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Qin Dong was sure that Li Yunteng could not fathom the secret of the golden messenger sword, so he handed it to Li without hesitation.

Staring at Qin Dong, Li Yunteng weighed the sword in his hand and said in surprise, "Gosh, it is made of pure gold!"

Qin Dong did not react after hearing Li Yunteng's exclamation, but disdained him in his mind. The sword is not made of gold but rare "purified gold" in the heavens. Compared with the 'purified gold', gold was bullshit.

"Whew! How sharp the golden sword is!" Screaming, Li Yunteng touched the sword with his finger, which was cut slantingly by its blade.

Qin Dong smiled and replied, "Be careful! It is lucky that it only cuts your finger not severs it!"

Li Yunteng liked the sword increasingly after playing with it for a while, and said with a frowning face, "Boy, how about making a deal?"

"What deal is it?"

"I will forgive Mr. Wang if you give this sword to me. What do you think? Exchanging a sword for his arm, you don't lose anything. "

Qin Dong would say yes if the item to be exchanged was other things. No matter how priceless it was, he would not hesitate. But the sword was left to him by his father and meaningful for him. Qin Dong was unwilling to do so.

"Dad! You are so mean. How can you blackmail Qin Dong?" Finding her father's idea frustrating, Li Yexue screamed at her father.

"You bad girl, how do you speak to your father?" Li Yunteng growled and glared at his daughter.

"I don't have such a father. You are a pirate. You don't feel even shame when chopping other's arm and taking away other's loved things? " Li Yexue knew that her father loved her, so she dared to speak to him bluntly.

"You…You bad girl , run wilder and wilder. I will discipline you later!" Shouting at Li Yexue, Li Yunteng stared at Qin Dong and urged him, "Boy, will you make the deal or not? I don't have much patience, and I will not accept your request after losing all my patience, even if you beg me!"

Frowning, Qin Dong responded in a deep voice, "You find the sword interesting, but it has special meaning to me. I can't make the deal with the golden sword. But I suppose you will like another thing."

"Do you have other things better than the sword?" Li Yunteng did not believe Qin Dong, and asked.

After searching in his chest for a while, Qin Dong took out a pigeon-egg-sized golden pallet and presented it in front of Li Yunteng's face, answering, "Tianyuan Core!"

"Tianyuan core, what is it?" Li Yunteng questioned Qin Dong in astonishment.

"It is a golden core. Taking one can boost thirty-year cultivation base for martial artists like you. Is it more valuable than the sword?"

Hearing Qin Dong's words, Li Yunteng was astounded. He could not believe his ears, and whispered, "What do you…you say? One pallet can boost thirty-year cultivation base? I don' hear you clearly, or are you insane?"

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