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"Sir, how can you tolerate this loathsome boy?" Seeing Qin Dong taken away by Li Yexue, Mingchuan became more envious.

Li Yunteng cast a glance at Mingchuan and answered in a deep voice, "We can't do anything before figuring out his origin, in case of bringing troubles to the Flying Dragon School!"

"Sir, we don't need to concern too much. I suppose he is an insane bastard and acts recklessly." Gnashing his teeth in anger, Mingchuan replied.

"Shit! Don't you see the sword made of pure god with a delicate design? It is unique and commoners cannot own it! Moreover, Tianyuan core is extraordinary." Examining the pallet in his hand, Li Yunteng murmured.

"Sir, don't you really believe the boy's words that anyone takes the core will advance by thirty-year cultivation base? It is…nonsense!"Responding Li Yunteng, Mingchuan found Qin Dong's words both funny and annoying.

"I don't believe his utterance, but Tianyuan core is not a common pallet. I will ask Mr. Tong to have a look at it after we return."

Mingchuan nodded and said, "Mr. Tong is a sophisticated man and capable of identifying the core."

"Um! I received his message that the Ghost Party began to take action when you searched the mountains in Shennongjia. You send my order that we leave for the Flying Dragon School right now to everyone."

"Yes!" Zhou Kai and Mingchuan answered in a chorus and prepared to leave.

Holding Tianyuan core, Li Yunteng whispered, "Qin Dong, does he come from the Clan Qin…?"

One week later, in a villa of Emperor's Court Community, Jingbei City, the mortal realm, Qin Dong felt bored and switched TV programmes, waiting for Li Yexue.

The villa now he lived in belonged to her. It stood next to Longyuan University, so that she did not need to sleep in the crowded dormitory.

Before Qin Dong came here, the villa was vacant most of time. Li Yexue preferred to live with her classmates in the university, abusing her father's kindness. However, she had not returned to her dormitory since a week ago and nor had she had a dinner with her roommates. She went back to the villa directly after school. Her roommates were puzzled as well.

One week was neither too long nor too short, during which Qin Dong fully realized the power of technology in the mortal realm, such as the container showing images, the box recording everything, the case used for cooking without fire and the cabinet freezing water into ice. He had never seen these in the heavens.

People seemed to be weak, but they could reach the goals that the heavens could not achieve by extraordinary energy in their ways. Qin Dong admired people in the mortal realm.

After making a fool of himself for several times, Qin Dong learned how to get on well with the technology and used it by his smartness and strong learning ability.

Watching the delicate dishes on the table, Qin Dong felt complacent. He conquered technology and became its master finally.

"Qin Dong, I am back!" Li Yexue's vociferous voice came inside before she entered.

"Do you need to shout each time you come back? Every day you frighten me, and I almost catch a cardiac disease!" He grumbled at Li Yexue helplessly.

Li Yexue felt awkward.

She was not to be blamed. The thought that Qin Dong was waiting for her in villa excited Li Yexue. She could not help shouting or controlling herself, as if she were bewitched. Li was confused as well.

"Qin Dong, your culinary skill is amazing. I will be overweight if I continue to eat like this." Li Yexue said to Qin Dong as she gormandized the food.

Shaking his head, Qin Dong answered, "Don't worry , you won't."

Li Yexue was happy to hear Qin Dong's reply, and giggled, "I know I am born to be a beauty. It is impossible for me to gain too much weight, but I am still concerned."

Qin Dong oppressed his desire to applying the rice in his bowl to Li Yexue's face, and twitched his mouth, "It has nothing to do with your beauty."

"What does it relate to?" Li asked curiously.

Qin Dong answered impatiently, "You are already fat enough, and it does not matter much if you gain any weight or not." His expression implied that Li was so stupid.

"Qin…Dong…!" Qin Dong's answer irritated Li Yexue. She glared at him and wanted to give him a lesson. But Qin Dong slipped into the living room with his bowl in hand.

Li Yexue plunged herself on chair and hummed, "It is clear that you think I am pretty, but why don't you commit that? I will see how long you can insist." She picked vegetables with her chopsticks, stuffed them into her mouth and chewed with all her strength as if the food were Qin Dong's bones.

Qin Dong was speechless.

"I have already found a school for you, Senior High School Attached to Longyuan University." Li Yexue burped as she said.

"Senior High School Attached to Longyuan University? Why do you study in university, but I in high school?" Feeling mistreated, Qin Dong asked.

Li Yexue squinted at him and responded scornfully, "A man scared by a TV set wants to study in university?"

With blue veins bulging on his forehead, Qin Dong replied angrily, "I have already told you not to mention this anymore. Are you courting death? "

"I do mention it, what do you want to do? I piss you off!" Sticking out her tongue, Li Yexue made faces to Qin Dong.

"Li Yexue!!!" As Qin Dong's shattering-sky roar sounded in the villa, a car passed outside swayed for a while and stalled suddenly.

As the night fell, Qin Dong stood on the balcony and bathed in cool night air, listening to the steady breath of Li Yexue from the next room. Lowering his head, he noticed a third of the ring's body turned into gold. Before long, the mystic chaos ring reminded him that the love index had risen to 30 already.

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