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The battlefield fell into absolute silence. Chu Feng stood in its midst like a warrior refined from immortal divine metal, overflowing with a divine radiance.

The once-powerful Chilin laid on the distant ground. He was twitching ever so slightly and was completely covered in bloody wounds as dragon blood dripped out of the fist-sized hole that penetrated his chest.

Everyone was stunned, be it those from the East or the West. The so-called peerless Chilin had actually been defeated with grievous wounds.

The warriors from the Western camp were just making fun of Chu Feng not long ago. They had thought that this would be an anticlimactic and one-sided battle, with Chilin easily slaughtering Chu Feng—a unilateral beat down!

But, all the spectators were petrified when the two became tangled in an intense melee. They felt a chill ran down to their spine and didn’t recover for quite some time.

Chilin had encountered a great defeat and his blood painted the battlefield!

"How could Chilin, a true dragon, lose?" Even now, some people were finding it difficult to believe. They were not willing to accept this fact.

A dragon was a race that reigned supreme over the other species. Even in legends and mythology, they represented strength and were lifeforms capable of challenging the gods.

Chilin had never been defeated since birth and had many titles like the fire god, little tyrant, etc. That was because in every battle, he would sweep through his opponents like pulling out dried and rotten weeds.

"Why did Demon King Chu become so strong?!" People were mumbling in the Western Camp, their faces pale from the shock of Chilin’s defeat.

Many people in the outside world were overwhelmed after seeing the livestream.

"He’s actually able to defeat a dragon! So powerful!"

"What did I just see? A dragon was sent flying!"

Chu Feng strode through the battlefield. He was tall, agile and possessed brilliant yet intimidating eyes that penetrated the soul. Within him was a dormant power comparable to a hidden dragon.

He closed in towards the wounded Chilin.

"Ah…" Chilin let out a great roar at this point—still laying on the ground and bathed in his own blood, he raised his head and glared with terrifying eyes.

He was filled with resentment and murderous intent. Why had he lost? He could not accept this outcome.

Chu Feng approached, his glowing body enshrouded in a radiant mist and emanated terrifying energy fluctuations.

Chu Feng did not lower his guard even with such an advantage. The enemy was, after all, a Western Dragon, and it was unclear what sort of trump card he had hidden.

"Chu Feng!"

Chilin roared as he clambered up. The bloody hole on his chest fiercely contracted and progressively decreased in size before it was finally healed.

A special talisman flashed upon the wound, to the astonishment of many, before finally disappearing into his body.

The people from the Eastern camp couldn’t help but gasp in terror. This Chilin was ridiculously powerful—who among their camp would be his match if they had to switch places?

Now, he had revived once again, even displaying a terrifying scene to behold.

"As expected of the dragon race. Their constitution is amazing, almost immortal." The people from the Western camp were pleasantly surprised.

However, people like Schiller and the Elder Lion King did not speak.

Chu Feng was as calm and fearless as ever, and rightly so because he had sensed that the Chilin King had paid no small price just to seal that bloody wound.

Chilin’s countenance was pale; his eyes betrayed his resentment and anger.

He was so confident and conceited before the battle began, not even placing Chu Feng in his eyes at all, but in the end, he was the one who had received such grievous wounds.

"You dare to invade the East with such meager talent?" said Chu Feng.

Chilin’s expression turned ugly and his body trembled in fury; apparently, these words had cut deep into his wounds. When had a powerful member of the dragon race ever been looked down in this manner?

It was supposed to be him looking down on the various races, and yet, he had completely humiliated himself today, to the point where he was ridiculed before the experts of both camps.

Scarlet light soared from his body as his bloodstained hair danced in the wind. With a roar, he released a frightening energy fluctuation; what little thought he had of retreating was now gone.

"I’ll kill you!"

As Chilin raved, traces of blood seeped out of his pores and were ignited into a radiant blaze. He had utilized a forbidden technique to force his wounded body to recover to its peak state!


The draconic cries shook the skies as he rushed over like a scarlet comet falling towards the earth. A terrifying aura emanated from him—a power that could destroy the earth and skies.

Chilin swiftly ran, and wherever his powerful steps landed, the earth would crack and fracture.

His fist started to glow resplendently at that moment, akin to the brilliance and majesty of the sun. He smashed forward with all his might, hoping to take out Chu Feng with this single strike.

"You’ve already lost. I have no time to play with you!" Chu Feng coldly replied.

He circulated his special breathing technique and activated the Demon Ox Fists. The fist intent materialized behind him in the form of a primordial ox, majestic and imposing, accompanied by many visual anomalies.

It was as if this jet black ox was standing in the primordial world, staring out at the starry skies. It strode onto the void, poised on destroying the whole universe.


An intense explosion resounded from the collision of the two adversaries, causing countless beams of light to burst out from their midst.


Chilin was, once again, sent flying, coughing up large amounts of blood. It was evident that he was not a match for his opponent—he had thoroughly lost, just as Chu Feng stated.

Chilin crashed into a mountain several hundred meters away with a loud thump after being sent flying by Chu Feng’s materialized fist intent. The mountain collapsed and dust clouds filled the sky.

Chu Feng chased him down for the kill, leaving only an afterimage where he stood.

There were no hesitations; he would slaughter this dragon in one strike.

He ran extremely fast, with his long hair flying behind him, and in an instant, he had arrived before his quarry. Although he did not reveal his maximum speed at four times that of sound, his speed still exceeded everyone’s imagination.


He stomped down with his divine feet!

Chilin evaded and launched a counterattack; brilliant lights burst forth from their exchange.


The earth had split open beneath Chu Feng's divine feet. Fragmented earth and rock shot out in all directions, revealing a deep pit where he landed.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Chilin defended with all his might, utilizing his arms and legs to block the incoming blows. His face revealed a pained expression as he clenched his teeth in frustration.

How is this possible? Unbelievable!

The dragon race’s constitution and physique were extremely strong, yet now, he was being completely suppressed by this enemy who seemed to have been refined from divine iron. With every exchange, his bones and tendons were on the verge of breaking.

Chilin felt extremely humiliated. A dragon was being suppressed by a human before the masses!


Chu Feng struck out and sent Chilin flying once again, coughing up large amounts of blood.

At the same time, Chu Feng tore through the void with a single step and caught up to him. He pressed Chilin onto the ground with a single stomp, causing the latter’s chest to collapse with blood squirting out wildly.

The Western camp was in an uproar. The people couldn’t accept that such a mighty dragon had lost and was being beaten up miserably and without restraint.

The Black Dragon’s expression turned dark and solemn. He began emanating a frightening aura and was on the verge of making a move. A member of the dragon race being suppressed so brutally caused him to lose all face.

However, a powerful energy diffusely spread out from the opposing camp and was locked onto him. If he dared to make a move, a life and death battle between the two peerless experts would ensue!

At this time, Chilin was like a scarecrow being thrashed around by Chu Feng. He was flung about several times, receiving several serious wounds and multiple fractures.

Chu Feng wanted to swiftly end the battle, but Chilin would always evade at the critical moment.


Chu Feng’s leg swept out in a kick that deformed Chilin’s face. His lower jaw had fractured, adding to the latter’s shock and fury. His eyes were red as he let out a draconic bellow that shook the earth and the sky.

He revealed his true form and unfurled his wings. He hovered in the air and frantically spat flames towards Chu Feng. The attack covered the earth and skies, melting down the battlefield.

He had been forced into a corner and had to morph into his gigantic dragon body in order to strike back. However, the effect was minimal—his strength in both forms was fairly similar.

He had transformed because he had been pushed into a corner with no way to turn things around—the dragon form would facilitate an escape should the need arise.

Flames raged and the whole battlefield had turned into a sea of magma. Chilin knew that it was insufficient to deal with this opponent; how could such a powerful opponent succumb to incineration?

Perhaps it was time to retreat; being ridiculed was still better than dying. Chilin was considering escape.

"Weren’t you saying that you would immediately teach Chu Feng how to conduct himself? Could it be that you’re thinking about fleeing?!"

Some people from the Eastern camp had seen through his intentions and mocked in loud voices. They wanted to incite him to stay and fight.

Chilin felt his face burning and was extremely frustrated.

He had declared that he would teach Chu Feng how to behave long before the latter arrived at the Vatican, but now, it was him who had fallen into such a condition. This was extremely humiliating—it was as if someone had smacked him in the face.

The people from the Western camp had no way to retort in support of the Chilin King and could only maintain their silence.

At this moment, Chilin’s gigantic body was scarlet red and bleeding all over. He was emanating scarlet mist, and even his scales reflected the same color. He appeared burly and powerful, with an explosive energy contained within.

Against any other entity, Chilin was confident that he could sweep through all king level enemies simply by depending on his strong physique.

But when he faced Chu Feng, he lost all his fighting spirit. The larger his body was, the easier it would be to become a target for this human’s powerful blows. He would be better off fighting in human form.

"Roar… Chu Feng. I’ve noted this debt—sooner or later, I will come to settle this!"

The red dragon roared in fury as he spread his wings and was on the verge of flying away. Being a dragon, he was faster and more violent than the other races.

He knew it was a great humiliation and that he would become a laughingstock, but survival took precedence over such matters.

"I’ve told you that you’re my prey. How deluded are you to think you can run away?" Chu Feng calmly spoke as an arc of electricity appeared in his left hand and began to accumulate intensively to form a terrifying long spear.


The spear shot out, backed by the power of four severed shackles. This was the first time he was able to utilize the full power of this attack since obtaining it.

The spear formed from electricity shone brighter than the sun as it tore through the skies. Chilin wouldn’t be able to evade the pursuit of lightning even if he was much faster!

The attack had caught up in the blink of an eye!

This bolt of lightning, in the form of a spear, shook the experts from both camps.


The electric spear pierced a hole through Chilin’s massive body, spraying blood everywhere, followed by a huge explosion.


Chilin miserably cried out as he spiraled onto the ground. A bloody hole had burst in his chest, and its size was too large for him to close!


The great earth violently shook as the Chilin King dropped into the pool of magma on the ground. At that moment, great cracks spread out in every direction.

Chu Feng had rushed forth before everyone had the time to react. With a thumping punch, he had pierced through Chilin’s skull and ended his life.

Furious roars resounded across the Western camp.

The Black Dragon wanted to make a move, but a powerful golden light appeared from the Eastern camp and restrained his explosive aura.


Chu Feng dragged the gigantic corpse and ran back into the Eastern camp at full speed. It wasn’t difficult to imagine the power required to drag such a colossal carcass.

The Black Dragon, the Elder Lion, Fanlin and Schiller all wanted to take action but they found that tremendously powerful auras had locked onto them individually.

The battle of the apex existences was imminent!

"This is so satisfying!"


Laughter rang out from the Eastern camp; everyone was feeling content. Such a huge Western dragon had actually been slaughtered by Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was also quite satisfied with the outcome because the dragon’s body itself was a treasure, and there was something on the dragon’s body that he needed especially!

The spectators of the livestream were all momentarily petrified before breaking out in a huge uproar.

"What did I just see? The slaughtering of a dragon had truly taken place before my eyes. Someone had slaughtered a Western dragon!"

"The boss is really too fierce. Not only did he return alive, but he also slaughtered a dragon!" The clairaudient Ouyang Qing and the others were all cheering joyfully.

The old man Lu Tong was as delighted as he was excited. "That smelly brat is so wasteful. How could he just let dragon blood drip out onto the ground?"

"Luoshen, were you watching the livestream? That man looks just like Chu Feng. He’s actually… slaughtering a dragon!" Xia Qianyu contacted Jiang Luoshen excitedly.

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