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As Qin Dong waved his hands, a soft and broad energy lifted Zhou Kai.

"How profound your internal energy is!" Facing Qin Dong's energy, Zhou Kai did not have any desire to resist, but murmured admiringly.

"If you really want to thank me for saving your life, please promise me not to reveal my secret. My hand can be less bloodstained." When seeing Qin Dong's eyes were as sharp as a razor, Zhou Kai was excited.

Qin Dong already explained clearly. If Zhou Kai did not keep secret, he would kill him mercilessly in an instant. Zhou Kai was certain that it was easy for Qin Dong to kill him. Other people would promise Qin Dong without thinking, even cheated him first. But Zhou Kai was different from others.

He did not promise Qin Dong immediately, but asked him, "Savior, are you going to do something detrimental to our Flying Dragon School or assassinate our master?"

Qin Dong frowned, and asked in reply, "Is that relevant with what I ask you to promise?"

"Of course it is! If you have no intention to harm the Flying Dragon School or kill our master, I will keep your secret. But if you come to hurt us, I am afraid I will not consent." Zhou Kai replied with a stoical look.

"I think you are courting death." Qin Dong's face darkened and ferocious mien showed between his eyebrows.

Zhou Kai could not help shivering. Frightened as he was, Zhou still answered firmly, "I know you are an outstanding martial artist and it is easy for you to kill me. But if you are to harm the Flying Dragon School or our master, I will not just stand by and do nothing! "

It was the first time for Qin Dong to encounter such a loyal tough guy after he came to the mortal realm. He appreciated Zhou's loyalty and replied smilingly, "Don't worry. It is my first time to hear about the Flying Dragon School. How can I do something harmful to it?"

When hearing Qin Dong's laughter, Zhou Kai released as though he bathed in spring breezes.

"Savior, it is unimaginable that you possess excellent martial arts at such a young age. How can't I admire you! " Zhou Kai responded sincerely.

Qin Dong waved his hands and answered, "It sounds unnatural when you call me savior. My name is Qin Dong. You can call me Xiao Dong, junior brother Dong, or any title you like. Please don't call me savior anymore."

"How can it…be possible? I will offend you." Zhou Kai kept shaking his head.

Qin Dong stared at Zhou Kai and shouted, "It will offend me if you still call me savior."

Qin Dong looked sternly when he stared. With his heart beating fast, Zhou Kai coughed and whispered, "In this case, I will call you Xiao Dong."

Qin Dong laughed and replied, "Very well. Men can't be hesitant on such a triviality."

Mingchuan and other people disappeared, leaving Zhou Kai and Qin Dong behind. Zhou Kai knew the way back and there was no need for them to hurry up. The two chatted as they walked.

"Xiao Dong, why are you in strange clothes here alone? The people do not know you will think you are in a play." Zhou Kai asked curiously.

"It is a long story. I will tell you more details later." Qin Dong did not want to reveal too much personal information before Zhou Kai, and answered ambiguously.

It was not convenient for Zhou Kai to ask more when he found Qin Dong was unwilling to talk too much. He changed another topic and asked smilingly, "Xiao Dong, do you have a crush on our lady?"

"The stupid girl?" With Li Yexue's shadow appearing in his mind, Qin Dong waved his head and responded, "It is nonsense. I just saved her by chance. There is nothing more except that."

Zhou Kai sighed, "That will be awkward. I suppose our lady has a crush on you. I am 80% sure about that."

"Really…?" Qin Dong was stunned.

"It must be, otherwise Captain Mingchuan cannot be so angry." Zhou Kai shook his head and replied. Qin Dong's emotional intelligence was not so high as his martial art skills.

Qin Dong recalled the mysterious voice around his ears with a leap of his heart: Love index is 10. Love is budding!

He did not understand what it meant then. Did the sentences mean that Li Yexue liked him? If so, who said it?

Qin Dong touched the mystic chaos ring on his finger unconsciously and was startled to find that the ring was different from before. He observed the chaos ring carefully for a while and noticed a dash of light gold on its dragon's tail.

He had examined the ring for millions of times and was certain that the tail of the dragon was not gold. Where did the color come from?

"Is it…because of Li Yexue's love?" With his heart beating fast, Qin Dong was out of breath when he came up with this answer.

He thought hard and seemed to seize the key to his puzzle regardless of Zhou Kai's curious look.

Suddenly, an idea occurring to Qin Dong reminded him of his father's remarks. The key to release the triple seals of the ring was relevant with women.

Recalling his father's reminder, Qin Dong concluded intuitively that the key to release the first seal might be a woman's love.

As the greatest sentiment in the world, love accompanied human beings all long and could transform the heavens and the earth. Only a force as pure, great and eternal as love could break the seals of the mystic chaos ring. Now everything seemed to be related and clearly constructed. Qin Tailong did not decode the secret, but Qin Dong found the hint to the solution.

"Oh my God! It requires women's love to break the seals of the ring! That…that suggests that I have to attract girls and get their favor!" Qin Dong screamed in the innermost part of his heart.

 "Xiao Dong, are you…you ok? What is the matter?" Zhou Kai asked precariously when seeing Qin Dong's complex look.

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