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Chilin’s long red hair lustrously flowed as he stood tall and straight. With his fair skin, tall nose, and slightly sallow eyes, it could be said that he was handsome.

He looked like a javelin rooted in the battlefield with his brilliant armor as his gaze swept across the Eastern camp with an imposing aura.

"Be careful. It appears that he has unlocked his bloodline inheritance and is able to use the Western Dragons’ breathing technique," the Elder Ape reminded Chu Feng from behind.

Chu Feng nodded before walking out onto the battlefield, his waist-length hair flowing resplendently behind him. His body looked as if it was refined from divine gold. He steadily walked out, emanating an immortal divine splendor along with vigorous blood energy.

Chilin stood unmoving as he raised a finger at Chu Feng and said, "You dare come and throw away your life!"

His tone was full of arrogance as he calmly looked at Chu Feng through the corner of his eyes. Cold and ostentatious, he did not treat Chu Feng as a true opponent at all.

An uproar resounded from the Eastern camp from the many dissatisfied king level experts, including the two oxen. That Western dragon is certainly arrogant!

Chu Feng only glared at him without a single word. His true form is a western dragon, huh? After the world started its revival, he was able to evolve from a fire lizard into a Western dragon, and this was all due to his partial ancient dragon bloodline.

"I haven’t hunted a dragon before," Chu Feng unhurriedly spoke, as he arrived at the scene.

Chilin’s red hair was extremely eye-catching. Actually, his whole body was glowing and surrounded by red mist. A majestic flow of vitality laid dormant within his body while his dragon spiritual blood emanated a terrifying energy fluctuation.

Rays of light akin to flashes of lightning would shoot out from his eyes when he blinked. With an indifferent smile hanging on the corner of his mouth, he said, "An imbecile who doesn’t know the vastness of this world."

He had finally started moving, one step at a time. His whole body was emitting an incomparably frightening blood energy that caused the whole battlefield to tremble.

A dragon’s stride! He was actually a gigantic entity despite his current human form.

"Even the Golden Lion did not dare to disrespect me when he was alive. What gives you the right to act so unbridled before me?!" Chilin steadily approached.

He looked at Chu Feng with a discerning eye and was extremely tyrannical. He had a fearless and irreverent expression on his face; he claimed that Chu Feng was not worthy of being compared to him.

Many king level experts were laughing and nodding in the Western camp.

"A member of the dragon race such as brother Chilin should possess this kind of indomitable and tyrannical attitude. Suppress that Demon King Chu and let him know how large the gap is!"

Many experts in the Eastern camp were furious. They stood on Chu Feng’s side even though they were not personally acquainted.

Even the people who were spectating the livestream felt fairly resentful, not to mention the Kunlun warriors. That so-called Western dragon was truly too domineering.

It especially came as a pleasant surprise for the Easterners to discover that Chu Feng had, in fact, survived. However, they all lost their current smiles upon seeing the situation on the battlefield. Everyone was furious and indignant.

"You look quite good." Chu Feng nodded with an odd glint in his eyes. It was as if he was looking at a potential quarry.

As expected, he added, "I like this kind of game!"

Chilin did not become infuriated but rather maintained his cold expression. He looked at Chu Feng disdainfully and said, "Before you even appeared at the Vatican, I’ve told you before that the moment I see you, I will immediately teach you how to behave. This promise still holds."

This was arrogance and conceit! He actually did not consider Chu Feng as an adversary. His expression became frosty. "Remember, I came to kill you and not for a so-called showdown—you don’t have the qualifications for that!"

These words were simply too tyrannical. It would make the opponent feel upset and uncomfortable no matter who it was.

Chu Feng was no exception. This Western dragon is too insolent! No matter how strong he is, does he think he is unparalleled?

The people in the Western camp, however, were nodding in agreement as if it was a fact. They believed that Chilin’s attitude was just as it should be since he had the power to back it up.

Many people believed that Chilin was more frightening than the Golden Lion King if they were of the same realm. After all, he possessed an ancient dragon bloodline!

Chu Feng had a cold gaze as he spoke, "Let me teach you how to behave today. Otherwise, it would be hard for you play the human with your beastly nature. The transformation can only temporarily hide your ugly lizard form."


A huge battle ensued.

Chilin was extremely fast as he rushed over in a flash of divine light.

Taking a single step forward, he disappeared from the spot, arrived before Chu Feng, and struck out with a fist enshrouded in red mist.

The single terrifying fist strike caused the air to explode, the force sufficient to shatter a mountaintop! Any other expert with four or five severed shackles would definitely be unable to withstand such a blow. They would be pounded into a bloody mist.

Chilin wanted to swiftly defeat Chu Feng with a single thunderous attack and establish his might in the East-West battlefield, using blood and iron to announce his power!

Chu Feng did not dodge at all. He quickly utilized the Demon Ox Fists. With his right hand sparkling, he met the incoming attack head-on with his own. Similarly, his attack broke the sound barrier and caused the air to explode!

The battleground was as if it had become a field of thunderbolts—the sound was deafening!

The people from the Eastern camp were incomparably anxious, afraid that Chu Feng would not be able to block the Western Dragon’s powerful blow.

The people in the Western camp, however, were all relaxed and chatting away happily. None of them believed that Chu Feng would be able to rival the Chilin King. Chu Feng was not even at the same level.

Schiller was the only exception. His gaze was frosty as suspicion gnawed at him from within.

The Elder Ape from the Great Woods Temple had already locked onto him. If he dared to make an indiscriminate move, the Elder Ape would immediately intervene and confront him.


Amidst thunderous explosions, the whole battlefield was in turmoil. It was as if two epicenters were placed in close proximity; the two men clashed repeatedly as terrifying beams of light flew out from their midst.

Their fists were like two blazing suns, bursting with brilliant lights that shot out in all directions. The terrifying beams, numbering in the tens of thousands, caused people to be unable to open their eyes.

The outflow of their fearsome power caused their hair to wildly dance behind them. Their fists came into contact with each other, powered by the full potential of their strength, producing repeated thunderous explosions.

How is this possible?!

The people from the Western camp were all shaken. The fist strike, empowered by Chilin’s tyrannical draconic bloodline, was actually stopped by Chu Feng, and it was even in a direct clash!

The people were all wide-eyed and puzzled. They could hardly believe this!

They were originally very relaxed, but now everyone had solemn expressions.


The earth split apart and huge waves of rocks and earth surged outward in a wide area. Tons of earth and rocks were sent flying into the air due to the shock wave caused by the residual energy of their fists.


They each retreated momentarily before launching even more terrifying attacks.

Within the resplendent lights, the two figures were embroiled in an intense melee. Their swiftly moving figures were no longer distinct as they merged into the brilliant radiance.

Only two silhouettes were visible. They continuously exchanged blows, bursting with dazzling lights akin to interweaving bolts of lightning.

This was like a divine battle!

This kind of power was incomprehensible to normal people. Whenever their feet landed on the ground, they would cause the landscape to collapse and shatter. Their speed was simply too fast.


Chilin furiously roared as his incomparably powerful energy was blocked. It seemed he was unable to immediately finish off the opponent he had been greatly disdainful of.

"Dragon and Tiger Contend for Hegemony!" Chu Feng growled as he utilized the ultimate move of the Xingyi Fists. Images of an Eastern dragon and tiger appeared between his hands and rushed out towardS Chilin.

This was a physical attack; the dormant energy within his body had taken the shape of a dragon and tiger. They were extremely vivid and carried a supremely powerful aura, which caused the roars of tigers and dragons to reverberate across the battlefield.


The impact against the entangled dragon and tiger sent Chilin flying for a distance before staggering to a halt. His eyes were frosty as he flung his red hair back, his whole body glowing with red mist.

His aura explosively grew, shattering the earth and rocks in the vicinity. One could hear the roar of dragons within this terrifying field.

Many rocks were lifted off the ground and hovered in the air as an intimidating amount of blood energy fluctuations suffused the surroundings.

Two strands of light flowed from his nostrils and mouth as he adjusted the rhythm of his breathing. This was the ancient inheritance gained from awakening his draconic bloodline, an extremely powerful breathing technique.

The warriors from both camps, especially those from the East, were greatly alarmed. They were able to sense his strength. He was definitely a terrifying dragon race warrior!

The Chilin King was extremely dangerous. A red glow spilled out of his eyes, and from several hundred meters away, he suddenly appeared before Chu Feng and struck out with his fist.


The fist carried a scarlet divine light akin to lightning. It carried an indomitable power belonging to his realm that even the Golden Lion King would have to envy.

Even without coming into contact with his fist, the earth had started to crack and collapse as if it had been struck by a meteor. What a terrifying scene!

Chu Feng was fearless because he had long since activated his special breathing technique. White mist circulated between his nasal passages as his whole body was enshrouded in a translucent radiance. It was as if he was refined from divine metal.

Even inch of his body and even his hair were emitting brilliant lights. An intimidating flash shot out from his eyes while the dormant energy within his body was explosively released.

"I’ll kill you!"

Chilin was glowing as if he was enshrouded by solar lights. With a powerful destructive force, he swept towards Chu Feng for a direct confrontation.

Chu Feng was completely unabashed; the special breathing technique complemented his expert Demon Ox Fists. With his whole body enshrouded in divine radiance, he appeared to be burning.

The two started to exchange blows once more at lightning speed—it was like a clash between two vast mountains. The terrifying sounds shocked many of the king level entities who were spectating, causing most of them to tremble in fear.


Chilin used up all of his energy to call forth a blazing light that was hundreds of meters tall, with which he launched a decisive fist strike that would shatter Chu Feng and end the battle.

The air trembled and the earth quaked and collapsed, forming a large hole. The two traversed hundreds of meters in the blink of an eye and crashed into each other.


Fresh blood spurted out in all directions from amidst the dazzling lights. A bloody figure was sent flying before crashing into the earth three hundred meters away.

"How could this be?!"

The people from the Western camp were all shaken because the bloody figure was unexpectedly Chilin and not Chu Feng.

Chu Feng’s stood radiantly within the battlefield, emanating an immortal aura. Despite the tattered clothes, he was unharmed.

He looked down at Chilin and sneered, "The so-called dragon race is merely so-so!"

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