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It was too familiar; a party book had a page flag. She turned to that page, and the heading said “longan rice cakes”. This was a clear insult, ah! Ugh, was this his way of responding to her last question?

But Song An Yi was not like most people, she wasn’t impulsive. There was a bit of hesitation before she asked: “Professor Zhou, are you providing me recipes, so my cooking will improve?”


Zhou Mo looked calm as he turned a page in the book while not lifting his eyelids. Her cooking needs improvement, and this was a way for her to strengthen he skills. He believes that learning is endless, and you can never learn too much.

Song An Yi’s anger skyrocketed. This Professor Zhou made her confused, and she wished she could send him to heaven!

He is always so busy. Most of his time was dedicated to working, but she still made an effort to make some snacks.

Does he not know that it hurts her pride when he ambiguously hints that her cooking is bad?

She stared at him, anger was evident on her face, as the warm sun pierced through the window. Professor Zhou, who was coated with a layer of gold, had almost perfect contours on his face. His eyelashes were beautiful, he had a firm jaw, and clear sharp almond eyes. His eyes portrayed his authority- showing that he could handle any situation with ease.

She was angry, “Here is a whole list of 240 recipes of desserts I’m proficient in. Is it possible to open a snack house?”

Zhou Mo had an attitude of indifference as he did not respond.

Song An Yi inhaled deeply as she was trying to hold in her anger. She returned the pastry book back to its original location. Surveying the room, it was filled with priceless antiques. She was looking for something that could be a weapon.

呿, eventually when a person dies, people will soon forget about the pain!

“Professor Zhou, if I’m successful in making the longan rice cake, can you drive to a certain place? Ah, of course you have to come to me. If I successfully open a snack house, I’ll say that it was due to Professor Zhou’s earnest teachings. You can also buy the recipes.”

Song An Yi sneered while casting a provocative glance at him. Professor Zhou, in addition to work, did not like to do things that weren’t part of his routine. It was really ironic, ah.

Zhou Mo looked directly at Miss Song. It was a rare sight that his eyes left the ancient books. The latter looked stiff and unhappy as he was about to tell her to face reality.

“I signed a three-year contract. Even if Miss Song has a new career, you are still obligated to finish your term.”

These words were the bane of Song An Yi’s existence and decreased her anger. Even if she wanted to open a snack house, she still had to come to Professor Zhou’s house every other day to clean. Opening a snack house would cause problems that weren’t so light to handle.

Efficiency had the Platinum VIP members, and as one of the shareholders, how could she abandon them? It would not work out in her favor.

“In accordance to the stipulations of the contract, I was only supposed to clean- not make snacks. If Professor Zhou feels that it’s difficult to refuse, please rest assured, I won’t make snacks anymore. I’ve finished cleaning for today, I shall take my leave.”

Song An Yi quickly got up and cleared the table as she walked away from the study.

Zhou Mo looked at Miss Song’s retreating figure. He couldn’t understand her brain. Why was she angry?

In fact, these six months, this was not the first time Song An Yi suffered pain from Professor Zhou. Ah, she really does not know. Was Professor Zhou bereft of common sense, or was her own tolerance too low?

But this was the first time a cold war had been indirectly declared!

Although Professor Zhou was a professor, he was also a powerful collector. Being  in the business for a long time, there was always something intriguing every day. Song An Yi was very clear of Professor Zhou’s poor communication skills. In addition to work and other things related, he has always been very cold.

But strictly speaking, Professor Zhou was part of the company’s Platinum VIP member. She must follow the contract with a sense of professionalism. Feelings were a big no in this industry. The afternoon tea, the sun, and all things were superfluous. If she had just maintained her professional demeanor, there would be no need for her to stomach the pain.

Xia Li Huan saw Song An Yi return to the office quite early. The whole company had strict rules and loathed idlers. They had a low tolerance for sloth-like people- especially when the task regarded their Platinum VIP members.

Xia Li Huan always advised: “We are an industry that relies on servicing other people. The staff must always give their utmost effort to provide the best experience for their guests. This is our policy.”

Song An Yi rubbed her painful stomach, “He is a weirdo.”

“Professor Zhou is not a matter of two days.”

Xia Li Huan listened to her complaints. Indeed, that Professor Zhou was different.

He was not a day or two thing. His name implied “street”, strange street; the homonym was “desert”, indifferent desert. Then the homonym was “silent”. No matter which sound was picked, Zhou Mo indeed was a cold and silent bastard! Even if they shared six months together, he still treated her the same as strangers. “Street, desert, and silent,” were words that left a heavy impression on most people.

Efficiency promised a soothing atmosphere when they sent their staff for housekeeping. These past six months were rarely quiet since it was filled with Song An Yi’s chatter. This makes Professor Zhou’s sister, who was twenty-two years old, not suited for the job of being his assistant. Zhou Yue repeatedly looked at the clock several times. The auction markets still continues to sell this certain type of antique clock. At this point, shouldn’t Sister An Yi be home? What happened to the tea, which occasionally tasted strange, and the snacks that were usually on the table?

“Did Sister An Yi not come today?”

Zhou Mo did not answer his sister. He was deeply contemplating about women and their strange behavior.

“Was the recipe not good?”

“Ah? What recipe?”

Zhou Yue looked at the three recipes on the table as she immediately guessed.

“Brother, did you send Sister An Yi into a diet?”

Zhou Mo looked up. His almond eyes looked lost.


Even if it’s not good, sending the recipe itself is not strange. If it is sent by her, the recipient would be ecstatic and accept her kindness. But the problem lies in her family’s brother who was not just poor with words, he also had an unenthusiastic attitude. It was easy for the recipient to misunderstand and think that he was being picky with the cooking.

“Big Brother, you didn’t say what you wanted to and made Sister An Yi unhappy, right?”

Right now, the house would usually be lively. There were also some popular snack shops outside that had delicious food, but it was different compared to Sister An Yi. The whole room went back to its original outlook: cold and stoic- something not people are used to.

“I did not speak.”

“That is the source of the problem. Sister An Yi wouldn’t have left early if you just told her your feelings. She must be angry right now.”

Zhou Mo looked at his own sister. He had a puzzled visage as he wore a frown.

“Is she angry with the three recipes?”

He would like to know what the reason was for Miss Song’s anger. Her snacks need some improvement since they were mostly based on her self-knowledge. A recipe book is needed to improve her abilities. As a patron, he thinks that he must urge her to progress further with her skills. So as to not repeat another tragedy with his stomach, he gave her the recipe book. His rare act of kindness made Miss Song walk away in anger- which really made him frustrated.

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