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Within the valley, Chu Feng was now stuffed. The lion meat was exquisite—one simply cannot grow tired of it. There was a special fragrance to it that diffused throughout one’s whole being during inspiration.

Moreover, it could strengthen one’s spiritual energy!

"Perhaps this can be considered a treasured medicine?" Chu Feng wondered; he discovered that the spiritual energy within him was growing increasingly vigorous after partaking the lion’s meat. He was in high spirits as he savored the boundless power within him.

Earlier, he had been wounded during the intense battle with the Golden Lion King, coughing up large amounts of blood. Although the special breathing technique stabilized him, allowing him to escape any permanent harm, his blood energy was still damaged somewhat.

However, now he had fully restored what he had lost and then even added some. It was so much that he could sense a vague potential of evolution.

"I’ll eat more at the next meal," Chu Feng murmured.

That night, the camp fire burned brightly as he continued to roast more lion meat for his dinner. This time, it was roasted golden and not cooked like the last time—he ate in large mouthfuls.

Chu Feng circulated his special breathing technique to regulate his increasing power. In this method, his realm readily stabilized so soon after severing his third shackle.

That night, he was still maintaining a high level of alertness. He had killed so many king level experts and was afraid that something big might be coming his way.

With a swoosh, Chu Feng left the main road and decided to rest in a secluded corner close to the valley. It was better to prevent accidents.

However, the night was peaceful and danger did not find him.

"If they still don’t come, I’ll leave soon," Chu Feng muttered. He felt that he could not and should not wait any longer. It was better to know when to withdraw.

With the passage of time, the beast kings in the outer world would surely be suspicious about those whom they had lost contact with. This could easily bring trouble for him.

Chu Feng went back to take a look at the valley; the whole area was littered with king level bones and debris. It was a horrifying sight—if anyone saw this, they would surely be frightened out of their wits.

He walked away with large strides, deciding to end his current killing spree.

Exiting the misty area, the air quickly became clear and the red sun could be seen just climbing up over the horizon shining upon the world with the spirit of dawn. Chu Feng circulated his breathing technique as he walked—his whole body was especially comfortable at this moment.

After the sun had fully risen, Chu Feng entered the nearest city and changed into a new set of clothes. With the recent battles being so intense, the clothes he had on him had more or less become torn and worn.

However, this problem can soon be solved. In the large bag on his back were the skin and leather obtained from the Earth Dragon, the Dhole King, and the Golden Lion King.

These materials, when made into armor, could surely be termed treasures. It would be a great waste to make them into simple clothes.

Chu Feng left the small town and, after much deliberation, went to the Eastern punitive expedition’s combat strength rankings page. There he left two photo comments; the first one was a roasted Earth Dragon and the next was the Grey Falcon’s wings.

When the photo was first posted, the people still didn’t get it and were slightly baffled. Because, they only saw pictures of the barbeque and not the actual carcass.

Following that, Chu Feng posted some more pictures.

This, however, was like opening a dam, causing the calm netizens to fall into a clamorous uproar.

In the photo, a gigantic black earth dragon with lustrous black scales had been killed. It had been cut open to reveal the sparkling flesh underneath. The photo had only one extraordinary caption, dragon.

In another photo, a Grey Falcon with metallic wings as hard as steel had been smashed through the rocks and into the ground. Its corpse lay there with blood stained all over.

These beasts had all been roasted into visibly delicious snacks and delicacies.

"Oh god, isn’t this the Earth Dragon and the Grey Falcon from the expedition’s combat strength rankings. They had actually been roasted into golden brown delights."

"Oh heavens, what am I seeing? The expert of Jerusalem has taken action? Only one night had passed and you’re already hungry? Oh god, this is too crazy!"

The people of the East and the West were all shocked.

Just last night, that fierce person had just been claiming that he was full, but now, the next morning, he was already roasting more meat. How heaven-defying was this person?

What swift action!

The two king-level entities had been attacked, killed and cooked; this caused everyone to be dumbfounded.

The people were all sweating in nervousness. This was a true monster who kept his word; he was certainly going to turn the combat strength rankings into his gourmet rankings!

Some people were delighted, some were intimidated, while some were cursing; this incident had caused a huge stir and countless people were discussing this matter with shock and awe.

The people felt that this fierce person was truly one of a kind. A simple conflict was enough to make him go around killing and eating. How could the Eastern expedition not feel apprehensive? The ones killed were actual king level experts!

At this time, the civilians and the corporate powers were all curious—just what was the identity of this mysterious fierce person? Was he really an apex expert who arose from Jerusalem?

The Eastern expedition was shocked to no small degree. This was an extremely bad news to them.

"Qiao Na, where are you?" The Black Dragon was alarmed. He called the communicators of Qiao Na and the Giant Dog, worried about their safety at the mysterious valley.

Unfortunately, it was all too late. One lady and one dog had long since been done in by Chu Feng.

Unable to establish communications, the Black Dragon’s expression sunk!

Under the combat strength rankings, countless people were leaving comments; with the giant Earth Dragon and the strong Grey Falcon murdered, the world was boiling over.

"This god is truly too ferocious; who would the next victim be? Is he really planning to build a gourmet ranking?"

"Oh great god of Jerusalem, we would like to represent the whole of the East to express our gratitude. Please come to Mount Kunlun with haste—we believe the Black Dragon and the Arctic King will make for a satisfying meal!"

Soon after he had thrown out the photos on the internet, he shut off his communicator and walked away.

"Eh?!" Suddenly, he saw a large life form fly across the skies with great flair. It kicked up whirlwinds as it flew right above the little town, towards the mountainous forests.

The citizens of the town all screamed in alarm. What was that? A huge vicious beast!

This was a large silver bat, well over ten meters long. It was carrying some people on its back as it flew towards the distant mountains; its attitude was absolutely unrestrained as it appeared so close to the human dwellings. Some kids were shocked and could not stop crying.

Chu Feng suddenly halted his steps and, suddenly remembering something, turned and ran towards the mountainous woods.

He realized that it was possible that the vampires had arrived!

Chu Feng’s speed was extremely fast and could easily catch up to them. Furthermore, these people were not going in the right direction; it appeared that they were not very familiar with the lay of the land and needed to do some searching before finding the mysterious valley.

Hence, before long, Chu Feng had already arrived at the valley in advance while the group ran circles in search of their destination.

Finally, they arrived. Seeing a man standing in their way, the silver bat swooped down violently almost planting itself on Chu Feng’s head.

Following that, it flew back up into the sky; this action was done intentionally.

"The person below, do you know the whereabouts of the misty valley?" a person on the bat arrogantly inquired.

Actually, if they advanced in that direction, they would soon see the valley. However, since they saw someone below, they naturally wanted to ask.

"An Easterner; this is interesting… don’t tell me he walked out from the misty valley?"

Those people on the boat possessed blue eyes, blonde hair, and fair skin; all of them looked handsome. It was as if they had not seen the sun for many years.

"Do the mutants of the East dare to step upon this soil? Haven’t we already pushed the front lines to their doors? Mount Kunlun would soon be lost, and yet this person dares to come over?" a person commented, smiling.

The people on the silver boat were all very confident. They wore arrogant expressions as they looked down on the Easterner below them.

"Vampires?" Chu Feng raised his head and stared at them. He had previously stayed his hand because he wanted to make sure he was killing the right people.

"You should refer to us as the divine race; we possess an ancient and noble bloodline. Compared to us, the blood flowing within your veins are greatly… unclean."

A man conceitedly corrected Chu Feng, claiming himself to be of a divine race.

"Is that so?" Chu Feng released the surging power within this body, no longer keeping it restrained. The blood energy dormant within his body spilled out like a vast ocean, suffusing the area with a terrifying aura.

His body shone, and frightening fluctuations enveloped the earth and sky, shaking the whole mountainous area!

The people above were all shocked. Especially the silver bat—it was trembling badly and almost fell from the sky.

"Are you looking to die?" a young man from above shouted.

However, a middle-aged man beside him pulled him back and indicated that he should stop speaking. Furthermore, he ordered the bat to fly upwards. He had a premonition that danger was about to befall them and was rather afraid.

However, it was already too late. After confirming their identities, Chu Feng did not waste any more time speaking as he released his scarlet flying knife with great swiftness.


The silver bat was immediately decapitated; its head dropped to the ground with a strike of the blade. Its large carcass followed as it landed with a boom, causing a gentle tremor to run through the ground.

Seven people in total landed on the ground. They were all in a miserable state, all of them angry and shocked.

There were both males and females among the seven blonde people; one was a king level expert, two were quasi-kings, and four were only mutants of the awakened realm.

Even though they were humans, these vampires believed themselves to be a divine race and had isolated themselves, denying any connection with the humans.

"Who are you?" that middle-aged man inquired after stabilizing himself. He had a good temperament befitting of a noble, impeccably attired in a formal and somewhat archaic fashion.

"Chu Feng"

"What?!" the middle-aged man exclaimed. He was a king level expert and was aware of the recent news and developments. Naturally, he knew who Chu Feng was.

This was too odd; a dead man had actually shown up. This caused him to be uneasy; his earlier arrogance had thoroughly disappeared.

"Isolating yourselves as a divine race? Why don’t you just admit that you’re mere vampires?" Chu Feng stared at the lot.

"This man is extremely dangerous. He should have already died at the Vatican and yet, here he is, alive and well. The recent incidents are all probably related to him, retreat at full speed!"

The middle-aged man shouted; he was the second most powerful expert among the Vampires, second only to the Vampire King. Naturally, he understood a lot of things.

Chu Feng did not want to waste more time talking with them; he directly released the scarlet flying knife together with his spiritual arts!

Pff, pff, pff, pff!

Within the blink of an eye, the four awakened realm vampires had all been decapitated.

Chu Feng did not feel the least guilty and was never soft-hearted when it came to these matters. This group of people had wanted to invade the Eastern lands and enter Mount Kunlun; they were, in fact, intruders.

"You dare?!" The middle-aged man was infuriated—his descendants were among the dead. This caused him to be greatly enraged as he transformed into a shadowy light that swiftly pounced at Chu Feng with bared silvery fangs.

However, just how many people, at this time, could be faster than Chu Feng?


Chu Feng countered with a fist which shattered the vampire’s arm and landed on his lower jaw, breaking his fangs and sending him flying with a deformed and dislocated jaw.


The scarlet flying knife rotated swiftly, killing the two remaining quasi-kings before making a sharp turn towards the king level vampire to take his head.

There and then, the group of vampires had all lost their lives to Chu Feng.

"It is a different era from the Eight-Nation Alliance’s invasion."

Chu Feng turned around and swiftly left, leaving the carnage behind him.

Up till now, everything had been greatly satisfactory; he had successfully executed all his killing plans.

Chu Feng decided to observe the current situation, and if there were no other opportunities to take advantage of, he would return to Mount Kunlun immediately.

That evening, Chu Feng got up yawning and stretching; he had taken a long nap during the afternoon. This was at a five-star hotel, so it was naturally not possible to stay here as an unregistered resident.

However, he felt that it wouldn’t be right to deprive himself of some comfort after all that work. And thus, he resorted to using some "unorthodox methods" to get himself a room.

Chu Feng cleaned himself and ate his fill before checking up on the internet.

The outside world was extremely turbulent; the Eastern punitive expedition had received a huge blow with the death of the Earth Dragon and the Grey Falcon.

"Don’t let me see you, or else I’ll tear you apart!" the Black Dragon roared, announcing his intention for revenge.

The killed and roasted Earth Dragon was someone of the same race, and the Black Dragon viewed this as a humiliation. It was as if someone was challenging his prestige.

"Stop it with the groundless drivel." Chu Feng had reappeared, posting thus under the combat strength rankings.

Additionally, he posted another set of pictures; they showed the giant dog being skinned and roasted.

This was a blatant challenge towards the Black Dragon.

"The giant dog tasted quite good," the caption read.

At this moment, not to mention the Eastern punitive expedition, all the major powers were unable to sit down. Just who was this powerful person? Was it truly an expert from Jerusalem.

But, Jerusalem didn’t have any conflicts with the Eastern expedition. There was no need to fight to the death in this manner.

This caused many people to be suspicious; they all felt that something was off and that there was more to this than meets the eye.

The Black Dragon roared in fury, shaking the whole of Mount Kunlun.

"That winged lizard has been thoroughly incensed." The black yak laughed, greatly satisfied.

Before long, Schiller announced, "I don’t care who you are. Just punishment must be served for such wanton killing!"

First, it was Ovidius and the White Bear, then it was the Earth Dragon and the Grey Falcon, now the giant dog was also dead. From two to three, all of these king level experts were killed by a single person: the negative impact was too great on the Eastern expedition.

"You allowed your own home base to be decimated. A desperate and ownerless dog like you has the nerve to reprimand others?" Chu Feng mercilessly retorted, without a shred of fear.

He then posted another photo under the Eastern expedition’s combat strength rankings. It was Qiao Na of the Holy See.

Schiller trembled in fury.

All the others were momentarily dumbfounded before breaking into heated discussions.

"Oh deity, you are too powerful. Causing whoever tries to warn you to choke by sending them pictures of their dead subordinates, you are too formidable!" a group of people cried out.

Whether it was normal civilians, corporate powers or the monsters of Mount Kunlun, everyone became silent momentarily; this man was truly a celestial being!

"Enough!" The Elder Vampire stood out at the critical juncture and warned with all solemnity, "Even if you do come from Jerusalem, it won’t be easy to escape the grasp of all the Western King level experts!"

Someone exclaimed, "Oh god, another leader with six severed shackles has issued a warning. Deity, do you have any more shocking materials to release?"

Chu Feng subbed his chin and did not immediately reply. If all of these apex experts came together, the East would surely be in trouble.

"How is this possible? Has the deity gone silent? Could he be afraid?"

Some people were discussing this matter and felt that this expert had offended too many experts. From the Arctic King, the Black Dragon and Schiller to the Vampire King, it was probably time to exercise some restraint.

"You old bloodsucking bat, shut up!"

However, Chu Feng’s reply quickly appeared.

Following that, he posted the pictures of the seven dead vampires.

Within an ancient castle in England, after seeing the pictures, the old vampire’s golden hair lit up like raging flames, shooting resplendent lights everywhere as he jumped up.

The outside world was boiling over with excitement. This deity was too ferocious and formidable!

Whoever dares to threaten him, he would post photos of their unfortunate subordinates. What a frightening person.

"Who is still unconvinced?" This time, Chu Feng himself actively issued the challenge. Whichever great expert tries to warn him, he would retort with a slap to their mouth.

He still had the photos of the Golden Lion King, the Dhole King and the Vulture King in his hands. One of them was cooked, one was roasted, and one was thrown into the rubbish.

"Would the Lion King dare to speak up? Why had all the apex experts stopped speaking?"

"This deity is truly unrestrained and arrogant. Could it be that he still has more shocking materials?"

The people were left guessing.

Finally, the Elder Lion King made his appearance.

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