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Merry Christmas Everyone!

A special Christmas post for today. How is everyone enjoying the novel by Wu Wei (伍薇 ) so far? The story is a little slow without much drama but is a nice light ready, right? 

I know some of you are anticipating the return of Yan Ru Yu and Lan Ning. Rest be assured. I will try my level best to complete the next few post over this holiday season. And hopefully tinkerbellsan would be able to bring Xiao Bei and Yifan back by January 2018.

In the meantime, enjoy the read today. And thank you again for the wonderful support. Have a blessed Christmas celebration everyone!

Chapter 7

Even if she feels strange, she can only bite her head and help him by pulling his sleeves, corrected his cufflinks and then carefully put on the coat.

Alas, who asked her to be guilty and deserved it?

She had a good balance beforehand. Taking the medicine, as long as Professor Zhou finished them, they can go home and rest.

This time, thanks to the good friends help, before leaving the hospital, she called Xin Yuan. She took advantage of Professor Zhou heading to the bathroom to make the call. But did not expect to provoke some stories.

'Our director said that you are Mrs Zhou.'

'Big misunderstanding.'

'Professor Zhou when asking you to do something is very smooth to the mouth.'

'Of course. Professor Zhou is our company's super super VVIP. I have served this VIP for more than six months.'

'There is a kind of handsome president vs Qiao Guan Jia feeling.'

'Your association is too much!'

'I think Professor Zhou is more suitable for you than Xie Wei Shi. He is like a naïve kid actor.'

Xie Wei Shi is Song Anyi's boyfriend who is 25 years old and is currently studying at the University of Arts. The two of them have two years of different from each other. They are both busy with work and classes so only spend weekend to go out for meal and movie. Not too much sparks.

This is the first love of Song Anyi. She is supposed to be looking forward to this love but with the workload, she and Wei Shi can only go through this plain dull romance.

'Do no say nonsense. Professor Zhou's world is completely different from ours. It is something that we cannot touch. The key point is that Xie Wei Shi is my boyfriend.'

'When I think about it myself, with Xie Wei Shi's personality, he really is not able to take care of you.'

Ji Xin Yuan has always been straightforward. Xie Wei Shi is smart but also already 25 years old. He likes overseas exhibitions and paid courses outside of the school. He should be responsible for his own work and make his own money rather than letting his girlfriend spending money to support him. What kind of mentality is that and who would believe that he can take good care of her?

Song Anyi kept quiet. She was not unhappy but she just doesn't know how to respond. Over the period of less than one year of them dating, because both did not have much time together, they were also unable to cultivate any loving atmosphere. She is like him in many ways but more lacking in the powerless feeling. She knows that Wei Shi is childish so he needs time and experience to grow.

Anyi and Xin Yuan chat a little while more and ended the call just as Professor Zhou return.

The leisure attitude of Zhou Mou, the panic-prone allergy from three hours ago is now all gone!

Song Anyi said cheerfully: 'Professor Zhou, we are ready to leave?'


They walked out of the hospital in tandem one after another. She drove Professor Zhou to the hospital in her own car so now started the car to send him home.

Just as both step out of the hospital, a couple in a loving hug in front of them immediately attracted the attention of Song Anyi.

Song Anyi stop when she saw the gentle thin man clearly: 'Xie Wei Shi?'

Xie Wei Shi turned around, not expecting to meet his girlfriend there. He immediately pulled the arm around the girl's shoulder by his side away.

'Anyi……' Xie Wei Shi had a strange expression on his face.

And Song Anyi also stopped her steps.

Xie Wei Shi saw Zhou Mo and totally forgotten about his panic and embarrassment. He happily shouted: 'Professor Zhou?'

Due to the protection of customer privacy, Song Anyi will not disclose this information to anyone. Even knowing that one of them is a professor at the Art University. This means that although one of the fellow student is her boyfriend, she will not disclose such information despite the close relationship between them. So Xie Wei Shi is not aware that his idol is actually someone his girlfriend is acquitted with.

'How is Professor Zhou? Professor Zhou remember me? I am Xie Wei Shi who studied in the second year. Before this, I wrote a report about the present and future of Sotheby's. I had also asked you many questions. You are my idol. I did not expect that apart from school, I will still have the chance to meet you! Anyi, you know Professor Zhou ah? Oh, why did you not mention about it? Professor Zhou, I am Anyi's boyfriend. Fate is really too wonderful!'

The difference from Xie Wei Shi's excitement, Zhou Mo is completely 'indifferent', ignored or respond to his enthusiasm.

Song Anyi's eyes still stay on the girl whom is standing next to Xie Wei Shi. Seeing the hand on her shoulders was too shocking, so she only felt dazed.

Xie Wei Shi noticed his girlfriend's strange look and immediately explained.

'Anyi, this is a senior sister from school. She is feeling sick, so I am sending her to the doctor. Schoolmate, this is the girl that I often mentioned to you, my girlfriend.'

He is not classified as one whom is not dedicated in the face of his idol. Not to even mentioned that Anyi is very familiar with Professor Zhou. This is a considerable help for him. How many people whom have idolized and is studying under Professor Zhou who has such a contact.

Song Anyi regained consciousness. She adjusted her mood and nodded her greetings. The schoolmate looked down with a sad expression.

This scene is a little weird.

Xie Wei Shi continued to use Anyi to climb himself up. 'How did Anyi know Professor Zhou? Why did not tell me? It is a great thing to know that we could go to dinner together. Professor Zhou, I really want to tell all my classmates about my girlfriend who actually know my idol!'

Xie Wei Shi is totally out of control. His noisiness is giving Zhou Mo headache. So he started to turn around to leave.

Song Anyi saw Professor Zhou move. She keeps up behind him. Moreover, she is in a very upset mood so she need to calm herself.

'Wei Shi, Professor Zhou is uncomfortable. I will first send Professor Zhou home. We will find a chance to chat.'

Xie Wei Shi's eyes wide open and hold his girlfriend's hand. 'My Goodness, Anyi! Do you even know Professor Zhou's home?'

He knew that his girlfriend because of work would have known many high-profile people. Did not expect that Professor Zhou is among them. This is fantastic!

Song Anyi did not speak. She withdrawn her own hands. She looked at the schoolmate with the head still down and walked away.

Xie Wei Shi is too happy. He waved and shouted: 'Anyi, after returning home, must call me!'

Song Anyi and Zhou Mo got into her cute white Toyota Yaris. The interior space is not spacious. Before, in the rush to the hospital, it did not feel anything out of the norm. But now she realized that the tall Professor Zhou in the co-driver seat, the whole space suddenly is filled with a kind of illusion.

She seems to be able to feel the pulse of a man's breath and a touch of fresh man's taste.

'The seat is a little narrow. Professor Zhou has to bear with it.'

Song Anyi gritted and hold back her embarrassment. She neatly drove the car out of the parking lot and drive towards the direction of the lake.

Co-incidentally, meeting Xie Wei Shi and his schoolmate, Song Anyi felt very uncomfortable. Although it is generously introduced with their formal relationship, but the strange reaction of the school mate makes Song Anyi thinks a lot more.

She and Xie Wei Shi are lively and direct person. She likes Xie Wei Shi because of his cheerfulness and enthusiasm. They can get along without too much though. But she felt that at that moment, although Xie Wei Shi is her boyfriend, but how much does she know about him? The schoolmate next to him had such a close relationship that she did not know……

Her heart is feeling uncomfortable.

'Schoolmate?' Zhou Mo mumbled. These two words are very interesting.

Song Anyi was caught by surprised. She did not think that Professor Zhou will bring up the incident earlier.

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