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The Golden Lion King was bathed in his own blood, gasping for air. With all hope lost, his heart was filled with bitterness and resentment; he had actually lost on a direct and fair confrontation.

At the moment, he had lost all of his strength; his chest had been pierced, and his innards were fragmented. It was evident that he did not have long to live.

He coughed up large amounts of blood as even more poured out from the wound on his chest. Within the scarlet of his blood, there were strands of light gold flowing within, containing exuberant vitality. However, he had lost too much, and there was no way to stop it.

"You are extremely powerful, but you will die all the same." The Golden Lion King’s voice was almost a whisper. He firmly believed that the Elder Lion King would avenge him, and an angry Elder Lion King was an unparalleled fighting force.

"Eh?" Chu Feng raised his head and saw, in the distance, the vulture king unfurling his wings.

With the Golden Lion King lying in defeat, the group of people at the back were scared out of their wits. The person whom they believed was unparalleled in the same realm had actually been defeated and was about to lose his life. How could they not be afraid?

Earlier, they had believed that the Golden Lion King would win in the end; warriors from their lineage would surge with explosive fighting power when they went berserk. It was expected that this human challenger would meet his end at that time.

Who would’ve guessed that, even after the Golden Lion King went berserk, although he was able to wound Chu Feng and make him cough up blood, the former himself would also be wounded badly?

That Demon King Chu was even more frightening!

"Where do you think you’re going?!" Chu Feng rushed out with a boom. But, before leaving, he didn’t forget to clean up the current business; he stomped on the lion king’s skull with his left foot, effectively preventing any chance of revival.

He had heard of too many odd methods from Yellow Ox; some of these were able to revive those who had died for several days.

The earth, at present, was full of ancient inheritances and fortunes for the taking. It was hard to say who had obtained miraculous fortunes and secret methods; prevention is always better than cure.

"Run, Demon King Chu is coming!"

The ones in the most panic were, of course, the quasi-kings at the back. They had firmly believed that the Golden Lion King was unparalleled. No one had anticipated such an outcome.

Some quasi-kings were, of course, more intelligent than the others and had hidden themselves far away, afraid that Chu Feng would come and kill them.

Merely, these crafty, quasi-kings had underestimated Chu Feng’s strength. With his powerful spiritual sense, he was able to detect the vitality of all powerful entities within several miles radius.

Chu Feng increased his speed and was becoming faster and faster. He surpassed the speed of sound by several times and directly collided with those quasi-kings, effectively killing them tyrannically.

His king level body was extremely terrifying as he directly broke through to four times the speed of sound. Crashing at that speed was as if a sacred mountain had smashed onto them.

Thump! Thump! Thump…

Miserable screams filled the air; even beings as powerful as quasi-kings were unable to withstand the onslaught of the tyrannical Chu Feng. Some were wounded, some were dead, and some were sent flying while spraying blood in the air.

Not to mention them, even if a small mountain was blocking the way, Chu Feng could easily fragment it with a stomp. His whole body was encased in mysterious energy and was as powerful as he was terrifying.


Chu Feng released his flying knife and slashed down towards the flying Vulture King. The knife tore through the air at extreme speeds and chased down the avian swiftly.

Unfortunately, the Vulture King had flown out of his effective radius. The scarlet knife spun in midair and returned after making a sharp turn.

The Vulture King was frightened to the point of sweating all over. At first, he had no fear, thinking that he could successfully escape at any time, however, he never thought that Demon King Chu’s speed would be so terrifying.

This speed was even much faster than during the fight with the Golden Lion King—this caused the Vulture King to be nervous.

"Chu Feng, today you killed the Golden Lion King. You are destined not to live much longer; I will personally report this matter and ask the Elder Lion King to take action immediately and take your life!" the Vulture King shouted as he fearfully raised his speed to the limit.

However, Chu Feng was extremely calm on the ground. He was still running at full speed, reaching astonishing speeds; the trees and shrubbery on the roadside were all ground into fragments.

He was still giving chase without any intention of slowing down.

The Vulture King was now truly afraid; if he had been one step slower just now, he would’ve been killed. He escaped towards the west, raising his speed and climbing as high as he could.

"I will tell the world that you flattened the Vatican and roasted the White Bear. At that time, Schiller and the Arctic King will definitely come for you. At that time, there will be no road to heaven and no door to hell, you will have no place to bury your corpse!" the Vulture King threatened.

However, very soon, he was shocked as he realized that below him was a tall mountain range.

He cried loudly and flew upwards with all his might—he even considered changing directions.

However, it was too late—Chu Feng had rushed over frantically. Even if the road wasn’t in good condition, his speed was not reduced. His body was glowing with flashes of light akin to a bolt of lightning as he dashed up a tall peak and leaped upwards.

At this moment, Chu Feng was like a missile, burning with magnificent flames and radiating resplendent light as he charged towards the skies. He had left the peak 800 meters below him.

Making use of the momentum, his ascent was comparable to true flight.

Truly frightened out of his wits, the Vulture King climbed with all his strength. The flying knife passed by him suddenly, causing all his hair to stand on end.

Fortunately, he was not struck.

However, at the next moment, his body tensed up and his heart was filled with a sense of dread and peril. He felt as if he had been locked onto by a vicious beast who was waiting to devour him.


The skies were shaken as Chu Feng threw out the diamond chakram. He didn’t want to use this weapon at first because the Vulture King was not worthy of staining the chakram.

However, seeing him about to escape, Chu Feng had no other choice.


The Vulture King burst apart midair, his lower body was completely pulverized into a bloody mist. He screamed miserably as he plummeted to the ground.

Chu Feng had also started to descend at this point—he did not use his spiritual energy to control his descent but instead directly smashed into another mountain peak.


Rocks and debris were sent flying into the air as dust and smoke billowed towards the sky.

However, Chu Feng was completely unharmed. After breaking three shackles, his constitution was ridiculously strong; even a fall from midair was not enough to wound him.


Following that, he directly jumped down from the peak and landed on the ground, punching a huge crater in the mountainous region. The trees in the vicinity were destroyed and rocks flew in all directions.

Chu Feng once again raised his speed and went in search of the diamond chakram. This weapon could not be lost. In order to avoid accidents, he immediately went to retrieve it.

As expected, with his powerful divine instinct, the golden chakram was retrieved successfully. Its jade-like body was a gentle white, and not a strand of blood could be seen on it.

Chu Feng donned the bracelet on his wrist and went in search of the half-dead Vulture King. He was found in a miserable state, still alive, but with half his body missing, there was no way for it to remain so for long.

"Don’t kill me… save me, please!"

The Vulture King trembled in terror; his whole body was stained with fresh blood as he pleaded for mercy.

"You sure fear death. In your current state, even if there were gods here, they wouldn’t be able to save you." Chu Feng shook his head as he took out his communicator and took a few photos.

The vulture trembled; even near death, he felt his scalp go numb. This Demon King Chu couldn’t be thinking about roasting him for the world to see, could he?

"Don’t worry, I won’t eat you," Chu Feng replied. He could shake the punitive expedition’s morale by doing so, but the vulture was indeed not a good ingredient for his meals. This kind of animal liked to eat rotten carcasses and was not to Chu Feng’s liking.

Finally, the Vulture King breathed his last amidst the terror.

Chu Feng rushed back at full speed and finished off the quasi-kings that were half dead. There were two sly ones that had hidden themselves but were later found and killed.

Under the scope of his strong divine instinct and speed almost four times that of sound, the quasi-kings had no hope of escape.

By the time Chu Feng returned, the Lion King had died and reverted to his true form.

Chu Feng moved all the carcasses into the ravine. Among the quasi-kings, one was actually a human; he was tasked with guiding the troops to the East.

Chu Feng did not sympathize with him as he was leading all these people to attack Mount Kunlun. This so-called punitive expedition was simply the excuse for an invasion.

So much that, in the hearts of some king level entities, they were comparing this expedition with the eastward invasion of the eight-nation alliance. They were proud and self-satisfied.

Before long, the valley was once again filled with the delightful aroma of roasted meat. Chu Feng skinned and cleaned the Golden Lion King before cooking it over a raging flame. The meat was fresh and of the highest quality; a light golden luster even emanated from within it.

"That old lion wanted to threaten me. If I release this photo, I wonder if he would go berserk and kill his way here?" Chu Feng mused.

There were also photos of the Vulture King, the Dhole King, and the Grey Falcon, etc. None of them have been released yet. Once they were circulated, the whole western world would probably be shaken.

At the same time, one could imagine the shock the Eastern punitive expedition would receive. With so many king level experts dead within the misty valley, even the Black Dragon and the Arctic King would be put on the edge of their seats.

"I have to think of a good point to release these photos. At least, I should deal with the arriving vampires first."

Chu Feng started to savor the delicious meat. The lion’s meat was a true delicacy, especially since the Golden Lion King had already severed four shackles. His meat contained great amounts of vitality, well beyond imagination.

This was the strongest life form that Chu Feng had eaten!

If news was spread to the outside world that the so-called "expert unparalleled within the same realm" had been killed, cooked and eaten, it would surely cause an unprecedented quake.

Even the combination of the Dhole King, the Vulture King, the Earth Dragon and the Giant Dog was not comparable to the Golden Lion King!

Naturally, the news of his death would cause a huge tempest.

Following that, he roasted the Dhole King; although his carcass had been torn apart, it did not really affect the taste.

"Now, I only need to deal with those vampires and I can be on my way,"

Chu Feng opened up a bottle of red wine and celebrated by himself.

If the scene of his beast king banquet was released to the outside world, the whole world would go silent, being thoroughly dumbfounded.

"Oh great deity of Jerusalem, when will your old self make another move? We are all waiting in anticipation for new delicacies."[1]

"Ferocious man, don’t tell me you’ve been scared off by the Elder Lion’s threats? When will you update your gourmet rankings?"

In the outside world, many people were anticipating the chaos, leaving comments under the punitive expedition’s combat strength rankings. They were hoping to summon the legendary ferocious man of Jerusalem.

Unexpectedly, that "fierce person" replied almost immediately!

"I’ve eaten too much recently and haven’t had enough time to digest. I’ll go out to hunt soon."

Many people were shocked momentarily, but they immediately began to discuss this matter passionately. It seemed that his fierce person had plans to make another move?!

"Perhaps it's time? I can’t remain at this place for long anyway. Should I reveal everything right now?" Chu Feng mused. 


[1] That is one way to address an old man in a formal and respectful way in Chinese.

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