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Chapter 194: Decisive Battle between the East and West
Jiang Luoshen was indeed watching the livestream. How could she not watch with such a momentous event?

She was able to recognize the man as Chu Feng despite the blurry image caused by the distance of the camera.

She revealed an odd expression. Many people were saying that Chu Feng had died, and yet here he was, suddenly appearing on the battlefield. He didn’t just simply appear but did so in the most tyrannical way possible by slaughtering a dragon!

Jiang Luoshen was able to guess that many people were now on the edge of their seats.

Just as she had predicted, the many corporate powers were all quaking. They had previously overestimated Chu Feng, but today, they realized that their valuation was still too low.

In such a short period of time, he was already capable of exchanging blows with the supreme experts and even triumph over them!

Barring the Peacock King, Schiller, the Elder Lion and others with six severed shackles, just how many people in the world were still capable of suppressing him? He had truly joined the ranks of those supreme experts.

At the Bodhi Biogenetics HQ, an agent came to look for Jiang Luoshen. It was one of her uncles; he got straight to the point.

"Luoshen, what is the relationship between you and that Chu Feng? What do you think of him?"

Black lines appeared across Jiang Luoshen’s forehead as she glared at her uncle. It was too undisguised!

Jiang Ning, within the Lin family manor of Deity Biomedical.

Xu Wanyi’s face was pale as she stared at the monitor. She had lost all her recent good mood after she saw the man on the livestream.

"How can he be alive?" Her mind was in turmoil. That person was getting stronger and stronger by the day. If he decided to come and settle the score, even the Lin family would be hard pressed to protect her.

A group of beast race youths were gathered at an entertainment venue in Shuntian. They were all spectating the battles on the livestream.

"Oh god, he’s really alive!" Xiong Kun cried out in alarm. He felt insecure and could not help sweating.

It was fortunate that his grandfather, the Black Bear, had warned him in advance. Otherwise, he would have stirred up even more trouble. If he carelessly cursed Chu Feng, wouldn’t the latter flay him alive when he returned?

The chatty Hu Sheng was also shocked out of his wits. He had almost misjudged the situation previously.

"How could he be alive? Wasn’t he dead already?" Some among the peacock race were furious.

The Ashwolf Tribe and the Golden Eagle Tribe were in a similar state—they had previously celebrated Chu Feng’s downfall. Who would’ve thought that he would reappear in good health?

Moreover, Chu Feng was exhibiting his tyrannical might by slaughtering a dragon! This made Chu Feng’s enemies feel fairly uneasy.

"No matter what, he won’t live much longer; the battle at Mount Kunlun is not that simple. The Eastern punitive expedition has a powerful trump card and would possibly occupy the area and execute him."

Some of the beast race warriors at odds with Chu Feng hoped that he would die in battle at Mount Kunlun.

The discussions and debates in the outside world were much more abundant compared to them. It had long since caused a huge uproar.

"Deity Chu is still alive, haha. This is great news; I knew he wouldn’t die so early. He even came back with great power and killed his way to fame at Mount Kunlun.

"What a pleasant surprise! Not only did Chu Feng reappear, but he also slaughtered a Western dragon, just like the legends!"

The whole of the outside world was explosively shaken, and those who witnessed the spectacle were overwhelmed with excitement—almost everyone was discussing this incident.
Everyone thought Chu Feng had already been killed within the Vatican. However, he had returned in one piece to take part in the Kunlun battles where he even accomplished a dragon slaughter.

Chu Feng was originally quite famous. Now that he had returned from the dead, it caused a huge sensation. It wasn’t too exaggerated to say that everyone in the nation was talking about him.

"I feel that something is not right. With his nature, he definitely would not let those from the Vatican frame him. It is odd, considering his nature, to lay low all this time."

"It is definitely odd. With that temper of his, he’ll certainly not submit to the humiliation in silence. This isn’t normal!"

"Come to think of it, things in the West weren’t very peaceful these days, oh god… I hope I’ve guessed wrong!"

The world wasn’t able to calm down.

Not to mention the normal civilians, even the major corporate powers were now focused on Chu Feng. Even their analytical teams were hard at work; some of the keen agents had sensed the abnormalities.

Some teams within the major corporations had formed a possible theory after thorough observation.

A part of them suspected that the recent incidents in the West were related to Chu Feng!

If this theory was confirmed, it would cause huge waves that would shock the world. This was too astonishing!

Back at Mount Kunlun, the atmosphere was extremely intense.

The apex existences were facing off in the field. The aura emanating from their midst caused everyone to feel great pressure although they were not fighting just yet.

"Brother, shall we stew it or roast it?"

A group of kings were already familiar with Chu Feng. Not long ago, they had roasted the Sparrow King together and enjoyed a great meal.

More importantly, all these men already had a turn in battle and could be considered to have completed their missions. They were all relaxed and unstressed, so they all came over to Chu Feng to freeload a meal.

"First stir-fry, then deep fry. We have to make every dish possible. Since we are able to get our hands on dragon meat, we definitely have to eat a hearty meal!" Chu Feng laughed loudly.

At this moment some king level entities instructed their subordinates to bring over good wine. They were all prepared to hold a banquet.

"Wait for us to return! We’ll come back to join you after a few rounds of battle." The Black Yak turned nervous as he hurriedly ran out to challenge the enemies.

Yellow Ox also followed suit.

They were both powerful beings; one of them had severed five shackles, while the other was the one who had taught Chu Feng the special breathing technique. Barring experts like Schiller and the Black Dragon, they could be considered peerless.

As expected, the black yak went on a rampage in the battlefield. He circulated his physical abilities to the max and pounded a same-realm opponent into oblivion.

"Has old ox drunk phoenix blood? How fierce!"

"As expected of Demon Ox King! Tyrannical to the extreme!"

Many people cheered from the Kunlun side only to see the black yak put on his sunglasses and comb his swept black hair before returning in style.

This relaxed and comical attitude roused the ire of many warriors from the Western camp.

Yellow Ox’s moves were clean and decisive. He killed a powerful king level entity within two moves. This shocked the masses—who would’ve thought this little boy was such a terrifying beast king?

Only Chu Feng was clear about the extent of Yellow Ox’s abilities. He had come from another realm. How could he have crossed over if he wasn’t capable?

Aroma permeated the area before Mount Kunlun; they had truly prepared every type of dish ranging from stir fry to stew. The dragon meat banquet had been prepared, and the fragrance of the liquor wafted out attractively.

This excited everyone from the Eastern camp. Everyone wanted to come over and drink a cup.

"This won’t do. I have to swiftly defeat an enemy and complete my mission so that I can celebrate with a cup of liquor!" a certain king level expert muttered.

Who would have thought that the high profile barbeque party at the back had actually caused everyone’s blood to boil, raising the morale of the whole army.

Many experts from the other camp were so angry that their chests almost burst out.

A bunch of Easterners had actually roasted a Western dragon and prepared its meat into a giant draconic buffet. How could this be endured?!

Especially when they remembered a certain someone’s gourmet rankings, they all felt extremely humiliated.


The Black Dragon let out a roar that shook the vast skies. He was naturally enraged because the dragon on the roasting pit was from his dragon race.

However, he held back his anger and did not immediately take action.

"Have those people arrived? Will they really take action as promised?!" the Black Dragon inquired in a hushed tone. They were, of course, adequately prepared since they dared to invade.

There were certain peerless entities with six severed shackles that were secretly invited to take part in this decisive battle apart from the ones standing in public sight.

"There should be no problem. I feel that some of them have already arrived and are waiting in the distance," the Vampire King replied. He was quite sensitive to the blood energy of strong entities since his diet mainly consisted of fresh blood.

"I’ll let you lot celebrate for now. In the end, it’ll all be for naught and all of you will die!" The Black Dragon’s glare was cold.

They would kill anyone who dared to stop them from flattening Kunlun in this battle. Even beings with six severed shackles like the Elder Ape and the Mastiff King were on their killing list!

Schiller also revealed a smile. They had to exterminate the kings of Mount Kunlun and establish their dynasty in a single battle! They would make their rise at the Home of Myriad Gods and seek fortune that would allow them to become gods!

"I made an agreement with a certain person and instructed him to keep the Eastern experts occupied at the Pilgrimage Grounds. Even the master of the Roaming Jade Temple who had already arrived at Mount Kunlun had to turn back," explained Schiller in due calmness.

The others nodded after hearing this. The die was cast!

The Eastern powers were exhausted, but their own reinforcements were on the way. It was a battle between a waning power and a rising one—how could they not win?

"Haha…" All of them burst into laughter.

They were sufficiently prepared for this Eastern expedition. They only hoped to exterminate all foes in a single battle!

They had analyzed all the potential enemy experts and had utilized various means to keep them in check and unable to leave their locations.

The reason for the delay in the great battle was not because they were travelling too slow. Some of them had long since entered the Eastern lands in secret to launch some sneak attacks. They intimidated certain experts, forcing them to stay back and defend their headquarters.

Chu Feng’s group was having the time of their lives. A whole dragon had been cut apart—the sparkling and radiant meat was succulent, fresh, and was enshrouded in resplendent mist.

Moreover, the dragon meat contained a dense energy that was extremely nourishing.

Whether it was stewed or roasted to a lustrous gold color, the dragon meat overflowed with brilliant lights. It was indeed a great supplement.

Chu Feng’s appetite was extremely great that day. He ate and ate—even the great black yak had to admit defeat.

He was in a great mood because he had obtained a dragon tendon. It was translucent and brilliant. With it, his Thunderous Bow would be able to display all of its might.

He believed that it was absolutely possible to kill king level entities if he used the dragon tendon as a bowstring.

His bow had been recently neglected because it didn’t have that good of an effect against king level entities.

He belonged to the proactive type, and as such, he called over a few king level entities to help him string the Thunderous. He selected the most flawless part of the dragon tendon and tied it to the bow. As he did so, rays of scarlet light immediately shot out from within.

"This bow is indeed exception. It can probably kill a king level entity," someone exclaimed in astonishment.

Chu Feng only smiled as he started to polish the dragon horns and teeth, once again calling on the others to help him produce arrows.

The others were all astonished. These arrows were too terrifying—they could probably cause grievous wounds to a king level entity.


After quite some time, beast roars shook the earth from a distance. Many king level entities trembled as a gigantic white creature ran towards them with terrifying momentum.

It had rushed out of the Kunlun Mountain range, its whole body riddled with bloody wounds. Each of its fierce steps took it from one peak to another. It was no other than the Arctic King.

He was in his true form at the time; a gigantic white bear as large as a small hill.

He had been defeated. Many terrifying bone-deep injuries could be seen on his body as he fled all the way.

Behind him, the Mastiff King was giving chase in the form of a middle-aged man. His whole body was stained with bear blood.


The Arctic King finally fled into the Western Camp. He furiously panted after reverting to his human form. The huge gaping wounds on his chest and abdomen were dripping with fresh blood.

"What happened to you?" the Black Dragon was shocked.

"He’s really strong. I’ll be alright after some rest," the Arctic King softly spoke. His chest and abdomen were glowing with light as the wounds began to heal.

"I’ve sensed the arrival of the people we’ve invited. We can take action now." Schiller revealed an indifferent smile. His gaze was fearsome and incomparably frosty.

"It is time for the showdown. Do you lot dare to accept this challenge?!"

As the Elder Lion spoke, his light golden blood energy surged towards the skies and shook the whole realm. He was widely known as the peerless expert and should be much more powerful than the Arctic King.

He was also one of the most intimidating enemies for the Eastern experts.

At the same time, Ancient Yoga Guru Fanlin, the Vampire King, Schiller, the Black Dragon and the Arctic King all stepped forward, standing side by side.

This placed a great deal of pressure onto the Eastern camp—it was actually six peerless experts they were up against!

"Why would we not?!" The Mastiff King was the first to step forward.

Afterwards, a middle aged man with golden hair stepped out; he was the Golden Roc of Mount Hua.

After which, the Elder Ape from the Great Woods Temple of Mount Song stepped out along with the Taiji Grandmaster of Wudang.

"Just that? It’s not even enough for me to kill!" the Elder Lion wildly exclaimed. He was the picture of confidence as his golden blood energy suffused the sky.

Schiller also disdainfully laughed. "It’s already expected that you lot would appear. Its just that the number of experts you have with six severed shackles are too few in number. We are certain to crush all of you!"

"Dao friends, what are you waiting for?! Please reveal yourselves!" the Black Dragon called out.


The roar of a ferocious tiger was transmitted across the distance before a brightly colored tiger emerged. He possessed an incomparably large physique and was emitting a violent and bitter murderous intent.

"The Siberian Tiger!" Some people were overwhelmed when they recognized the newcomer’s identity. This was a peerless expert with six severed shackles.


The earth trembled as a white rhinoceros charged over like a moving mountain. Its build was intimidating. It strode towards the battlefield, shaking the earth with every step.

This was the White Rhinoceros King whom Schiller had invited over.

The people from Kunlun felt a chill run down their backs. How could they keep on fighting? Their opponents had come fully prepared with eight warriors at the level of six severed shackles, maybe even more.

The people from the Western Camp were all pleasantly surprised and incomparably excited. They burst out in loud cheers for they knew that victory was imminent.

"I have no interest in boring duels. Today, I will suppress you all with tyrannical might!" Schiller Shouted.

"Really? You think you’ve already won?" the Mastiff King coldly replied.

"Kings, reveal yourselves!" At this moment, the Elder Ape called out.


The earth and skies shook as an old lama walked over. He appeared extremely old, but the faint blood energy emanating from him was sufficient to fight against the Elder Lion King, or even suppress the latter.

"Who is this?" Schiller and the Black Dragon were both astonished. They had not received reports of such a powerful king.

"Master!" The Horse King rushed over to welcome the old man despite his wounds.


Sword light tore through the skies as two divine cranes spread their wings and arrived from over the horizon. Boundless sword energy radiated from their midst and tore the earth apart!

They were like a pair of sword immortals!

"Why have the two cranes of Mount Shu arrived? I thought I had them pinned down in diversion!" the Arctic King exclaimed.


A giant tortoise with the eight trigrams upon its back appeared on top of a nearby mountain. It emitted a colorful radiance along with a terrifying aura that shook the earth and skies. The Mountain Tortoise of Mount Kongtong had arrived!


At this moment, two bird kings emitting frightening energy fluctuations descended amidst countless streams of resplendent light. A peacock and a golden crow landed on Mount Kunlun.

Schiller was immediately plunged into distress. Weren’t they the ‘assets’ that were supposed to be working together with him? These two bird kings have actually gone back on their words!


Three figures simultaneously appeared, shaking the earth and the skies.

The masters of the Eight Visions Temple, the Hollow Jade Temple, and the Roaming Jade Temple had arrived!

The Kunlun camp was suddenly flooded with powerful auras that blotted out the skies and covered the earth.

Now, who was going to suppress whom? The tiger wants to harm man, but man wishes to subdue it all the same.

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