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Chapter 83: She Cheated

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In addition to the class grades, the cohort ranking was also released.

Someone ran back from the bulletin board, looking shocked. “God! Xia Xibei really ranked fifth this time, and Xia Qinghan was only sixth!”

“No way!” Another boy was surprised too. “How come my goddess only ranked sixth?”

Xia Qinghan was generally in the top five of the cohort, but this time she had fallen to sixth?

Although everyone in the top 20 of the cohort could safely get into the best universities, Xia Qinghan had always been in the top five before!

“The rankings of the first few students did not change, it’s just that Xia Xibei suddenly appeared.”

Once these words were out, everyone seemed to be struck by a sudden realization.

It was Xia Xibei who had taken away Xia Qinghan’s fifth place?

Everyone looked at Xia Xibei with eyes that seemed to be fitted with a microscope, scrutinizing her from head to toe.

“Something’s not right. Her past grades were not so good, so how had she suddenly become fifth?”

As soon as someone said this, everyone’s expressions became a little strange.

“Oh yes! When Xia Xibei took the exam, she was in the same room as Xia Qinghan!”

“Not only were they in the same room, they also sat really close, just across the aisle!”

Everyone’s expressions became even stranger.

“Is it…”

While they were discussing this, a cold voice suddenly sounded out.

“Even if you can’t get such good results yourselves, don’t assume that others can’t do it either.”

Everyone turned their heads to look at the person talking and were met with a pair of cold eyes.

It was Tang Luo.

Some of them were about to scold the person who had spoken, but after seeing Tang Luo, they immediately shut their mouths.

There was no particular reason, it was just that although Tang Luo was Xia Xibei’s desk mate, he was the first in the cohort!

Tang Luo had only been in the middle rankings before, but two months ago, he suddenly jumped to the top!

There were lots of straight-A students in their Qing Ye High School, so it was a nearly impossible feat to rank first so suddenly!

At that time, there were also people who raised doubts, but because Tang Luo had been wandering away from the crowd, nobody delved into the matter too much.

The first time, everyone still had suspicions, but after the second time, everyone stopped doubting.

Ever since that particular exam, whether it was a monthly or mid-term assessment, his name had firmly occupied the top of the list, giving them no reason to doubt him.

Therefore, as soon as he spoke up, everyone stopped their discussions.

Tang Luo glanced coldly at these people who were gossiping and walked away.

Looking at his thin back, everyone stared at each other. They could no longer voice out their suspicions as they had just now.

Think about it carefully now, Xia Xibei and Tang Luo were desk mates, so it didn’t seem impossible that she had suddenly become so good at academics!

After all, Tang Luo had done the same!

Besides, when the next monthly assessment came, they would know if her grades were real or fake.

The gossip had stopped here, but Xia Qinghan was in a bad mood.

She stared at the photo on her phone closely, which showed the rankings. The two names, stacked one above the other, made her extremely unhappy.

Xia Xibei!

She had actually ranked higher than her!

And even more hateful was that Xia Xibei had scored two marks more than her in every subject.

Two marks!

She didn’t know if Xia Xibei had done this intentionally or unintentionally, but this kind of difference in scores made Xia Qinghan very annoyed.

Was it possible that she really had some sort of grudge going on with Xia Xibei?

Otherwise, how could this have happened?!

Tao Yueying was also very indignant beside her.

“This Xia Xibei has really gone too far! She’s too shameless! She must have cheated!”

Xia Qinghan suddenly turned her head and looked in Tao Yueying’s direction.


Tao Yueying nodded, “I asked around. Xia Xibei had been hovering around two or three hundred ranks before, so how could she suddenly have reached fifth place?! There must be something wrong going on here!”

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