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Chapter 3 – Bronze of Kun Lun


The sound vibrates from the bronze delivers years of vicissitudes.

Chu Feng puts down the stone piece from his hand, he believes that is a bronze without doubts, but it is unbelievable, those were the heavy weight ancient bronze, this is not a small thing.

If this spreads out, it will cause a sensation.

The bronze was engraved with the two words west king, with the precipitation of time, ancient is mysterious and very absorbing, he’s really don’t know which era left it.

“What kind of person buried it in Kun Lun mountain?”

Chu Feng beats on the tablet, the trilling metal sound is constant, he’s not thinking about the ancient people, it won’t bring him any conclusion.

“Maybe years before there had been an extremely brilliant of bronze civilization.” He talked to himself.

He never believes in superstition, but Kun Lun has so many kinds of legends, and he just saw thewest king engraved on the huge tablet, he still doesn’t believe those legends.

Chu Feng feels that the west king ever existed, or perhaps there was an ancient tribal leader who left this, a relic just left there.

“A strong earthquake affects the mountain anomaly and the cloud to strike lightning, with the appearance of huge bronze on the mountain, are those the cause of the lightning curling up?”

Chu Feng doubts, this might be the reason of it.

He really wants to dig up the bronze to examine it carefully, but it was buried half of it and he doesn’t have the tools so it is hard for to do so.

He’s hovering in here for a moment and he tries to climb up again.

The cracks on the mountain is very wide and deep, dark inside and shocking, it is a scenery of broken and ruined.

There’s no other way around, the roads are too risky blocked by rocks and boulders, it was hard to proceed.

The mountain is huge and wide, walking alone up in here can feel the pressure, think about that it has many legends made Chu Feng feels something strange, gazing afar, the huge mountain is like touching the sky, the scenery is so magnificent.

He climbed up for a thousand meter on the mountain that was strike by quake not long, this won’t be an easy journey when he encounters rolling rocks and other boulder, it is dangerous.

There’s a lot of rocks in front, the hills was cracked down not long before.

Chu Feng finds something that is beyond normal in front of him, he reveals a surprising face and quickly runs forward, climbs up, to see if what he sees is the truth.

“Looks like a copper green!”

He saw a green mark from afar in the rusty and mottled cliff, and it is huge.

He arrives at the cliff and he finally knows it.


This one is more surprising than the bronze he saw.

There’s a large piece of the cliffs cracked up, inside of it reveals the truth the is covered by dust.

On the walls where the rusty green dried, there is something old and mysterious, a structure made of bronze was there.

Three bronzed houses, simple yet quiet lean on the walls of stone, it was built there with parts of the stones buried.

The bronzed house looks old, brings a moment of historical.

Inside the house, the tiles are also covered by bronze, very neat.

Chu Feng surprised, he can’t calm himself down.

This  is a great discovery, a very huge bronze and a lot of the houses were built in the mountain.

Which era is this, what kind of people built this?

According to his guessing, this area has ever been existed a bright civilization of the bronze and kept for years in the old times, there hadn’t been written in any history books.

He felt uneasy and puzzled on that time.

Si Mu Wu Ding was known as the largest bronze ancient object and it seems not lighter than the bronze before, the bronze in front of him is a lot heavier.

There’s no doubt, this kind of room is hard to build than the Si Mu Wu Ding.

The bronze house was made with stainless steel by casting them together, it reveals magnificent, solemn, yet mysterious.

If this is to be found by other people, they will regard this as treasure because they never seen anything huge like this.

Chu Feng has always been calm but for today he can’t, the mountain on the west even had these kind of bronze relic is so surprising!

He tries to push open a bronze door, a sound of rusty metal and the door opens.

Chu Feng didn’t go inside immediately, he’s standing on the outside, it was so quiet inside it like an isolated area but there’s nothing inside.

No matter whether the ground or the wall, there are no relics and such.

It’s the same with the other bronze room, no furniture inside, it’s all empty.

Carefully examines, nothing odd, just empty.

Chu Feng comes out and stares to the three rooms, he has so much unanswered question inside his mind, are these the house for the ancient people live or a cemetery?

The ancient time was really extravagant!

There had been written in some history books that the bronze and the casted tripod (Si Mu Wu Ding) was crafted by 200-300 blacksmiths, the crafting was really hard.

How hard was it to make three bronze house in ancient time?!

Chu Feng is here for long and finally he’s going up to the mountain again, after a few hours he almost gets to the top, there are about two hundreds meter to go and he’s sweating so much.

He has a good physical, slender, yet strong body, but in such a long time for climbing huge mountain like that still tires him.

He almost gets the top but still looks far, he can see the earth was magnificent from there, but he looks extremely small up there like a dust.

Standing up in the huge mountain, he’s looking to the azure and wide sky makes him feel relax, forgets all of his worries, honor, disgrace, and everything.

The altitude up there is high but he still didn’t see any snow, only old grasses and woods which makes Chu Feng feels odd.

“There’s a mark of lightning strike!”

Chu Feng realized a burnt mark on the mountain, like it was strike by lightning, there’s even an area where the grasses and woods had turned into dust, it was all black.

Not only that but also the rocks had cracked up, half of the mountain was almost tear apart.

This makes him believe that days ago, the dense fog and the blue lights was the lightning, this place had suffered a lightning strike.

The road up front is hard to pass, large rocks and boulders, Chu Feng takes other way to the other side to walk.

But the time he turned around till the other cliff, he stunned, his eyes were shocked, the first time he experiences a shocking feeling like that.

He didn’t act like that when he saw the bronze house.

There had been a landslides in there before, the rocks were rolling down, leaving a thick mark of metal textures.

“Bronze mountain!”

It reveals a more surprising scenery.

That’s not only a part of, but in about two hundred meter far, the ground was layered by the bronze.

It is really the bronze mountain, it is covered by rocks and such but down there was the real scenery, how could people know about that?

It really is incredible!

The truth remains unrevealed,  but at least a bronze mountain with two hundred meters tall is stunning enough.

Chu Feng shocked, this is a mountain in the middle of Kun Lun and inside of it is all bronze.

He doesn’t care about the rumors.

But these odd things under his eye are indescribable.

After strike by lightning, it reveals the truth of the green bronze mountain.

This is a surprising yet unbelievable truth!

Meanwhile, he smells something fresh brought by the wind.

This place is full of bronze and metal cold, he didn’t see any grass or woods.

Chu Feng is searching carefully.

He saw it, there’s a plant on the bronze cliff!

It is almost near the top, after that he finds another way to climb, he’s now at the top and wants to search more.

Not long after that, although he won’t be arrived on the top, but clearly he sees.

There’s a green oily three feet tall tree sticks its root on the ground.

Chu Feng agrees that he saw the fact, there aren’t any rocks but only green bronze, it sticks its root on the wall and looks incredible.

This is too surprising, it is the most bewildering things.

He moved to different place and climbs up more, he sees clearly that the tree sticks the root on the bronze!

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