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Chapter 84: Frame-up (1)

Tao Yueying really felt that Xia Xibei must have cheated to get such a high score.

Xia Xibei was only mid-ranking before. For her to suddenly reach the top five, Tao Xueying refused to believe that there wasn’t something fishy going on!

“Weren’t you in the same room as her during the exam, and weren’t you sitting really close to her too?” Tao Yueying appeared very serious, as if a detective analyzing evidence. “During the exam, did you notice anything wrong about her?”

Xia Qinghan was silent for a while.

“I… I didn’t pay attention to her. I had to focus on my own exam.”

Tao Yueying clapped her hands, “That must be it! She copied your test paper when you weren’t paying attention! That’s how she got such a score!”

“Yes! That must be the case!” Liu Zhijing nodded. “This kind of person is too disgusting! She’s using you as her steppingstone to get to the top!”

Xia Qinghan couldn’t help nodding, as if she thought so too.

But she couldn’t be too obvious, so she hesitated and said, “But we don’t have any evidence. Even if we got the test paper, we can’t do anything if she doesn’t admit to it.”

“It’s alright, leave this to me!” Liu Zhijing smiled, her eyes flickering.

“What are you going to do?”

Liu Zhijing smiled slightly, her eyes sharp. “I’m going to find the evidence, of course!”

“But what if… There is no evidence?” Xia Qinghan couldn’t help asking.

“No evidence? Impossible!” Liu Zhijing snorted. “I will definitely teach her a lesson!”

‘Xia Xibei, don’t think that you can be arrogant after hanging out with Song Jiaren! Don’t be so naive!’

When Liu Zhijing thought of Yang Xuan, who had been beaten up so badly that he couldn’t even come to school, a fire rose within her heart.

Of course, it was not because she cared about Yang Xuan, but because he had failed to regain Song Jiaren’s favor. Instead, her relationship with Xia Xibei was getting better and better. How could she not feel angry?

Besides, Xia Xibei’s grades made her very uncomfortable. After all, she only ranked 20 plus.

This ranking was very good, but Xia Xibei had ranked fifth!

She wouldn’t allow this!

Thinking of this, the fire in Liu Zhijing’s heart rose even higher.

Xia Qinghan and Tao Yueying looked at each other, both very curious.

“What is your plan?” Tao Yueying asked.

“Yingying, do you have the bracelet that you bought?” Liu Zhijing asked.

“Are you talking about this one?” Tao Yueying raised her wrist, revealing a beautiful and delicate bracelet.

“Yes! That’s it!” Liu Zhijing nodded, then whispered, “I’m planning to put this bracelet in her bag, and then…”

She raised her eyebrows at them, her expression smug.

“What?!” Tao Yueying was shocked. “You are framing…”

Liu Zhijing covered her mouth. “Don’t shout!”

Xia Qinghan was also taken aback. She did not expect Liu Zhijing to have such thoughts.

But she quickly turned happy.

She could not wait to see Xia Xibei be embarrassed.

Liu Zhijing took her hand off of Tao Yueying’s mouth, explaining, “As long as we find your bracelet in her bag, everyone will know that she is a thief. Then, is it not normal for her to cheat?”

Tao Yueying and Xia Qinghan were both stunned by these words.

This seemed to make a lot of sense.

“If we just say that she cheated, she will definitely deny it. So, let’s make her unable to argue against us!” Liu Zhijing’s smile became colder. “We’ll nail her down!”

Tao Yueying was a little worried. “But we are in different classes with her. How do we put it in her bag?”

“Don’t worry, I have a way,” Liu Zhijing smiled confidently.

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