyuan core was common in the heavens. Cultivators at low level usually took it to fuel their vital energy. Qin Dong took numerous Tianyuan cores just as he ate candies while he was at the first level. There was no need for him to take it any longer when he reached the third level, because the spiritual energy the pallet could provide for him was little.

The common things in the heavens were invaluable in the mortal realm and precious for the cultivators who practiced internal martial arts. The effect brought by one Tianyuan core—thirty-year cultivation base advancement was underestimated.

Qin Dong replied calmly, "What I say is truth. But I am not sure whether you can identify the treasure or not."

"Sir, the boy must be playing tricks on us. Please do not believe his words. I have never heard of any magic medicine like the core." Seeing Li Yunteng moved by Qin Dong's remarks, Mingchuan reminded him.

"You have never heard it before, neither have I!" Ansewering Mingchuan, Li Yunteng took Tianyuan core from Qin Dong.

He put it beside his nose and smelled it. A refreshing medicine fragrance came into his nasal cavity and spread to his internal organs along the meridians. Li Yunteng revitalized and felt comfortable as if having been applied a dozen bottles of cooling oil.

"The medicine…" Li Yunteng was thrilled and began to believe Qin Dong's words.

He raised his head and looked at Qin Dong's eyes carefully. Qin Dong had a pair of clear eyes and seemed not to be lying. Li Yunteng smiled and answered, "All right! No matter your utterance is true or false, I will make the deal with you!" He returned the messenger sword to Qin Dong, and waved his hand, signaling his subordinates to release Mr. Wang.

Sweating all over his body, Mr. Wang escaped from his death, nodded and looked at Qin Dong gratefully.

Standing nearby and witnessing all of these, Zhou Kai sighed with a relief. How fortunate that Li Yunteng did not push Qin Dong hard, otherwise he would pay for what he did.

"Qin Dong, thanks a lot! If Mr. Wang's arm were cut off, I would be guilty for the rest of my life."

"It is a cup of tea. Ha…ha…" A useless pallet saved Mr. Wang's life. This deal did not cost Qin Dong too much.  

"Boy, I find you a talent! Come with me to the Flying Dragon School!" Li Yunteng smiled at Qin Dong.

Li Yexue answered before Qin Dong opened his mouth, "Dad, stop persuading Qin Dong to go with you. I will not allow him to join the Flying Dragon School. Besides, I don't hope he will become a dictator like you!"

"How can you say that…."

Before Li Yunteng lost his temper, Li Yexue took Qin Dong's hand and said, "Qin Dong, let's go!"

"Hey, don't you go home with me? Your elder sister is going to return!" Li Yunteng shouted at the view of his daughter's back in a hurry.

"I will not go back with you! My sister will come to me after she returns. There is no need for you to worry about. "

Li Yunteng could not do anything, but shook his head and grumbled, "My daughter has grown up. It is more and more difficult to ask her listen to me as before."

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