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“Ah, how could anyone know that he was allergic to Shaoxing wine? I saw him drink whiskey, and the last time he ate the longan rice cakes, he was fine. Is he alright?”

Ji Xin Yuan was clutching her mouth because there was a vast difference between the regular Song An Yi and the current Song An Yi, “So Professor Zhou not only has a heart, even his body’s mechanism was also strange, and he has a low tolerance to wine, ah!”

Song An Yi vigorously nodded her head, “I was really scared!”

“Do you still havesome longan rice cakes? I’ll bring some for Mu Yue to eat; he is also very strange.”

“You mean as long as it is weird, eat add Chen Shaoxing wine longan rice cakes will appear in the     original shape

? “”

Also appeared in the original blanket! Next time you change the realgar wine to see Professor Zhou will not be a ripe ? ” Song Anyi sighed. “The last time the longan rice cake inexplicable let him stomach, I eat all right; this time again from the rash, I think Professor Zhou in this life will not eat longan rice cakes.”

Ji Xin yuan scared, do not know the first Once also had tragedy. “An Yi, in fact, you are the dark food sector sent it … …”

Song Anyi shrugged, laughing and crying.

Two women hand hooked whispering, like a sister Amoy in the play, weeks slightly frown, he thought that people should stay in his side that tension and care is.

“Miss Song.” Song

Anyi heard immediately approached the front. “Professor Zhou what happened?”

Zhou Mo suddenly got up from the seat, take off the suit jacket, because of the relationship between allergies, he not only from the rash, even breathing are extremely rapid.

He will take off his coat to Song Anyi, and then stretched his left hand to her, expression displeasure, direct order. “Untied”.

Song Anyi intuitively guess Professor Zhou should be unhappy to see them whispering, so hard to find things to do her, but … … she looked down at cufflinks, and then looked up Professor Zhou swollen handsome face (woo, she really Know the wrong … …), she can understand allergies will be physically impatient, but –

“Professor Zhou, if it is not very hot, you still Ren Ren it, emergency room here is very strong air conditioning, it is recommended that you do not take off jacket Roll sleeves better … … ”

Zhou did not speak, but with a” only talk about the chat did not listen to the doctor did not charge the fool! “Eyes glanced at her, condemned her!

Some of the older doctors have heard this, and not because the patient is a colleague’s friends and polite, directly beaten beard curse: “still hot blanket! Do you do not know like this acute allergy, serious points will lead to blood vessels to expand, Blood pressure drop, the last shock coma death ?! put the volume of a roll of fast to go there to lay down drip, what can eat, what can not eat a little consciousness are not! ”

Song Anyi frightened, allergic situation is expected to be serious Things, the most important thing is that she believes that so severe Professor Zhou must not be so brave to drink severely scolded … …

“good good … …”

she stretched nerves, shrink the neck, and quickly Professor Zhou’s cufflinks Unlock, roll high sleeves, only to find his fingers trembling badly, so he asked her to help get the button? She gnawed, leaning on his bed, helping to take off his shoes, and listening to the doctor’s instructions, unlocking his shirt buttons.

Mature man strong bronze neck and neck open, beds on both sides of the caregiver a busy drip drip, a busy connection to the heartbeat blood pressure monitoring equipment, busy busy, the best male color also do not forget more than stare glances.

Song Anyi to accompany the side, trembling, one second did not dare to be taken lightly, she is like a small daughter-in-law is to help adjust the height of the pillow, but also help the quilt cover.

Weekly frowned.

Song Anyi immediately understand, and quickly appease, Professor Zhou has a serious addiction. “Do not worry, the hospital quilt will be disinfected after use … …”

Bad temper of the attending physician heard the family members of the argument, severe eyes like arrows shot over.

“What is it now? Do you have an opinion on our hospital quilt?”

Song Anyi quickly confessed, did not forget to apologize. “I’m sorry sorry, the doctor, we do not mean that … …”

Patient personality difficult, doctors temper is also tricky, Song Anyi nervous tight ah.

Doctor said: “Mrs Zhou -”

“Oh, no, I am not Mrs. Zhou -” Song Anyi quickly clarified, did not dare to stimulate Professor Zhou.

Doctors ignored, directly to the words finished. In addition, in addition to drip there are other drugs, wait a minute to get the medicine, received after the show to the caregiver, they will be added in the bit, do not have to play another; you pay attention to watching, If Mr. Zhou is still uncomfortable after taking medicine, let the caregiver immediately come to me. “The

doctor turned away, although the temper is choking, but it is a responsible doctor.

Zhou Mo closed eyes rest, because the relationship between allergies, breathing is still very rapid.

Song Anyi ineffectively lips, both anxious and upset.

Ji Xin Yuan touched his chin to observe all this, An Yi is very hard to make up for the fault, Professor Zhou like an old man, like, naturally accept the Yi Yi’s service?

The two people seem to be very normal interaction, but some strange, she has a wonderful feeling, but I do not know where to describe … …

there are chief physician personally, Professor Zhou temporarily nothing, Ji Xin and Song Anyi greeted after the first go away.

Song Anyi pulled a chair and sat down beside the bed.

Emergency room some cold, she had hastily sent Professor Zhou out to hang out emergency, forget to wear a jacket, she rubbed two arms, in accordance with the doctor’s orders, eyes staring at the bed of Professor Zhou.

“Will put the jacket on the cold.”

Song Anyi, of course not dare. “No,”

“You’re rubbing your arms.”

Song Anyi stunned, do not want to mess with Professor Zhou, had to cover the coat on the shoulders, light Hu after the water blowing, she was some embarrassment, because Professor Zhou’s jacket, the body is indeed warm up.

“Thank you … …” she felt that the words should be clear. “Professor Zhou, really sorry, so that you are allergic into the hospital, but also so serious, the next time I will not just ready to snack … …”

Zhou Mo frown, Miss Song’s assurance that he thought after the afternoon tea may only Red bean bread, which can not, he did not even eat rice balls.

“I am only allergic to Chen Shaoxing wine.”

Song Anyi Yizheng, looked still closed eyes closed Professor Zhou. She to get along with the experience of the past six months to guess, Professor Zhou is the hope that she can continue to prepare afternoon tea, as long as the old Shaoxing wine as a rejection of households like?

“Professor Zhou means that, as long as the year without Shaoxing wine, other ingredients can be?”

Professor Zhou did not respond.

Well, when it is so, she really still like Professor Zhou Professor that piece of warm and comfortable winter.

Acute allergies come almost faster, three hours later, Zhou Mo rash on the body, breathing also recovered smoothly.

Men standing in the bed straight up, accept Song Anyi dress clothes paternity.

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