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Li Yexue smiled bitterly, "You'd better behave yourself. Brother Mingchuan has lots of subordinates. You will suffer a lot if you offend him."

Qin Dong laughed, "It is fortunate for me to be in an unfavorable situation. Is it hard to believe? Ha…ha…ha…"

Qin Dong did not take Li's persuasion seriously, but left her sigh. Li Yexue thought she needed to take care of Qin Dong in the future, in case he would be taken advantage of.

Mingchuan was annoyed when seeing Qin Dong and Li Yexue whispering intimately at the back of the queue. He strode to Li Yexue and said, "Your ladyship, we need to speed up, otherwise school master will wait anxiously." Mingchuan seized Li Yexue without her approval and leapt to the front, leaving Qin Dong at the back alone.

Zhou Kai and the others understood that Mingchuan wanted to play tricks on Qin Dong, and raised their speed by virtue of lightness skill without Mingchuan's requirement. The whole team's speed advanced.

Li Yexue headed forward with Mingchuan, and her feet hardly touched the ground. She walked extremely fast without exerting much effort, seeing the trees at both sides falling back as though they were flying. Li Yexue worried that Qin Dong would fall behind, and said caringly, "Brother Mingchuan, can you slow down? Qin Dong will not catch up with us."

Curling his lips, Mingchuan snorted and said, "A man will not fall behind!"

Mingchuan was irritated when he found that Li Yexue kept looking backward and looked for Qin Dong. He headed in haste to get rid of Qin Dong.

Mingchuan ran about wildly, but Zhou Kai worried about Qin Dong. Now, they were in dangerous Shengnongjia, and Qin Dong was likely to lose his life if they cast him off here. Qin Dong saved Li Yexue anyhow. They returned evil for good, if Qin Dong was abandoned here.

When such an idea came across his mind, Zhou Kai slowed down secretly and prepared to wait for Qin Dong. He turned back, but found Qin Dong was several meters away behind him. Qin Dong walked leisurely and sometimes looked around as if he was enjoying the scenery.

"How could it be possible?" Zhou Kai was startled. It was unbelievable.

Zhou Kai and other team members exerted their full effort to catch up with Mingchuan. Commoners would not follow them at this rate, and must fall far behind. But Qin Dong took it easy to follow them. How wasn't Zhou Kai surprised?

"Um? Why do you stop?" Without noticing Qin's movement, Zhou Kai found that Qin Dong caught up with him and stood before his face while the scene before his eyes blurred.

Zhou Kai was astonished, "Is the boy a true master being modest about his skills?"

"Nothing. Let's follow them." Zhou Kai tried his best to oppress his surprise.

Qin Dong nodded and walked away from him.

Frowning, Zhou Kai remained behind Qin Dong on purpose and observed his movement.

Qin Dong still enjoyed the scenery and stepped as usual, as though he did not know Zhou Kai followed him. Nothing strange happened on him.

When Zhou Kai nearly gave up his own doubts, he was astounded to find that Xiaohua , who was several meters ahead of him, ran and followed Mingchuan at his fastest rate.

"What!" Stunned Zhou Kai couldn't believe his eyes, and screamed in his mind.

The time Zhou Kai spent on waiting for Qin Dong and chatting with him caused both of them falling far behind. The distance between the two and Xiaohua was around a hundred meters. But it did not take much time for Zhou Kai and Qin Dong to catch up with Xiaohua. Now the distance reduced to several meters. However, Xiaohua spared no pains in running, and never slowed down. Apparently, Zhou and Qin's speed was much faster than Xiaohua's.

Suddenly, Zhou Kai realized in surprise that he had made full use of his lightness skills to catch up with Qin Dong. Now, he exerted all his strength in rushing ahead.

Qin Dong still walked at a normal pace, he did not even run, let along rushing ahead.

"How marvelous!" Zhou Kai was ecstatic as well as stunned. He was certain that the mysterious master who exploded a dozen of wolves in a second was no others but the seemingly weak teenager standing in front of him.

"Are you still pretending before me? Ha…ha…Let me see how long you can insist." After finding Qin Dong's secret, Zhou Kai laughed in his mind and stopped secretly.

Zhou Kai was startled with his mouth wide-open when he stopped.

He did find how fast Qin Dong 'walked' while spending all his energy in running forward. But he was surprised when he saw the amazing scene.

Qin Dong surpassed him a dozen meters in a second. It was the legendary skill—Instant Move!

Zhou Kai could not believe this. Qin Dong moved forward another dozen meters while Zhou Kai rubbed his eyes.

With such a fast speed, Qin Dong's body still remained still and relaxed. Zhou Kai firmly believed that Qin Dong did not even exert one tenth of his real strength. Shaking his head, Zhou Kai murmured with a wry smile, "Captain Mingchuan wants to get rid of Qin Dong, but actually he digs a trap for himself."

"Um?" Qin Dong walked ahead of Zhou Kai, but he suddenly stopped, turned his head and cast his look at Zhou Kai who fell far behind.

He focused on sightseeing just now, and totally forgot that Zhou Kai was behind him. When Qin Dong turned back and saw Zhou Kai was nearly a hundred meters away from him, he instantly realized that his secret was known with a frowning face.

 Seeing Qin Dong waiting for him, Zhou Kai straightened his clothes and walked hurriedly toward Qin. Zhou Kai went down on one knee and said the moment standing before Qin Dong, "My team and I can escape from the wolves' attack owning to your help. I will never forget savior's kindness!"

It was hypocritical to pretend now. Qin Dong waved his hands after contemplating for a while…

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