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The battlefield became deathly still. No one had imagined such a drastic change to the situation at hand—many terrifying experts had suddenly emerged.

Even the birds had gone silent. Everyone was stunned.

Even those from the Eastern camp were not an exception. Just now, many of them were frightened, but who would’ve thought things would take such a sharp turn? They had gone from being passive to absolutely active.

The many experts here were all able to look down upon myriad kings. It would be normally impossible to even catch a glimpse of these big shots—now they had all gathered at Kunlun!


Things here had escalated rather quickly.

From the king level experts to the normal minions, each and everyone erupted in a rallying cry. Their cheers were deafening.

"Haha, so fierce. Let’s see how your so-called ‘Eastern punitive army’ will escape this disaster. Let’s see where you will run!"

"You lot dared to entertain the delusion of capturing Kunlun? Dream on! Not one of you should think of escaping. No. Actually, I think we will do the invasion this time and take the fight all the way to the West."

The whole of the Western camp was enveloped in a depressed atmosphere, though they did have the absolute advantage in numbers since they had come by the thousands.

But many of them were already scared out of their wits, from the king level entities down to the mutants and beasts. It appeared that they had kicked an iron plate this time around!

No one was expecting such a development; the reversal was simply too swift. The Western camp was cheering loudly just a while ago, believing that victory was already at hand and that they would be conquering Kunlun very soon.

But now, they were all shivering in fear, their hearts filled with terror.

They had a premonition that many would fall in the East. Most of them would probably not be able to walk out of this land.

They were all joyful just a while ago; the Eastern punitive expedition was majestically poised to invade Mount Kunlun and kill off their kings in a single battle. But how could the East not want to finish them off all the same?

"What do we do? Shall we flee?" But if they simply turned tail and fled, they would be chased down and killed miserably.

"How regrettable, how lamentable. We were beside ourselves with joy and had provoked all six shackle severed experts of the East. Now, we are certain to die without a grave!"

These people were all desperate and had lost all hope at heart. Everyone was clear about the situation at hand.

How could they resolve the current predicament? They had long since lost the strength to turn things around.

"Perhaps we still have more hidden experts on our side? This is the only hope!" someone whispered.

"The East must also have more hidden aces. It seems, from their expression, they want to eliminate all of us in one fell swoop." A warrior with five severed shackles sighed.

Not to mention them, even the experts of the East were stunned.

Those from the West were knee deep in trouble now that such a situation had developed.

The Elder Lion’s whole body was emanating light golden blood energy that surged to the skies. Their group were indeed terrifying beyond compare and possessed almost peerless strength, but now, even they were feeling quite apprehensive.

The experts with six severed shackles on the opposing camp outnumbered them a great deal, and that was assuming they had revealed all of them. If they all charged in, it would be a two-against-one battle.

Just a while ago, he was full of confidence about exterminating Mount Kunlun and disdainful of the Mastiff King and the Elder ape. Now, the Elder Lion could say nothing more.

The Black Dragon’s expression was dark and volatile. He clenched his fists but did not dare to vent his frustrations. How did things end up like this? The urge to curse welled up from within.

It was a solid plan; they were poised to take Kunlun in one fell swoop and establish their kingdom here. But now, things had turned around and they were in mortal peril.

What caused the Black Dragon to palpitate was that the Golden Roc was suffused with murderous intent, eyeing him like a hunter would his prey.

They were predestined enemies—there was an innate showdown between the two races. The Black Dragon felt rather uneasy and apprehensive because the legendary rocs were known to eat dragons and serpents.

The Arctic King was in an even worse situation after being wounded by the Mastiff King earlier. He was now as pale as a ghost, thinking of how he should flee.

Ancient Yoga Guru Fanlin’s bald forehead was now drenched in sweat. He was previously the picture of placidity and appeared to transcend all mundanity, but now, he appeared to be having second thoughts.

The old vampire’s complexion became even paler as he prepared to escape. The situation at hand wasn’t permissive at all. With over ten experts with six severed shackles on the other side, it would truly be a massacre once they all make their moves.

Schiller’s mood had hit rock bottom. Previously, he had everything in his grasp, laughing unrestrainedly and claiming that he would use absolute strength to overpower the kings of Kunlun. But moments later, the dazed man had been slapped in the face.

Just how many experts with six severed shackles were on the enemy side? There was a full thirteen of them! What a shocking lineup!

Especially after being betrayed by his "asset", Schiller felt so frustrated that he wanted to cough up blood. It was obvious that the had been sold out by the Peacock King and the Golden Crow. Otherwise, the masters of the Eight Visions Temple, the Roaming Jade Temple, and the Hollow Jade Temple would not have been able to arrive at the same time.

This sudden shift had granted them five additional powerful enemies that were not within the original expectations.

Moreover, the sect masters from forces that were supposed to be occupied with the diversions such as those from the Sword Palace of Mount Shu and Mount Kongtong had arrived in person, ignoring the potential threat to their homelands.

That old llama was actually a hidden expert of Mount Kunlun—no one had ever heard of him before!

Schiller’s thoughts were solemn. He had schemed meticulously and expended no small effort to gather all of these experts together only to encounter such a situation.

The fires of frustration and anger stifled him, almost making him cough up blood. He was truly unresigned!

After a moment of stillness, it was, unexpectedly, the Siberian Tiger who spoke up first. He walked away from the ranks of Schiller and the Black Dragon.

"Everyone, please don’t misunderstand. I’m not a Siberian Tiger but a Northeastern Tiger—I’m also a beast king of the East. I hold no malice!"

This fierce gigantic tiger was over ten meters tall and almost several meters long. His blood energy surged to the skies, and with one look, it was obvious that he was a violent and ferocious beast king.

No one would’ve guessed that he would be the one to speak such words. This caused everyone to be speechless.

Don’t the Siberian tiger and the Northeastern Tiger belong to the same family? This person was absolutely worming his way into the Eastern ranks. He was obviously planning to cut himself loose from Schiller’s party.

Many people cursed in silence; this so-called "king of a hundred beasts" turned out to be an opportunist.

"Something’s rather odd about your claim. The northeastern area already has a tiger king of its own while you crowned yourself king of Siberia. Today, you have come to aid the Eastern punitive army. Who are you trying to fool?" said the Mastiff King.

"We can overlook this offense. The condition is that you kill an enemy expert with six severed shackles!" the Golden Roc of Mount Hua spoke. His whole body was golden yellow and was emanating a frightening aura that was almost peerless in the same realm.

"This…" The Siberian Tiger King hesitated. He had to turn around and kill people like Schiller and the Arctic King? This made things rather difficult for him.

Schiller shouted loudly, "Everyone, this is not the time for hesitations. If we are to survive, we must work together and fight this bloody battle. We will truly die without a grave if our faiths waver!

He was not willing to have the Siberian Tiger King turn on him, but it appeared that the latter would not be able to make a decision anytime soon. However, it was imperative that he prevent even more of them from abandoning the cause.

"That’s right, the gap in strength isn’t even that large; we mustn't go down without trying. I will kill a couple of you today!" the Black Dragon roared.

He was obviously not referring to normal experts when he said he would kill a couple. He was referring to those experts with six severed shackles.

Being a dragon, he definitely had the power to back his claim. His race was superior in many aspects and it had always been difficult to find a worthy opponent.

"Haha…" The Golden Roc of Mount Hua laughed loudly on the other side. Suddenly, his whole body shone with resplendent lights as an intense energy fluctuation burst out from his body.

"Oh giant winged lizard, you are truly too insolent. But since you barely qualify to be called a dragon, I will kill you today and make a hearty meal out of you!" The Golden Roc was like a sun as he released brilliant golden rays that caused everyone to be unable to open their eyes.

Many in the Western Camp were trembling in fear. When they beheld this Golden Roc, it was as if they were facing a god!

"I will kill you!" The Black Dragon let out a long cry before turning back to the others, "Everyone, this is not the time to be hesitating. We have to go all out!"


Brilliant black and golden lights exploded as the peerless experts began their battle. The Black Dragon and the Golden Roc rushed into the battlefield.


It was as if the sky and earth had collapsed.

The air trembled and the firmament faltered while the earth was split apart. A great explosion took place as the incomparably powerful beings clashed.


The next moment, the Black Dragon had morphed into his true form with a flash of black light. He had taken the shape of a western dragon that was hundreds of meters long. The scales on his black body were like cold metallic plate armor.

Its colossal body gave the onlookers a sense of fear and suppression, causing them to tremble.

The Golden Roc exploded with brilliant golden light. Its hundred-meter long body was as radiant as the sun, bursting with a terrifying aura that shook everyone.

The two experts rushed to the skies and an intense aerial battle ensued!

"Everyone, we are now cornered with our backs to the river and an all-out battle is our only chance. I believe that we are unbeatable. We will sweep through them!" Schiller calmly urged the others to make their move.

"Very well, it seems we have no choice but to fight to the death!" the Vampire King replied.

Schiller turned to the distant mountains and shouted, "Those who still haven't shown yourselves, please prepare to fight. We will conquer Kunlun and enter the Home of Myriad Gods together to search for our fortunes!"

Everyone was shaken. There were more reinforcements?

The Eastern punitive expedition’s morale saw a huge rise after hearing this.

Merely, there was no reply from the mountains.

"Who dares to fight with me?" The Elder Lion walked out. He was surging with golden blood energy and terrifying energy fluctuations. Even experts with six severed shackles felt their hearts beat faster, not to mention the others.

The master of the Eight Visions Temple appeared normal in every aspect, but his strength was astonishing. He emanated an intimidating aura as he fearlessly strode forward to meet the Elder Liong King in battle.

"Amitabha, please allow me!" The llama spoke. Clad in monastic robes, he stepped forward calmly. "It appears that you have obtained a certain breathing technique of Buddhist origins. You are fated and thus I will have you join our sect today."


The lion roared tyrannically and appeared before the llama in one step. He threw out a radiant punch that shook the earth and sky.


The old llama appeared thin, weak and shriveled, but boundless energy was contained within his body. With a single palm, he had forcefully blocked the lion king’s punch.


The destructive power of the two was shocking. They were incomparably violent; within a few exchanges, their battle had reached the distant forest. One could see the lion king smash a small hill into pieces with his bare fists.

The llama was just as terrifying; this monastic robe itself was a weapon. Emanating scarlet lights, it spiraled forth and cut off a mountaintop!

The battles of the peerless experts had erupted!

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