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The Elder Lion King, who was widely known to be peerless, definitely had sufficient strength to back that claim. His every movement was infused with destructive energy, and it was as if there was nothing he could not do. He was like a god!


The mountainous forest before them collapsed as he struck out with his palm; all the ancient trees and giant rocks were sent flying before shattering in the air, ultimately turning into dust.

The old llama evaded the brunt of the force several times. Anyone would feel pressured under the surging waves of mysterious energy.


The Elder Lion roared. The earthshaking roar shook the world, despite him still being in human form. It was even more shocking than lightning from the nine heavens.

The golden radiance rippled outward from his mouth and was even visible to the naked eye. Yellow Ox concluded that this was a terrifying and highly advanced sonic attack.

This was an innate ability that they were born with.

Before them, ancient trees had been blown to pieces while stones were torn apart. The golden energy ripples were unstoppable, stunning the men from both camps.

It no longer looked like a soundwave but rather like a saturated carpet bombing!

It was fortunate that the two experts had taken the fight into the depths of the mountain and away from the battlefield. It would definitely cause a calamity otherwise.

The Elder Lion King’s long golden hair danced in the wind as he stood tyrannically and unrestrained. As he let out a roar, his eyes lighted up like lanterns and shot out terrifying beams of light that shot towards his opponent.

The Eastern warriors were all anxious. This was especially true for the Horse King, who was worried that his master would not be a match for the enemy.

"Don’t worry, the old llama’s expertise is unfathomable. He is definitely not weaker than the lion," the master of the Eight Visions Temple consoled temperately. His own extreme strength allowed him to see everything clearly.

Buddhist radiance emanated from the old llama as if he was a bodhisattva cast of gold. He became enshrouded in boundless light as his vitality surged to the extreme.

A majestic shout escaped his lips. "Om!"

The earth and sky immediately began to resonate with him. It was as if the primordial notes of the universe were reverberating throughout Kunlun. causing the mountains to tremble and sway.

The immediate area of the attack directly collapsed and split apart. The mountainous forests were torn, and tens of thousands of rocks were smashed apart by the llama’s sound waves. This exhausted the momentum behind the Elder Lion’s roar.

"The Buddhist Six-Syllable Mantra!" someone exclaimed. [1]

The components of this mantra were, "Om, ma, ne, pad, me, hum!"

Many people were able to recite this, but who among them could produce such might? None!

Today, the old llama had actually utilized the true profundities behind a single word from the mantra. Enshrouded in Buddhist lights, his voice was boundless and majestic, truly intimidating.

Suddenly, the Elder Lion’s peerless momentum was impeded. He stopped roaring and resorted to a direct charge using his powerful fists.


Golden lights surged towards the skies like a raging flood that enveloped the Elder Lion. It spread throughout the land and crashed over the old llama.

This was the Elder Lion’s peerless fist intent. He had obtained a certain breathing technique by chance, otherwise, he would have not become such an unequaled existence.

A divine halo appeared behind the old llama’s head. His aura was sanctified and powerful like a revered Bodhisattva although he appeared aged and weak.

His right palm enlarged amidst resplendent lights—this was his god-like ability, a skill adapted from the mysterious great palm.


The old llama’s palm crashed into the Elder Lion’s fist. The impact shook the whole of the mountainous woods as boundless radiance surged out from their midst.

The small hills were blasted apart even as the two were some distance away. Their powerful energy had penetrated the hills and caused them to collapse.

Everyone in the distance was shaken.

The people from both camps were petrified like clay statues as they looked on at this seeming battle between deities.

Even some of those peerless experts with six severed shackles were palpitating. At the very least, the Arctic King’s expression had changed. He was evidently not a match for them.

He would definitely be blown apart if he went over to fight with any one of them. He would die without even a corpse.

At this moment, the Elder Lion King’s terrifying golden aura diffusely washed over the hills and cliffs, causing them to shake and tremble. He truly wanted to tear apart his enemy immediately.


He let out a growl, and suddenly, a blinding light appeared within his right hand and took the shape of a golden sickle, flashing with a cold gleam.

The Elder Lion had utilized one of his terrifying abilities, one that he had gained after severing his sixth shackle.

The sickle that resembled that of the grim reaper’s was shining with brilliant golden light, its cold glint extremely intimidating. He hacked towards the old llama with it, aiming to reap what remained of the latter’s life.

At this time, the llama’s monastic robe flew out amidst resplendent lights. The twilight radiance covered the earth and sky as it obstructed the sickle in midair.


The fiery golden threads on the monastic robe were incomparably brilliant. Sparks flew out in all directions as a wide expanse of red light surged out and blocked the incoming sickle.

This caused everyone to feel apprehensive. As expected of a treasured monastic robe that was able to cut off a mountaintop, it was actually able to block the most powerful blow from the Elder Lion King.


However, the monastic robe was ultimately suppressed by the sickle. With a flick of his hands, the Elder Lion’s sickle was once again activated and proceeded to slash towards the old llama.


The old llama whispered a mantra, basking him in Buddhist radiance. He had also utilized the ability he had obtained from severing his sixth shackle to resist the tyrannical Elder Lion.

A treasured pestle appeared within his hands. With the brilliant Demon Subduing Pestle in hand, he violently struck against the golden sickle.


As if the earth and sky had collapsed, the whole area became bathed in blinding light. The entire mountainous forest was decimated by the destructive explosion.

The two experts took their battle into the collapsed crater.

This all-out showdown was incomparably terrifying.

In the distance, Chu Feng muttered while pondering, "This old llama chants scriptures daily, and thus, after severing his shackles, he obtained abilities related to Buddhism."

"It appears to be related." Yellow Ox nodded.


The whole area collapsed as the llama and the lion charged up from within the ravine amidst flying debris. The llama’s clothing, apart from the monastic robe, were all torn and tattered. Some traces of blood could even be seen at the corners of his mouth.

The Elder Lion, on the other hand, was coughing up large amounts of blood. It appeared he had sustained severe injuries.

"We are fated. Come with me now," the old llama spoke.

The Elder Lion was enraged. His golden blood energy gushed out and drowned the whole mountain. He madly charged at his opponent once more.

However, the Elder Lion was forced to cough up large amounts of blood after being struck thrice consecutively. At this rate, he would lose sooner or later and his fate was unpredictable.

The Eastern warriors were now no longer worried and let out great cheers.

The bald horse king laughed in great delight. "My master is destined to become a Bodhisattva. Subduing this Elder Lion King is naturally not a problem."

The Western camp was absolutely silent. Their hearts had sunk completely.

If even a being as strong as the Elder Lion King was not a match, it was highly possible that they would be exterminated. A haze of depression shrouded their hearts.

A loud bestial roar shook the whole battlefield.

The White Rhinoceros had made his move, rushing out like a thunderbolt. He was an expert invited over by the Elder Lion King. He wanted to rush to the rescue after seeing his old friend in a precarious situation.

His whole body was as white as jade, glowing with translucent luster and was as large as a small hill. Even the earth was shaking as he ran.

He rushed towards the distant mountain amidst terrifying whirlwinds. Wherever he went, the earth split apart with rocks and sand flying in all directions.

"I will meet you!" The master of the Roaming Jade Temple stood out. How could he allow the enemy to team up on the old llama?

One had to know that the Eastern camp had the advantage in the number of experts with six severed shackles. They could almost fight two against one if they wanted to!

The master of the Roaming Jade Temple was a very tall man about thirty to forty years of age. With his swaying long black hair, he had a heroic air about him. With sword-like brows and starry eyes, he appeared mystical and valiant.

It was once said that among the masters of the Eight Visions Temple, the Hollow Jade Temple, and the Roaming Jade Temple, the master of the Roaming Jade Temple was the most fierce and cruel. This was likely related to their personalities.

Few foes would survive whenever he took action.

The lookers were all focused at this moment.


As expected, the master of the Roaming Jade Temple was extremely strong. He didn’t dodge the gigantic charging white rhinoceros but instead rushed to meet him head-on.

Dong! Dong! Dong…

The next moment, thunderous explosions reverberated across the battlefield as the master of the Roaming Jade Temple and the White Rhinoceros crashed into each other violently. The former fought with his bare hands which were emitting bright light akin to two burning suns.

The White Rhinoceros let out a long roar as its whole body began to glow. It was like a gigantic volcano that was about to erupt, suffused with the aura of destruction.

He and the master of the Roaming Jade Temple were entangled in an intense life or death battle.

Everyone was shocked. Who else would’ve been able to fight head-on against a charging colossus?

But the master of the Roaming Jade Temple had forced the furious White Rhinoceros to a halt in a mere ten strikes.


Finally, after hundreds of exchanges, the White Rhinoceros let out mournful howls before bursting apart. He had been defeated by the master of the Roaming Jade Temple.

Fresh blood splattered everywhere and dyed the battlefield red.

The people were all astonished; another expert with six severed shackles had died!

The master of the Roaming Jade Temple was just as the rumors stated—powerful and tyrannical. He burst forth with full strength and took down a peerless beast king.

With the Elder Lion King at a disadvantage and the White Rhinoceros dead, the people from the Western camp were all shaken. They felt a great calamity looming over their heads.

The people from the Eastern camp were incomparably excited. The signs were all pointing to a great victory.


Dragon roars reverberated across the skies as the Black Dragon became increasingly violent. All those who were witnessing the fight from the ground felt their blood run cold.

The Black Dragon had encountered an especially powerful enemy the likes of which he had never fought before. He was utilizing all the power he could muster and was still unable to defeat the Golden Roc.

A black dragon hundreds of meters long weaved through the skies. With his cold scale armor, he appeared as if he was cast from steel; he clashed continuously with a hundred meter long golden roc in an intense melee.

However, the Black Dragon was unable to gain any advantage. On the contrary, his bloody scales were being torn by the roc’s claw.

On the ground, Chu Feng wore an odd expression as he looked at the Black Yak. "Is this Roc the one that appeared on Mount Qingtong?"

When he ascended Mount Kunlun for the first time back then, he witnessed a yak, a mastiff and a golden bird at the summit of Mount Qingtong.

"No, the one in the sky right now is so much more powerful. The roc you saw back then was his son," the Black yak replied.

The Golden Roc was actually part of Mount Kunlun, but he left to conquer Mount Hua on his own and established a force there. However, he did1 maintain a good relationship with Mount Kunlun.


Dragon blood rained down from the sky as the Black Dragon received yet another grievous wound. A terrifying claw mark appeared on his body, eliciting furious roars.

The Golden Roc, as described in various mythologies, favored the flesh of dragons and serpents as its staple food. Now that it had locked onto this Western dragon, it refused to let go.

Chu Feng said, "The Western camp’s momentum is gone. This time, not only should we chase them down, but we should take the fight to the West!"

The Elder ape nodded approvingly. "That’s right. How can we allow them to be so arrogant? If they even dared to invade our Eastern lands, they must suffer the consequences. This time, we will kill our way into the West!"

"Agreed!" The Mastiff King solemnly nodded.

The whole of the Eastern camp was in an excited uproar.

"We need to leave now." At the Western camp, the Vampire King was eager to retreat. He had long since wanted to flee.

No sooner had he said this to Schiller than glowing lights appeared behind him in the form of a pair of bat wings. He rushed towards the firmament in all due haste attempting a direct escape.

"Where do you think you’re going?"

A sword light brilliantly flashed akin to a transcendent immortal in flight. With extreme speeds several times that of sound, it caught up to the Elder Vampire and threatened to hack him into pieces.

"The sword immortal!"

Many people from the Kunlun camp gasped.

The sect head from the Sword Palace of Mount Shu had taken action. He was in his handsome human form and wielding a silver flying sword, poised to tear the skies apart.

It was too resplendent. A single immortal sword screamed through the skies—the void was lacerated wherever the blade passed—it was completely unstoppable.

The Elder Vampire’s expression abruptly changed as he immediately increased his speed. He acutely changed his direction, hoping to escape in a different direction.


However, another purple flying sword rushed towards him with blinding brilliance. It painted a long trail through the skies as it swiftly hacked towards the enemy.

The other white crane of Mount Shu had made a move. A similar flying sword sallied forth to block the path of escape.

The Elder Vampire roared as formidable energy fluctuations appeared on his body. He forcefully blocked the flying sword and once again attempted to charge out of the encirclement, fleeing frantically.


However, it was not so easy to withdraw under the combined attacks of such experts. He was very soon wounded; a terrifying wound appeared on his body amidst a gush of fresh blood.

"Dao friends, let’s move out and kill the enemy!" the Mastiff King shouted.

"Everyone, let’s kill our way to the West!" the Elder Ape roared.

Suddenly, the situation had become a chaotic turmoil. The skies lost color as all the Eastern camp experts mobilized and began their charge. A massacre was imminent!

The Grandmaster of Wudang was extremely sage-like. His long sleeves fluttered in the wind as he strode forth for the kill.

The sect master Mountain Tortoise of Mount Kongtong stood tall. The eight trigrams upon its back released resplendent lights. It violently leapt forth, crushing the mountain under its feet as it shot out toward Schiller’s party as if it was flying.

"I want the ancient yoga breathing technique." The shining Peacock King was hovering in mid-air like a deity. His eyes were fixated on the Indian Yoga Guru Fanlin.

"Very well. Let’s go and kill him!" The Golden Crow released blinding flames as he rushed forth with the Peacock King.

The masters of the Eight Visions Temple and the Hollow Jade Temple were also advancing towards the Western Camp.

"Everyone, I’m really a Manchurian Tiger. Please don’t misunderstand. I only ran over to Siberia to live for a while," the Siberian Tiger King pleaded.

Following that, he gritted his teeth and said, "To be honest, I grew up in Manchuria. My lineage is half Manchurian. I’ll join you on the hunt."


A tiger’s roar was emitted as he rushed towards the Western Camp, brandishing his large claws and killing scores with every swipe.


The Western ranks had completely broken down. After seeing so many peerless experts rush towards them, their fighting spirit had thoroughly collapsed. How were they supposed to fight?

"Everyone, please take care of yourselves. We must live on!" Schiller shouted at the top of his lungs.

The dark and light mysterious energy within his body burst forth at the same time. His might instilled fear in everyone present. Even the Arctic King beside him felt his hair stand on end.

Schiller had no intention to defend and only turned around to flee.

The Arctic King felt somewhat regretful. He shouldn’t have come to the East. As he looked on at the several enemy heroes, a wave of chilliness swept over his heart. He also turned around in an attempt to flee.

Fanlin’s forehead was moist with cold sweat. He had long since fled the battlefield, but the Peacock King and the Golden Crow were locked onto him from above and appeared determined to chase him all the way!

"Everyone, the Western Punitive Expedition had just begun. Let’s kill our way over there!" Chu Feng shouted.


Suddenly, battle cries reverberated and shook the skies. Those from the Eastern Camp were excited beyond compare. During this moment of great victory, they began their ten thousand mile killing journey towards the West!


[1] Oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ[1] (Sanskrit: ॐ मणिपद्मे हुम्, IPA: [õːː məɳipəd̪meː ɦũː]) is the six-syllabled Sanskrit mantra particularly associated with the four-armed Shadakshari form of Avalokiteshvara (Tibetan: སྤྱན་རས་གཟིགས་ Chenrezig, Chinese: 觀音 Guanyin, Japanese: 観音かんのん Kannon or Kanzeon, Mongolian: Мэгжид Жанрайсиг Migjid Janraisig), the bodhisattva of compassion.


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