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Zhou Mo said: “There’s red bean bread on the table.”

Song An Yi was shocked by the sudden goodwill of Professor Zhou. She walked quickly to the table and saw that it was the same combination as the day before: two convenience store-bought red bean bread, a cup of fresh milk, and a cup of tea.

There are no shops or restaurants near this mansion, but there are a chain of convenience stores. Usually, Zhou Yue was responsible for most of Professor Zhou’s matters- including the purchase of groceries since Professor Zhou was difficult. He barely went outside. Aside from the daily necessities he needed to, in addition to teaching and work related matters, this man was home most of the time.

Song An Yi went back to the living room. Some people were not willing to suffer even the smallest struggles. She did not want to yield to his coercion of the red bean bread, but her heart was moved.

“You usually don’t eat red bean bread. Isn’t the taste too sweet for you?”

Zhou Mo pondered for a moment before saying: “It’s too sweet, but I didn’t know what to buy. At least this sweetness will help increase your low blood sugar and prevent you from being dizzy.”

It was rare for Professor Zhou to say such a long sentence- much less a kind one. Even if his tone was apathetic, it still let Song An Yi’s heart beat faster. Just as she thought: Professor Zhou did have a warm heart. Even if he didn’t know how to properly communicate his feelings, or understand interpersonal relationships, he still had a warm heart to other people. Then she must reciprocate his kindness and send him a lot of snacks. The act must be done “inadvertently.”

The cold war finally ended.

Friday, farewell to those rainy days, the weather has now cleared; the sun was out. Professor Zhou sat on a chair in his study- feeling that his house, which fell into a state of depression for two weeks, was now once again filled with laughter.

“I’m telling you right now that this time, the longan rice cakes will not taste the same. Oh, I am very serious; I even studied some articles on cooking blogs. Through the guidance of strict materials and the exact cooking time, there will not be a reason for failure.” Song An Yi cheerfully said.

Zhou Mo was still confused. Miss Song was still angry, but didn’t he already cheer her up? Why was she still focused on the longan rice cakes?

Song An Yi prepared a gentle, herbal tea. She carefully sliced the longan rice cakes into smaller pieces while neatly placing them on a snack plate.

“Professor Zhou, can you try it?”

Zhou Mo had a difficult time comprehending the mystery of a woman’s heart. Also, he understood that in order to maintain Miss Song’s good mood, he must eat this longan rice cake. But to be honest, he does not like sweet delicacies.

Tasting the first bite, he accidentally found a good taste. Glutinous rice bombs, the longan rice cake tasted sweet but not greasy, and it was a lot better compared to his first experience.

Seeing Professor Zhou heartily eat the snack, Song An Yi’s smile brightened.

“Like I said before, this time would be different. The practice of hard work and dedication paid off, and my cooking improved. Even my mother and some of my colleagues at the company started boasting about it.

Zhou Mo took a few more mouthfuls which greatly filled Song An Yi’s heart with even more joy. Quickly, she re-filled his cup with more herbal tea.

“I added lemon leaves to today’s chamomile tea for a more refreshing flavor. The tea should lessen the heaviness of the longan rice cakes.”

As Zhou Mo drank the tea, the plate that had two-thirds of the longan rice cake was devoured into his stomach, he decided to rest for awhile

There’s a tinge of red on his cheeks and forehead.

Although he bought a recipe book and marked it, he didn’t mean that she should go through every single detail meticulously. Miss Song had  to follow the recipe for the longan rice cakes- just like the first time he ate it; the wine was minimal. But he thought that today’s rice cakes had a bit more wine than usual.

Professor Zhou not only started to blush, his handsome face started to turn red, and his slender hands showed signs of erythema.

[According to , “Erythema is the redness of skin that results from capillary congestion. Erythema can occur with inflammation, as in sunburn and an allergic reaction to drugs.]

Song An Yi stared at him, “No. . . Professor Zhou, your face. . .  . . .”

Zhou Mo raised his hand, while scratching the back of his neck, his body started to itch. He only had a few food allergies, and he knew what the answer was in his heart, but he just wanted to confirm it.

“Miss Song added what type of wine?”

Song An Yi began to feel uneasy as her nerves were all over the place.

She hesitated before answering, “In general, you needed to add rice wine. But last time, the taste of the rice wine did not come out. So this time, I added Puli’s aged-Shaoxing wine. The wine was from my mother who bought it from the Puli winery.”

Zhou Mo sighed. It really was Chen Shao that was added. Who would even want to be in his current situation? Both times, he suffered consecutive losses when he tried her longan rice cakes.

“I’m allergic to Shaoxing wine- especially Chen Shao. As long as I drink a little bit, I will immediately get rashes.”

Song An Yi was frightened. Just why was he so sensitive? Not even a few seconds after eating, and his eyelids started to appear swollen.

“Miss Song, I really suggest that you should stop clinging to these longan rice cakes,” Zhou Mo profoundly said.

Looking at the plight of Professor Zhou, Song An Yi bit her cheeks. She was at a loss and desperately wanted to scream at the predicament she was in. UGH!

The hospital’s thoracic surgery physician, Ji Xin Yuan, was also the newly-wed wife of Mu Yue who was Efficiency’s partner. She was also Xia Li Huan’s important friend. Because of the two-tier friendship, Song An Yi and Jin Xin Yuan’s feelings were also good. Three women often meet for afternoon tea. Asking a bit of distance from the men made Mu Yue very unhappy; he was not willing to be separated with his wife.

At this point, Professor Zhou was in the Department of Allergies, seeking for treatment. The attending physician, who was Ji Xin Yuan, grabbed green sterile gloves to protect her hands.

Because she was the catalyst of the disaster, Song An Yi was eager to please Xin Yuan to help.

Ji Xin Yuan whispered, “Hey, you finally decided to become a killer, but ended up asking for my help to cure the victim? You know you can surreptitiously kill someone if you know what their food allergies are.”

Professor Zhou’s “strangeness” was often a topic that the three women talked about. After all, Professor Zhou’s character was cold and his reactions were always special. So chances are, the doctors were anxious to take a look at the door. Of course, they were interested in this spectacle. After all, it concerned the Zhou family’s heir to cultural antiques and relics.

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