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Chapter 11: A Combat between the Well-off

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Qin Dong waved his head and answered, “Forget your invitation. Someone doesn’t welcome me.”

“Ah? How could it be? Who is it?” Li Yexue asked surprisingly.

Pointing at Mingchuan, Qin Dong whispered, “It is him. Look, it seems that he is going to eat me alive when he looks at me. How terrible he is!”

“You!” Mingchuan was unhappy to see Qin Dong. However, Qin Dong dared to find trouble with Mingchuan, which irritated him.

“Brother Mingchuan, why don’t you welcome Qin Dong?” Confused Li Yexue asked.

“You are so stupid. He doesn’t welcome me because of you!” Qin Dong replied directly.

“Because of me?” Li Yexue was still perplexed.

Qin Dong shook his head and intended to explain more clearly. Mingchuan was vexed and rushed to take Li Yexue to the other side, whispering “Yexue, we haven’t figured out the boy’s origin yet. And his garment looks so weird. I find something wrong with him. If he came from the Ghost Party, it could be dangerous for you to bring him home.”

“Ha ha…Brother Mingchuan, you must be kidding. How could Qin Dong be the member of the Ghost Party?” Li Yexue giggled as if she heard some jokes.

Mingchuan waved his head, and responded seriously, “Yexue, you are a student after all. What you see and reach is the innocent side of the society, and you have no idea about the wicked nature of people. If he were a member of the Ghost Party, would he carve ‘the Ghost Party’ on his face, which you could recognize at the first sight?”

Li Yexue kept silent. Mingchuan doubted Qin Dong’s identity, and she felt dissatisfied with that. But she needed to confess that Mingchuan’s persuasion made sense.

Seeing Li Yexue contemplating, Mingchuan kept saying, “Yexue, the Ghost Party and us are hostile to each other. They will pay any cost to kill our school master. Don’t you hope that your father is in danger? ”

“Brother Mingchuan, we don’t know whether Qin Dong belongs to the Ghost Party or not. The conclusion comes from our guess. Besides, he did save my life. My father once told me to reward the person doing me a favor, let alone my savior.”

Mingchuan frowned and answered, “That is easy! We can give him some money as the reward for saving your life. But we must not bring him back to the Flying Dragon School.”

He came to Qin Dong directly without Li Yexue’s approval, took out a checkbook, wrote a number on it, tore the piece off and passed it to Qin Dong, “Boy, you saved our lady anyhow. The money is our recompense, just take it! ”

“Money? You mean the piece of paper is money?” After receiving the check, Qin Dong turned it over, looked at it and stared at Mingchuan.

“You are such a bumpkin. Can’t you even know a check?” Seeing Qin Dong’s confused look, Mingchuan could not help laughing at him.

Qin Dong tore apart the check into pieces and threw them away, “Your lordship has never seen a check before. When coming to money, I have a lot!”

“Do you have money? Take out and have a look.” Mingchuan despised Qin Dong and looked him up and down. Qin Dong wore snow-white long upper-garment, and looked dashing and outstanding, but seemed to be nondescript and insane in this age.

“Open wide your eyes and watch clearly!” Qin Dong pretended to search in his chest, but took out a baby-fist-sized night-luminescent pearl and shook it before Mingchuan’s face.

“Wow, what a beautiful pearl!” According to the study of scientists, women had low immunity to something shiny as a dragon does. Li Ye xue, a girl from a rich and powerful family, could not even take her eyes off the pearl in Qin Dong’s hand.

There were numerous night-luminescent pearls in the heavens. But they were penniless except for illumination. A top-quality night-luminescent pearl like the one in Qin Dong’s hand was valuable in the mortal realm. Though Mingchuan used to see lots of treasures in the past, he had to measure the pearl carefully.

He never dreamed that Qin Dong could take out a precious treasure randomly. His mouth opened so wide that a fist could be put into it.

Zhou Kai and other people kept praising.

“Well…well…Where do you get this crystal ball, which you dare to pretend as a night-luminescent pearl. How funny it is!” Mingchuan judged the pearl to be a real one from its luster, but he did not admit that to save his face.

Collecting his pearl, Qin Dong snorted and disdained Mingchuan, “You are as blind as a bat. If I were you, I would dig out my eyes and feed dogs.”

“Brat, you are courting death!” Holding a sword handle, Mingchuan was annoyed for being treated rudely by Qin Dong.

Seeing the scene, Li Yexue was anxious and screamed, “Brother Mingchuan, what are you going to do? Qin Dong is my savior!”

“Yexue, the boy behaves so…egregiously!” With his face darkening, Mingchuan hated Qin Dong, and even his teeth root felt itchy.

“Brother Mingchuan, the one who behaves egregiously is not Qin Dong, but us. We should not use money to insult him.” Afterwards, Li Yexue apologized to Qin Dong sincerely, “Qin Dong, I am sorry.”

Mingchuan made Qin Dong vexed. But Qin did not want to argue with him anymore for Li Yexue’s sake. He waved hands and answered, “It does not matter. Magnanimous person will not care the despicable’s error.”

“You…” Mingchuan was so angry that his handsome face turned red entirely.

“You…You…What? I am your ladyship’s savior, and you must respect me.” Qin Dong waved his hands and said impatiently.

“All right! Boy, you have guts, we will see!” Gnashing his teeth, Mingchuan growled at Zhou Kai and other people, “Let’s go!”

In Zhou Kai and others’ eyes, Mingchuan’s status was high. All of them looked at Qin Dong in an unfriendly manner. Qin Dong did not care about their opinions, walking away like a king with erect head and straight back.

Li Yexue came to Qin Dong, nudged him and laughed in a low voice, “Qin Dong, how brave you are! You dare to offend Brother Mingchuan!”

Curling his lips, Qin Dong hummed, “Is that a big deal? He is not God, whom nobody does not dare to offend!”

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