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Chapter 4 – A Mysterious Tree and Wild Monster

On top of the highest cliff on Kun Lun, there is a small three-feet tall tree. The bronze soil is for the nutrients to make its roots grow stronger, the tree is glowing green and shiny.

The tree has thick trunks, although it is a small tree, it still has old tree skin; cracked like a layer of scales, vigorous.

Its leaf is made of carved green jade, it has a spiritual effect, a shape like a child’s palm holding a shining pearl, as the breeze blowing past the pearl is rolling on the jasper plate.

There is a small flower on the tree, a shape like a fist, silver-colored with the golden spot, it has a nice fragrance and is very pretty.

An evil looking tree, proudly and quietly standing there.

Chu Feng had tried many times, but he wasn’t able to climb up from one side so he decided to take the risks. He climbs up from the other side that is full of a stone rolling mark, it is slippery and dangerous so he has to be more careful or he can fall down and die.

He fell back onto the flat area, he took a turn to the other side while looking up.

“Why does it grow on top of bronze?” Chu Feng can’t figure it out.

He just stays the same as always because this world has so many odd things that  happen and he just couldn’t understand.

Chu Feng calmed down and frowned, thinking deeply about all the things such as odd tree and bronze mountain, these didn’t make any sense.

A figure passed through his mind, there was only one person who had ever told him something but he didn’t believe it.

“One day maybe the grasses on the side road will be shaped like a fist and become red, no normal things will exists in this world again.”

This was what Lin Nuo Yi said, very plain, words coming out from her mouth.

Just like how she broke up with Chu Feng, her voice was simple and plain, she was like standing from a high and far place when said those words.

Chu Feng thought she was talking about their relationship; no matter what- life or relationships, nothing can’t be changed.

“Did she have anything to say?”

In this post-civilization era, the world had so much phenomena, though there are less people who know about it now, there are still a few people who are aware.

How much does Lin Nuo Yi know?

A figure of her comes out in his mind, Chu Feng sighs, he feels despair but still lets it go.

He lifts his head one more time looking for the bronze mountain, something odd is going to happen.

Did she really have another thing to say? He doesn’t understand her mind. Maybe this world will change. So what about the unusual tree standing here?

A little tree like this doesn’t look normal though!

Rough stones are under his feet, Chu Feng arrived on the side of the mountain, the road is hard to walk on.

All the sudden, a strong wind blows, Chu Feng sees something on the ground, so large that it almost covers him.

There’s something approaching!

He reacts swiftly and rolls away, he dodges it and quickly runs far away on the mountain. In this kind of situation, bringing a weapon for self-defense is a must.

He’s on a trip by himself, how could he not bring any weapon? Chu Feng turned his back and there’s a steel arrow, he shoots it.

At this moment, he discovers something!

Chu Feng displays an uncertain face, he is shocked.

It was a huge monster.

One gold-coloured humongous monster, it’s wings are beautiful, when open, they are about 5 to 6 meters long, it comes down from the sky almost catching him.

The steel arrow hits a large greenstone not far from him,  it almost hits the monster but it dodges.

Those sharp claws are rubbing on the ground, the sound is very ear piercing, makes him very anxious. It’s floating in the air while flapping its wings.

Chu Feng shivers, if he didn’t react quickly, he might have been caught by the monster. He can’t think about what will happen next.

Usually, a falcon can easily catch and break a wild rabbit’s skull, but for a huge monster like this, its power sure is strong. He is certain he would’ve ended up severly injured if he hadn’t quickly dodged. Chu Feng’s first reaction was to dodge and lean his back on a large stone, then he held his bow and aimed to the sky.

The golden monster is fiercely flying around in the air, its wings are flapping. He has never sees something so humongous.

It looked like a golden eagle with no fur, a shiny body, but was very large and scary. It had mighty, glowing gold eyes which looked fierce.

Usually an eagle wouldn’t be this big, but this one sure wasn’t normal at all! If it had lived during the ancient times, some of the tribes would’ve thought that this monster was a legendary eagle.

Because in the ancient records, the people had exaggerated about it. 5 to 6 meters was a certainly abnormal at all.

It was even more mysterious, especially since it had appeared in the Kun Lun mountain.

Though the monster was very ferocious, it didn’t immediately dive over to him but instead was flying around in the air, it had obviously seen the bow in Chu Feng’s hand.

Suddenly, Chu Feng smells something fishy.

There were three snow leopards coming from below, they treaded quietly and had fainted pupils. Blood was flowing from their mouths like they had just hunted something not long ago. They bared their sharp and snowy white fangs.

They growled loudly, and stared at Chu Feng while looking up at the monster in the air.

These three leopards were different from others, they were stronger than the usual leopards, their claws were glowing coldly.

Chu Feng frowned, he nerver would’ve imagined that he would be in this kind of situation- a monster in the air and leopards on the ground.

Suddenly, the leopards start trembling- their smooth fur stood up and they quickly hid away into piles of stones.

There was a yak that had silently appeared on the mountain, it had shiny black fur all over its body, a pair of cow’s horns on his head. (Yak is a long-haired cow found throughout the Himalaya region of southern Central Asia such as Tibet and Mongolia.)

This was called the king of yak, it was a foot long with four muscular legs and its large body was standing there.

Chu Feng, at this point, is even more shocked, a very large black yak had suddenly appeared with the leopards and it was like it had appeared in front of him out of nowhere.

Also, the three snow leopards were still scared of that black yak and continued to hide in the rock pile; this was just not normal!

The black yak lifted its head and saw the golden eagle in the air and was stunned, it quietly stood there looking at the top of the mountain.Why are all these things here?

Chu Feng knows he’s in danger now, he doesn’t move recklessly so he’s waiting for an opening to escape.

From afar, there are shadows of 6 or 7  other beasts running towards the mountain, they ran quickly while baring their white fangs, it made them look fierce.

There was a total of six wolves, all of them were big and strong. The leader of the wolves had a body as white as snow and only one green eye.

They were running very quickly and had almost reached where Chu Feng and the others were standing, but the wolves had stopped the moment they saw the big black yak and the golden eagle.

Suddenly, the silence broke, the wolves continued to run ferociously, they lunged into the rocks and boulders and climbed towards the top.

The leopards were also making their move, running quickly to the mountain like a lightning bolt.

Chu Feng fell back, he wanted to escape from there.

Near the top of the mountain, the beasts were growling and rushing to the top.


A shocking noise was heard, one of the leopards had its face mauled, bloody flesh filled its face and it rolled heavily down from the top like it had been struck by something.

It looked like lightning, its strikes were quick and its sharp gaze pierced as a thorn into the crowd of monsters.

It was a mastiff, it had thick and long fur on its neck just like a lion’s mane. It had the same large figure as the Tibetan mastiff, the leopard’s blood stained its claw.

But it was really fierce, a leap of it can jump meters far to the front.

The wolves are howling, one of the wolves had been bitten on its neck and thrown out.

The other wolf had been thrown against the wall and had already died.

“This was like the rumors of the real Tibetan mastiff!” Chu Feng was very surprised.

According to the words of the locals, the mastiff usually lives in the wild, tigers and leopards were their enemy and the number of the habitat they lived in was also rare.

The mastiff in front of him was stronger than in the rumors, it was quick like lightning and also brave. In just one move, it had killed a leopard and two wolves.

This is the king of the mastiffs, Chu Feng guessed because it had looked strong.

The mastiff jumped again once more for 7 or 8 meters away, its claws had hit the ground and its power is so magnificent; striking one of the wolves yet again.

When the wolf fell onto the ground, the mastiff struck again at another leopard; this was the real display of the wild.

The leopard was half dead on the ground, its neck was bitten.

The mastiff had no wounds on its body, its fur was standing straight like a lion’s. Although its body was not that big, its power was certainly strong, once again he jumps and strikes at another beast.

Chu Feng couldn’t believe what he saw; before, there was crowd of beasts in front of him and now most of the wild beasts were dead.

The last leopard had also died, leaving the alpha wolf running for its life down to the hills escaping from there.

But the mastiff was chasing the wolf, it opened its mouth and bit the wolf’s neck, the wolf’s head was almost detached from its neck.

Just like that, nine wild beasts were dead in a short time.

Chu Feng tightened his grip- protecting himself; this place was really dangerous!

The mastiff calmed itself down; with blood all over its mouth, it was looking at the small tree on the top of the mountain.The mastiff was not that big, but it had a strong appearance and its yellow fur was dyed by red blood.

The black yak was staring at the tree, it hadn’t move an inch.

The golden eagle was still hovering in the air looking down at the mountain.

These three living things- black yak, mastiff, and the eagle were all possessed by somewhat human souls. They all stared at the small tree, as if they were waiting for something.

These three strange things had made Chu Feng shocked beyond comparison.

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