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"Yexue, I will be angry if you continue to run wild!" Li Yunteng said with a sullen face.

"It is you that run wild, not me! Have you ever considered how I continue to study in school if you cut off Mr. Wang's arm? How will my classmates look at me? Who dares to make friend with me? " Feeling wronged, Li Yexue roared with tears in her eyes.

Li Yunteng angrily rebuked, "My daughter does not need to care about others' opinions. Whoever treats you impolitely, I will make him die distressingly! Numerous men strive to befriend my daughter. Do you worry that you have no friend? "

With tears rolling down on her cheeks, Li Yexue shook head and responded, "Dad, you don't understand what a real friend is. Standing high above others and looking down up the inferior, you become increasingly dictatorial. The gap between us keeps widening. "

Li Yexue's words pricked her father's sore spot and made him burst into great rage. Li Yunteng lost his intellect and growled at the two subordinates, "Why are you still standing there? Take action!"

Li Yunteng was irritated as though he were going to swallow the teacher. Courageous as they were, his two subordinates did not dare to delay any longer and intended to cut off the teacher's arm.

As a commoner, Mr. Wang never experienced this before, and now he was scared and muddle-headed with dull eyes.

The two subordinates were so strong that Li Yexue could not prevent them. What she could do was crying out loudly and sadly.

"Wow! How rejoicing!" The dagger tip almost touched Mr. Wang's arm, but suddenly stopped in the air as if it had been blocked by a pair of unseen hands. No matter how much effort the subordinate exerted, the dagger did not move a little. At the same time, Qin Dong's lazy voice came inside.

"Qin Dong!" Hearing Qin Dong's voice, Li Yexue felt delighted and called in a tender voice as if she met her hero.

Qin Dong slowly walked inside with Zhou Kai and furious Mingchuan.

"What a handsome boy!" Li Yunteng could not help praising Qin Dong while casting the first sight at him.

"What a domineering old man!" Qin Dong answered calmly at the end of Li Yunteng's speech. Hearing Qin Dong's utterance, Li Yunteng was stunned.

"Qin Dong, are you courting death? You dare to speak with our master scornfully!" Mingchuan was in a rage with clenched fists.

Qin Dong squinted at Mingchuan and turned his head to the other side. Mingchuan was enraged by Qin Dong's disdainful look, and he could have beaten him but for Li Yunteng's obstruction.

"Boy, you are so bold at such a young age!" Li Yunteng praised Qin Dong smilingly.

"Old man, you incline to cut others when losing temper. Have you ever considered accumulating virtue and merit for yourself in case of suffering in the heaven after death?" Qin Dong twitched his mouth and asked.

"How dare you are! I appreciate your bravery but cannot tolerate your nonsense!" Li Yunteng suddenly turned hostile and growled at Qin Dong.

Li Yexue was nervous and feared that her father would cut off Qin Dong's arm as well. She shot Qin Dong a warning glance and signaled to him not to talk any more.

Qin Dong was ungrateful for Li Yexue's kindness and neglected her glances. He strode to the two subordinates and shouted, "Leave him!"

The two guys cast their looks at their master and waited for his order. Li Yunteng turned his head and squinted up at the sky. His two subordinates had been following him for several years and knew his meaning well.

One of them sneered and said in a deep voice, "Brat, are you courting death?"

Pointing at the subordinate, Qin Dong replied, "I am accumulating virtue and merit for you in case you will be fried in the hell. Dog bites the hand that feeds the one!"

"Screw you!" The guy kicked at Qin Dong at the end of Qin's speech.

Zhou Kai saw this scene upon his arrival, but had no time to prevent. Recalling a dozen of blasted starving wolves, he had to close his eyes.

However, the scene was not so bloody as he imagined. The guy got a bleeding cut of around 7 cun on his foot, but without any injury on his body.

"Eh?" Li Yunteng could not suppress his surprise while seeing Qin Dong untouched but his subordinate bleeding.

"Qin Dong, are you all right?" Li Yexue exclaimed and ran to him. Everything happened in a short time and it was too late for her to stop. She checked Qin Dong's condition and protected him by her body without glimpsing the subordinate who leapt like a frog.

"Mingchuan, what is the matter? Have you seen that clearly?" Li Yunteng turned his head and asked.

Stupefied Mingchuan asked in reply, "Sir, you did not see clearly as well, did you?"

Li Yunteng could not believe his eyes and soliloquized, "How can it be possible? I cannot even capture his movement. How can a young boy master such marvelous martial skills?"

When Li Yunteng was in doubt, Qin Dong took out the golden messenger sword from his chest and told Li Yexue smilingly, "I am lucky! The fool kicked on this. Ha… ha…"

Hearing Qin Dong's answer, Li Yexue sighed with a relief. Both Li Yunteng and Mingchuan understood suddenly that the subordinate was hurt because of his unluckiness not Qin Dong's martial skills.

Only Zhou Kai smiled jokingly and thought how Qin Dong could pretend as an innocent.

"Yuck! I will kill you!" Another man was enraged. He sprang to and clawed at Qin Dong after finding his companion hurt.

"Stop!" Li Yunteng growled at the guy. Otherwise the subordinate might suffer more than his companion.

"Boy, can you show me the golden sword in your hand?" Li Yunteng fixed his eyes on the golden messenger sword.

The sword was common in the heavens but out of the common in the mortal realm. With its unique design and mysterious decoration patterns, it glimmered. How could the gadgets in the mortal realm be its match? Li Yunteng's piercing gaze picked the sword, which attracted his attention.

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