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The Elder Lion stood out and spoke with a tyrannical tone, saying that this fierce person was deliberately sowing chaos in the world and that he would kill this person if he ever came across him.

Additionally, he also expressed that no matter the origins or identity, he would not show any mercy to this person.

This was obviously an expression of this resolution; even if this person truly originated from Jerusalem, he would kill him all the same.

Just how many people at the time were so tyrannical that they would dare to disregard the Holy City? That was the holy land of three religions! Only the Elder Lion King maintained such a harsh stance without fear.

He was one of the earliest experts to reach the realm of six severed shackles, one of the leading powers in evolution. He was considered one of those closest to being unparalleled.

Both the East and West were shaken, and moreover, the silent Jerusalem had finally spoken out.

Because the Elder Lion King’s words had offended them, they announced that the Lion King was welcome to come over for a battle.

The people were all astonished, even Jerusalem was joining the fray?

"Impossible! Could it be that this deity really hails from Jerusalem?"

The people were shocked at this discovery—the people were recently doubtful of this connection because Jerusalem and the Eastern punitive expedition had no prior grievances.

Yet that fierce deity had been killing several expedition experts in close succession and even roasting them as food. This was thoroughly offending the other party and could only result in a fight to the death.

The people speculated that it was somewhat odd, and that Jerusalem had no need jump in to muddy the waters. It had even less need to lose all decorum with the Eastern punitive expedition.

Therefore, after much debate, the people had speculated that the fierce person could have another identity.

However, with Jerusalem standing out to challenge the Lion King, the people were all puzzled. Could it be that the fierce person was from Jerusalem?

If it was so, then the situation has become rather complicated. Any careless move could trigger a huge war!

Even Schiller, the Black Dragon, and the Arctic King were all on the edge of their seats. If Jerusalem really jumped in, how could they even consider pushing into the East with their rear lines under fire?

Chu Feng was flabbergasted; he had wanted to irritate the Lion King, but it seemed the people from Jerusalem beat him to it.

Naturally, he just stood aside and observed the liveliness.

That day, Schiller was finally able to come into contact with a dignitary from Jerusalem. In fact, he had been trying to do this for many days already; only today did his efforts come to fruition.

"Is this so-called fierce person, one of your experts?"

Under Schiller’s inquiry, the representative dignitary replied that they were unrelated.

With the release of this earth-shattering news, the whole of the East and West immediately become a clamorous chaos. All the major powers could no longer sit still.

This caused Chu Feng to be slightly disappointed. Jerusalem had conceitedly ignored all the recent claims and did not even bother to explain, but today, upon inquiry, they had announced the truth.

"The truth needs to be investigated!"

The Black Dragon was infuriated to the extreme, but he let out a long sigh of relief. If the unfathomable holy city did not decide to jump into this matter, then everything was manageable.

The Eastern punitive expedition was furious; they were now of a mind that this fierce person could be someone from the East causing trouble at their rear lines.

Additionally, they also believed that all of these wanton killings was the work of the same person who had flattened the Vatican. This was fairly intimidating and everyone felt shivers down their back at the thought.

Behind the Eastern punitive expedition, there was a prowling tiger, hiding and waiting for the opportunity to pounce on them.

As for the East, there was no need for further explanation. All the major corporate powers were shocked and they now believed that it was an Eastern expert helping them from the dark.

"How heaven-defying is this? This fierce brother from our side dared to kill his way over to Europe alone?!"

"Just what sort of origins did he possess? A single person was actually able to cause such a huge ruckus—it can’t be people like the Peacock King or the Grandmaster of Wudang, can it?"

The East was boiling over as people were all kept in an endless guessing game.

This fierce person was actively assailing the enemy; this gave everyone from the East a satisfying and encouraging feeling. Someone who dared to infiltrate the West alone and was able to keep the Eastern punitive expedition on the edge of their seats was definitely an exceptional person.

"This kind of person who only dares to move in the dark cannot amount to much!" Even Schiller could not resist expressing his fury, despite being the calm and scheming person he was. Things were not going his way in the recent days.

Chu Feng replied in ridicule, "Ha! The self-proclaimed last holy knight of the Vatican who lays down a malicious scheme to attract and kill all the king level experts for your personal gain still wants to discuss the ‘light’ with me?"

With the circumstances as they are now, the outside world had more or less guessed what had really happened at the Vatican. All the major powers had their own thoughts about this.

However, "the winners are crowned. while the losers are vilified". At the moment, people like Schiller and the Black Dragon were all maintaining a torrential momentum after joining hands with the Yoga Guru Fanlin, the Elder Liong King as well as the Vampire King. They had formed such a powerful alliance that normal powers dared not offend them.

These experts with six severed shackles were capable of looking down on all the other kings; there were six such experts in their alliance. Who would dare to go against such a faction?

Therefore, many people could only hope that the great battle at Mount Kunlun was enough to halt the Eastern punitive expedition’s advance.

If not, if they were given the upper hand, after they conquered Kunlun, they would certainly not stop there. Given the chance, they would become a momentous tempest that would engulf the world.

Chu Feng’s words caused great waves in the West.

In the past, the people all trusted Schiller but hated the Black Dragon because of his wanton massacres.

The same day, the Western world quaked at the arrival of the Lion King. He would be joined by the Vampire King, and together, they would head to the East to reinforce the expedition.

There were people considering killing them with missiles but were afraid that their senses would be too keen and evade preemptively. A massacre would ensue if they were not killed immediately.

Many countries could not afford to offend such experts with six severed shackles.

"We shall meet a Mount Kunlun!" The Elder Lion did not say much during his travels, but he carried with him terrifying destructive force which he would put to use on the front lines.

Chu Feng revealed himself and challenged the Lion King, "Such an old fogey thinks he’s unparalleled under the skies? However, I must say that lion meat is indeed a delicacy. I would rank it a really high position on my gourmet rankings."

Some people were puzzled; what did he mean? He’s eaten lion meat? Earlier, the Elder Lion King had issued a warning that he would kill this fierce person on sight. Despite all that, this person was resolute about tasting some lion meat.

Did this mean he that he had stayed true to his words?

But, many people could testify that the Elder Lion King was alive and well. Could it be that the Golden Lion King had encountered misfortune?

However, the other lion king was known to be extremely powerful and unparalleled in the same realm.

In fact, all those dead king level experts added together could not compare to the Golden Lion King.

"What do you mean by this?!" The Elder Lion King could no longer sit still. He had been trying to contact the Golden Lion King repeatedly to no avail, causing him to be slightly uneasy.

The day was destined not to be peaceful as Chu Feng posted photos of the cooked lion meat, setting off a huge nuclear explosion that shook the whole world.

Following that, the roasted lion meat was also revealed.

"Oh god, this so-called ‘unparalleled in the same realm’ genius has indeed become food for the fierce person. This is crazy!"

Some people did not dare to believe their eyes. The famous Golden Lion King had been roasted—this was a huge incident!

The Golden Lion King’s strength was undeniable; he was, in fact, stronger than all the other dead kings combined!

Following that, the Dhole King and the Vulture King’s fates were also revealed—one had been discarded, and the other was roasted. Everyone who saw these images was dumbfounded.

This caused a huge tempest and quake to the whole world!

Just how many king level entities had this fierce person killed? The people started to count and were all astonished.

Ovidius, White Bear… Golden Lion King, Dhole King, Vulture King.

Everyone felt shivers run down their back; what a terrifying list of dead kings!

So many king level entities had been killed off!

This kind of combat record was enough to shake the world!

When one counted carefully, it would cause one to choke. This kind of accomplishment was too glorious! It caused the human society to gasp in admiration.


The Lion King roared, shaking the whole of Europe—he had thoroughly gone berserk!

The whole mountainous woods exploded. Amidst the lion’s howl, ancient trees burst open, and rocks hundreds of kilograms in weight were shattered and sent flying in every direction.

It was truly a terrifying scene.

If this kind of destruction had taken place within a city, the outcome would be unimaginable. The death toll would be uncountable. This was a peerless sonic wave attack—the Lion Roar!

The Elder Lion King and the Vampire King both traveled day and night without rest, carried atop an avian beast king. They wanted to reach the mysterious valley in Greece as soon as possible.

Known to the Western world as "the demon", Chu Feng swiftly claimed the treasured first place on the killing list.

Many people referred to him as "the deity", or the "fierce person", but to people like the Elder Lion King and the Black Dragon, he was like a demon. This killing list was something Schiller had just made up recently.

It could be said that this killing list was made specifically for this demon. The whole world was offered a generous bounty for killing this demon—a fortune sufficient to raise them to a peerless level.

Their intention was obvious; anyone who could provide sufficient proof leading to the death of Chu Feng, that person would be able to enter the Home of Myriad Gods along with people like the Black Dragon and the Lion King to obtain the fortunes within.

This caused a huge sensation!

Chu Feng was disdainful. "Taking others’ divine fruits as a reward, you lot are no different from bandits!"

The same day, Chu Feng’s own work was published: "The Gourmet Ranking". Not only did it topple the Eastern punitive expedition’s combat strength rankings, but it also brought great humiliation upon it.

This ranking was too crazy; it included all the king level entities that he had ever eaten. With one glance, one was able to realize just how many king level lifeforms he had eaten!

The people of the East and the West were all stunned.

First on the Gourmet rankings was the Golden Lion King, followed by Chu Feng’s detailed review. He commented that the meat was succulent and fresh while the taste was exquisite.

"I’m looking forward to tasting more dishes like the Black Dragon King and the Arctic King; they could potentially replace the Golden Lion King as the first place on my list."

This kind of review was a blatant challenge.

Amidst their astonishment, the people discovered that this post was slightly different from the usual posts in that it contained Eastern words!

This served to prove that this person was from the East!

A great tempest ensued as the crazy Gourmet Rankings swept through the world, making the headlines in many countries. With just one person, he had killed and eaten so many king level entities—just thinking about it was enough to cause one to be dumbfounded.

"Oh deity, is there anything you don’t dare to eat?!"

"Fierce to the extreme!"

"Fierce one, please reveal your identity. Which celestial being are you?!"

Throughout the world, many people received great shock and were discussing this matter fervently.

Chu Feng calculated the time and realized that it was about time the Elder Lion King’s group reached the Eastern Lands—the decisive battle at Mount Kunlun was neigh. It was also time for him to make a choice.

Should he remain in the West to wreak havoc? Or should he return to the East to join the defense?

He tried to contact Yellow Ox and the black yak; it was about time they recovered from their evolutionary state.

At Mount Kunlun, Yellow Ox and the black yak were not in great spirits these days. Chu Feng’s death had come as a huge blow to them; they were only alive because Chu Feng had lured the group of experts away.

At this time, Yellow Ox’s communicator started to ring. He listlessly picked it up. "Who’s speaking?"

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