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Chapter 82: You Deserve This

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Though this video was not about something indescribable, the scenes it depicted made Jin Yazhen unable to argue back.

This was a video that she had taken with Yang Xuan, imitating Internet celebrities. The duo was singing and dancing in it, occasionally kissing too.

“It’s really you two!”

Everyone was stunned.

If it were a photo, they might have believed it was photoshopped. But this was a video!

“If there’s still people who don’t believe it, feel free to search the Internet yourselves using the keywords. Trust me, there will be more surprises!” Xia Xibei smiled innocently at everyone.

Xia Xibei didn’t have the time to care about Jin Yazhen, but Jin Yazhen had to show up and seek her own death, so she couldn’t be blamed for her actions.

The other students did not wait for Xia Xibei to say anything more, immediately taking out their phones and searching for those videos.

Jin Yazhen’s face went pale and she couldn’t utter a word, hurrying to the toilet.

When she took out her phone, logged into her account on this website, and went to delete the videos, she realized that the number of views had already increased by a lot!

‘I’m done for!’

Jin Yazhen’s heart turned cold.

When she was with Yang Xuan, she loved watching content like this on the Internet.

Having watched so many of them, she also wanted to shoot one herself. It wasn’t for the sake of popularity, just for memories.

So, she grabbed Yang Xuan and shot a couple of short videos.

However, because of their awkward acting, stiff expressions, and poor shooting skills, they got very few views after these videos were uploaded.

In addition, there were not many members on this site, so not many people had watched these videos.

She had never expected Xia Xibei to find out about these videos!

Was she a devil?! How would she know these things?!

When Jin Yazhen returned to the classroom, the surrounding students looked at her with sarcasm in their eyes.

You said that you didn’t know Yang Xuan? What a lie!

And the most disgusting thing was that she had slandered Xia Xibei for being together with Yang Xuan!

This person was really shameless!

Several classmates had already downloaded the videos before she had found out about it. Even if some of them didn’t download it, they would also have taken screenshots.

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Jin Yazhen’s hands and feet felt extremely heavy, as if they were filled with cement.

When she returned to her seat, she couldn’t hold it anymore. She laid her head down on the table and cried silently.

Xia Xibei ignored her completely because she knew that Jin Yazhen would seek her own death sooner or later.

Besides, she still had other goods on Jin Yazhen.

She wasn’t in a hurry.

Other people looked at Jin Yazhen in even more disdain.

She wanted to bite someone, but was bitten back in the end, so she deserved this!

Xia Xibei didn’t say anything, taking out a book and continuing to read.

For her, although she had won fifth place this time, it was still not good enough. She needed to continue working harder.

Tang Luo looked at her with a weird expression.

However, he said nothing and quietly looked down at his own book.

As for the other students, their attention had now shifted to the tea between Jin Yazhen and Yang Xuan, and they no longer cared about Xia Xibei.

In the first class, the Chinese teacher came over.

Seeing Xia Xibei, the teacher gave her a satisfied smile.

“In this assessment, our class’s results were not bad, and a few students have made great progress. I hope everyone can get rid of their arrogance and rashness and continue to maintain these good grades!”

Such words were repeated by different teachers in the next few lessons.

After the head teacher passed down the score sheet, everyone was surprised to see that Xia Xibei was ranked second.

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