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At this moment, Chu Feng’s eyes were burning. He had finally met a strong warrior with a large enough build. With a swoosh, Chu Feng dashed forward and swiftly attacked.

The warrior, whose name was House, felt thoroughly uneasy and scared. His opponent's eyes were glowing with green light, while his expression was that of incomparable longing.

House suspected that this opponent was somewhat abnormal. It was as if a demon had locked onto a peerless beauty, his craving absolutely unconcealed.

"Go to hell!"

House roared; he could no longer stand that look. With his vitality surging and palms shining with ferocious light akin to a small sun, he sallied forth to confront Chu Feng.


It was as if two volcanos had clashed together; rolling waves of intense heat swept out from their midst and formed a tornado. The whirlwinds drew in large rocks and caused them to explode in midair.

The two swiftly separated, putting ten odd meters of distance between them. A dark crevice had formed on the ground where they had clashed, truly a terrifying sight to behold.

Chu Feng was surprised. He had deliberately suppressed his strength so as to avoid drawing the attention of the experts.

Even so, it was difficult for normal experts to withstand his attacks.

The tall and sturdy man was also surprised. He appeared large but was definitely not the amiable type. He had long since severed his fourth shackle; he was a powerful expert who had been hiding his true aura all along. Only at the critical juncture did he draw out all of his power in a decisive attack, hoping to take out the enemy in one blow.

In the end, he was greatly disappointed and shocked.

Chu Feng laughed; stronger prey made for better ingredients. Suddenly, he was attacked by the pangs of hunger, but this time, he was no longer worried. The more he looked at this adversary, the more he liked him.

"You homosexual pervert, I’ll definitely kill you!" House’s brown hair danced in the wind behind him. His cold eyes could not stand Chu Feng’s gaze.

Especially when he saw Chu Feng almost drooling, he felt a shiver throughout his body.

Chu Feng was laughing happily just now but after hearing those words, his smile froze. Perhaps this young master has been misunderstood?!

If he could even endure this, what else cannot be? Chu Feng was furious. He rushed forward in haste, eager to give this brute a lesson.

House had an even less favorable impression of Chu Feng. His face was almost dripping with gloominess as he mustered all his power, hoping to kill the latter in a single blow.

The two exchanged blows, once again forming an energy tempest. Sands and rocks were sent flying as clouds of dust rose to the sky. At the moment, the howling of the wind was like the mournful cry of a beast horde.

Outside the battlefield, many people were moved. These two combatants were extremely powerful!

Finally, Chu Feng could take it no longer. He had suppressed himself all along and had refused to bring out his cards, hoping to use them at a more critical juncture to surprise those old bastards.

If he was seen dragging away the corpse of such a powerful warrior after the first exchange, it would definitely draw the attention of Schiller, the Black Dragon and the rest.

Admittedly, this House was quite powerful. Even those among the Western camp were thoroughly surprised. No one knew that he was a warrior with four severed shackles.

Even among those of the same level, he was quite a well-known figure.


House was furious. He had failed to kill the enemy even after he used his trump card.

"Pervert, go to hell!" House roared, his brown hair danced behind him as he moved like lightning, fiery lights flashing on his body.

He appeared incomparably divine, like a god of light who had walked out of a mythological world. He was emanating powerful energy fluctuations as light surged several hundred meters into the sky.

At this moment, the earth had melted down into pools of magma. Waves of scarlet, tens of meters tall, swept forth in a powerful attack.

This was a god-like ability that even contained traces of solar essence and was greatly terrifying. It was sufficient to immolate a king level expert.

"He’s that powerful?"

Many people from both camps were astonished.

The expressions of the two oxen changed after observing this scene. At first, they had wanted to go out and do battle, but Chu Feng beat them to it. Hence, they could only sit by the side and observe.

Chu Feng was still fearless and cheerful; he penetrated the waves with a single punch and closed in for the kill. The whole area was immediately covered in divine flames.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

After successive clashes, the whole area was on the verge of collapse. The ground was flooded with restless magma which rose into waves and targeted Chu Feng repeatedly.

House had a frightening look in his eyes; he could not believe that he was unable to burn this opponent to a crisp.

He was suspended in the air like a fire god, standing upon a scarlet wave of magma. From there, he was able to control the waves below in a continuous assault.

The king level expert’s unrestrained energy swept down onto his potential victim.

Chu Feng circulated his special breathing technique. His whole body was covered in translucent radiance as he bathed in the flames that contained traces of solar essence.

He did not fear the waves of lava as he advanced swiftly to end the fight—he was not willing to drag this out any longer.


He pierced the magma with a single punch, scattering the blazing flames and leapt into the air towards House.

In the distance, the reporters and agents of various countries were dumbfounded. They had almost become petrified. To them, this battle appeared almost surreal.

One had to know that the area was originally solid ground and there were no volcanoes around. Yet now, flames and lava covered the earth and sky. Similar to an apocalypse, it was absolutely terrifying.

Everyone in the outside world who saw the livestream was also shocked. It was as if a battle from the Tonggu Era was being replayed before them.

"Doesn’t that person look like Chu Feng?"

In the outside world, many people were shaken after seeing his familiar appearance.

How could a dead man be revived?

Many people were unable to fully confirm their suspicions because although the stream was live, the distance was too far to be able to clearly discern their appearance.

Moreover, that Eastern man possessed long radiant hair that grew down to his waist, sparkling in the sun. He was rather different from the Chu Feng they remembered.

There was no way he could have grown his hair so long within such a short while. Additionally, the distance caused his face to be a bit blurry.

The roaring magma had almost melted the whole area. It was a sea of red as if the earth had collapsed, revealing hell below with its sea of fire.


Chu Feng flashed forward and knocked out his opponent with a single punch before running away with the body.

He decided that he had dragged out long enough with his suppressed strength and it was time to clean up the show.

The group of kings in the Eastern camp was all dumbfounded. Was he at it again? Seeing Chu Feng’s burning eyes, they felt a bit odd—they all wanted to laugh but no laughter came out.

"Stop him!"

The group of kings in the Western Camp was in an uproar. Some of them shot out dazzling beams of light, but they were all too late.

At this time, Chu Feng’s eyes were burning as he ran at top speed. He was prepared to go back and lay out a feast, finally solving the problem of his raging hunger.

Although House had been captured, he was still alive. Seeing Chu Feng’s delighted expression, he could not help but shiver in terror.

"You pervert, kill me now!" House roared—he was truly afraid now.

"It’s best prepared fresh!" Chu Feng replied.

"Pervert!" House cried in misery.

The enraged cries and curses of those in the Western camp came through continuously. Some of them had charged out to rescue their comrade but were all one step too late.

The two oxen brought up the rear and retreated alongside Chu Feng.

Before long, a bright fire had risen once again from the Kunlun side as Chu Feng prepared to roast meat. The other beast kings like the Snow Panther King came up to help him with the preparations, filling the camp with laughter and good cheer.

The bright bonfire behind the battlefield added to the beauty of the landscape.

"Ah, you wanted to eat me? I thought…" House cried out in misery as he realized that he had been overthinking it before. He thought that he had been captured by a pervert.

But his current fate was not much better and he was unresigned.


Chu Feng knocked him out with a single punch. Even Chu Feng would be reluctant to eat him in his human form.

"He’s a… rat?!"

House’s true form caused Chu Feng to be dumbfounded.

The others were also flabbergasted and could only stare blankly.

House’s true form was a gigantic rat almost as large as an elephant. His strong and burly body was several meters long, completely covered in long brown fur.

"Rat? I don’t feel like eating this!" Chu Feng gnashed his teeth.

He could accept it even if he were a snake, but he had some reservations about eating a rat.

"Lock him up as a prisoner of war."

The other kings were also speechless. They also felt this game was inedible and politely excused themselves.

"Release House!"

"Who from the East dares to fight with me?"

Someone issued a challenge.

A Western king level expert hovered in the air, emanating powerful king level aura with every flap of his wings.


Before anyone else had reacted, Chu Feng had pierced the sound barrier and reached the battlefield. Throwing all caution to the wind, he jumped into a melee with this avian beast king.

Emitting tyrannical arcs of electricity from his left hand, he brought down the challenger within a few moves. Dragging his potential meal, he then turned tail and ran without a word.

"Kill him!"

This time, the Black Dragon was thoroughly incensed; time and time again, this brat had disrupted the flow of battle, killing and capturing their experts as if the Western camp was empty. It was imperative that he be taught a lesson.

Schiller, however, was solemn as his vision focused on Chu Feng. Great waves surged in his heart as he pondered over his many suspicions.


No one would have thought that Schiller would personally make a move towards Chu Feng. A divine light struck out, akin to the sun traversing across the skies, drawing a brilliant trail as it hurtled towards Chu Feng.

"You’ve overstepped your bounds. Are you planning to disrupt the fair battle?" the Elder Ape rebuked, intervening immediately. Brilliant light gathered within his palms as the surging divine light tore through the distance and struck Schiller’s beam of light.

At that moment, Chu Feng had returned to camp. He was prepared to roast his newfound game, hoping there would be no surprises this time around.


Everybody was shocked; the sparrow’s body was extremely large. The atmosphere was greatly affected by Chu Feng’s enthusiasm for food as many king level experts arrived to join the barbeque. Before long, the fragrance of roasted meat began to spread out from their midst.

Everyone was speechless. Even those on the Kunlun side looked on with odd expressions, not to mention those in the Western camp.

Many on the other side were staring daggers. Murderous auras were surging—they all truly wanted to directly charge into the enemy camp. It was preposterous!

This was a battleground and yet, the fragrance of roasted meat was flowing out from the opposing camp.

"I’ve finally calmed the sequelae. The intense hunger has receded." Chu Feng let out a satisfied sigh.

He discovered that the atmosphere was somewhat odd. A large group of experts had been infected by his influence and had all gathered here to enjoy a wonderful snack.

"Chu Feng, do you dare to fight me? I will kill you with just one arm!"

A thunderous voice resounded throughout the battlefield as a man stepped out from the crowd. His explosive aura was incomparably terrifying, and the earth shook every step he took. His whole body was emanating a surging draconic aura.

The Chilin King had made his appearance. Being a Western dragon who had severed five shackles, his power was terrifying.

Even before Chu Feng had gone to the Vatican, he had already established deep enmity with this Chilin King. He had been fairly disdainful of Chu Feng, claiming that the latter would be taught how to conduct himself if he dared to come to the Vatican.

It could be said that these two had old grievances.

Having eaten his fill, Chu Feng tossed the sparrow wings in his hand and stood up, his vision focused towards the distance.

The Elder Ape instructed, "No need to hold back. The battle between us and their high-level experts are also imminent. Kill that Western dragon and trample his tyrannical attitude."

"Very well!" Chu Feng nodded before briskly walking out.

The decisive battles were about to begin!

He was not worried at all. With experts such as the Elder Ape holding the line, it was evident that they had long since made preparations.

At this moment, Schiller was absolutely furious. Filled with wrath and misgivings, he repeatedly warned Chilin that it was imperative that he take down Chu Feng.

In the distance, the reporters and agents of various nations were astonished. Did they hear that it was Chu Feng? Finally, they were sure that this person was alive!

At the same time, many people watching the livestream let out gasps of astonishment. It really was Chu Feng. He was still alive and was even participating in the defense of Mount Kunlun.

Immediately, the whole world lost its calm!

— —

[1] A Bite of China is a Chinese documentary television series on the history of food, eating, and cooking in China


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