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Chapter 5: The Flower Blooms

Near the top of the mountain is so quiet, there’s no voice to be heard.

The three wild beasts didn’t put their attention on Chu Feng, literally they just ignore him.

Chu Feng is far from the mountain top, and the beasts knows that he didn’t bring any danger for them so they just ignore him.

These three creatures sure have a little kind heart inside.

“It’s a chance to run now!”

Chu Feng decides to go down the mountain, although he still curious about the small tree in the mountain and his thirst for the truth, but in the current situation, he’s in a real danger and he can lose his life at any time.

The aroma becomes richer, it spreads from the bronze mountain.

The mastiff moves, fast like lightning, it dashes through the boulders and rushes towards the mountain top.

 A black yak, with a black and shiny fur all over its body, with a pair of horns, it leaps its step, following behind the mastiff.

 It runs so smooth without losing its balance, easily it arrives on the top of the bronze mountain.

 The flying eagle on the midair, with golden eyes shining, its bright fur and elegant wings, flying high in the air approaches the top while locking its eyes on the tree.

 Just at the time Chu Feng is about to run, the aroma becomes more reach, the flower is going to bloom.


 Although the distance is pretty far, but Chu Feng can heard clearly the sound of blooming flower, the tree now holds a silver white like bone, a fist-sized flower blooms.

 Blooming flower has its own voice!

 The aroma is lingering, more rich than before, it’s like it brings a magical effect, it is so fascinating.

 Just at the moment, the three creatures are all on the mountain cliff, they are like swallowing the fragrance with their big mouth.

 Chu Feng turns his head, he was surprised by the scene, the creatures’ surely shock him till he staggered.

 The three creatures can’t hold themselves, they thirst for fight and finally unleashed their wild nature.

 The voices are spreading out, the silver white flower spreads it petals all over, with a slight fog in the air and the voices of blooming flower, it is really fascinating!

 Chu Feng feels panic, what is this flower, the aroma sure is lingering, it makes him can’t hold to turn and rush back to the mountain.

 The three-feet tall has a silver white and fist-sized flower, with a slight fog spreads in the air on the bronze mountain, it brings a feel of sacred.

 The petals have gold spots, it shines through the fog, the golden spots shine together with the starts.

 This kind of scenery is so magnificent, yet charming.

 The three creatures are waiting for this moment, waiting for the flower blooms!

 The creatures are fighting on their own, with their claws and fangs baring, this is the nature of the wilds, they’re fighting for the flower.

 The black yak arrives, it brings a powerful energy through the mountain.


 The golden eagle bares its claws in the midair and hits on the yak’s horns.

 The mastiff is growling but its voice is low.

 The creatures are fighting and tried to kill each other, they are keep fighting for the blooming flower.

 At this time, the three growls fiercely together.

 The scenery on the bronze mountain for now is magnificent, with golden spots shining on the silver white petals, shining bright like the stars.


The mastiff has its claws stab on the petal.

A strong wind blows, the golden eagle flying in the air rushes to that mastiff, it looks like the eagle wants to shred the mastiff with it claws.

They weren’t fighting like this a moment ago, it is because after the flower bloomed, they are fighting like this!

At the time the eagle flaps its wings, the petals are falling from its claws, along with the strong wind that blows down the mountain.

This place is very steep, the white fog quickly spreads down to where Chu Feng stands.

He lifts his hand and catch a petal, the aroma stays the same, makes him feel drunk, he takes a clear look on it, the golden spots on the flower has a shiny layer.

“It’s the pollen!”

There’s a layer of pollen on the petal.

Chu Feng catches more petals into his hands, the other two petals has a slight less aroma, on the other petals have a pollen on top of it and the aroma is rich.

The creatures on the top are looking down for a while, their eyes are cold, then they continue to kill each other.

Chu Feng holds tightly of the petals.

But, he quickly realizes something is strange, the petals on his hands are not shining as before and have a different smells, then he opens his hand, he finds out that the shining pollen is gone, the petals wither too!

Just at that time, the petals lose their life, no more shining, and withered just like that.

What on earth is happening?

He tries to close his palm, the withered petals turn into dust.

Chu Feng stuns, he throws  the dust and yells while looking on the top: “Here I return this to you.”

Then he turns around and walks away down the mountain.

Although he rushes to escape, but he still holding the thoughts, those petals on his, why did it wither at the moment he holds it? This is odd!

He keeps running down without taking break, he keeps thinking to arrives quickly down the mountain.

It takes a while and Chu Feng arrives on the ground.

What’s more lucky is that the wild creatures didn’t chase him, they are still fighting on the top of the mountain.

Chu Feng is sweating all over his body, he felt he did some extreme exercises on the mountain because he is so tired for now.

He sits on the ground and takes a deep breath for a moment, then he hears his heart beating, after that he gulps water into his throat.

Those what happened before him is like a puzzle for him.

A tablet written west king, a mysterious room made of bronze, and then a mountain cave, is there really a mountain made of bronze?

If it is a yes, then he really wants to slice the mountain into half, to see clearly the truth of all this.

This mountain is part of the Kun Lun mountain too, but what secrets are hidden in this area?

“I have to leave this place quickly, don’t want to be chased down by those creatures.”

There was an earthquake happened days before, the mountain cracked up and Chu Feng has to carefully walk on it.

He suddenly sees a three-inches stone, square-shaped, it looks rare.

Chu Feng picks up the stone and continue his journey.

Don’t know if that’s true but Chu Feng feels something odd on his body, a marvelous yet a warm feeling flowing through his veins all over his body.

If he tries to feel it, the warm feeling gone. If he ignores it, his body becomes warm again.

Is that just a feeling or allergy?

He doubts, maybe he just allergic to something?

“It starts from this hand.”

He opens his left hand, the first warm feeling he felt is from the left palm, but there’s nothing on his hand.

“The petals withered on my left palm.”

Chu Feng keeps thinking about it while he continues his journey, he felt all these things are complicated and mysterious.

The petals spread white fog and shining golden spots, no matter how he sees it, it still looks odd.

The Kun Lun mountain on his back has so much things happened today, it makes him feel more curious of all things.

“Those three creatures are not normal, they were just fighting for that flower, maybe they aren’t dangerous.”

Although he had his doubts, but Chu Feng feels that the petals won’t bring any dangers, but why are those creatures fighting for the flower, he keeps thinking.

He shakes his head, leaving all these minds behind, continues to leap forward.

It is so quiet on the night, sometimes there’s a growling voice spreads from afar, but it also brings a breezy feeling in the air.

Chu Feng stays the night on a herdsman’s cottage, he decides to continue his journey tomorrow.

On the night, he’s reading his book quietly, sometimes he felt the warm feeling on his body too, he doesn’t know what will happen next.

He sighs: “Let it go along with the nature.”

Because, if he tries to feel it, the warm feeling gone. But if he doesn’t put any attention on his body, he begins to feel warm again.

“Pollen, catalyst.” Chu Feng keeps murmuring those words, somehow he thinks about other things.

When he graduated that day, Lin Nuo Yi’s family sent someone to pick her up, he felt that he heard those kind of words but he didn’t hear it clearly.

Although they had broken up, but that time he still missed her, but he saw her family gave him cold eyes so Chu Feng could only waved his hand to her.

While he’s thinking of the past, he saw a stone near him.

“The shape of the stone is so good.”

He measures the stone while on his tent, although its shape is cube, but the edge is smooth without angle, like it was polished.

He examines it more deeply, there’s some texture on the stone, is this stone really made by nature?

The texture can’t be seen clearly.

“Is this caused by humans?”

While he was on the ground of the Kun Lun mountain, he didn’t think more of it, he felt the stone has good shape so he picked up and took the stone with him, he was busy thinking of the bronze mountain stuffs.

Now, he finds out the stone is somewhat special.

Chu Feng washes the stone and takes more look under the light.

The stone is three-inches long, with a gray and brown color, there’s texture on it too but looks fuzzy, it looks like vine, but also looks like a mark made by nature, literally looks old.

Is this perhaps left by the ancient people on Paleolithic era? He’s just guessing.

Chu Feng holds around the stone to look, looking into the spots and marks on the stone, suddenly, a kacha sound is heard on the quiet night.

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