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Chapter 81: Concern About Yourself First

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Xia Xibei could sense that some students were staring at her in a strange way.

She wondered what had happened…

Then, she saw Jin Yazhen walking towards her with a weird expression on her face.

“Xibei, the monthly assessment results are out.”

Xia Xibei glanced at her languidly but did not reply.

But Jin Yazhen was not angered by her manner. Instead, she seemed to be gloating.

“You did very well in this assessment! You’re fifth in our cohort!”

Seeing her reaction, Xia Xibei finally understood what was going on.

Xia Xibei’s previous grades were not bad, but they were not considered good either. She was just around the middle ranking.

With the little time and energy she had previously devoted to studying, such grades could be considered very good.

But in this month’s assessment, she had suddenly leapt into the top five. This made everyone curious, as her improvement was simply too huge!

“Xibei, how did you study? Can you teach me?”

Jin Yazhen was not put off by Xia Xibei’s attitude. Instead, she kept asking, the malice on her face unconcealed.

Xia Xibei finally smiled, and the corners of her lips lifted.

“Oh? Has the injury caused by Yang Xuan’s mother healed yet? You’ve recovered so quickly. Which hospital was it that treated your wound? Please tell us.”

As soon as these words came out, Jin Yazhen’s smile suddenly stiffened.

Only a few days had passed since the incident, and it was still a hot topic.

Jin Yazhen also knew that many people wanted to see her be embarrassed.

But that did not stop her from watching Xia Xibei make a fool of herself.

Besides, if Xia Xibei did make a fool of herself, it would divert everyone’s attention from her.

Unexpectedly, Xia Xibei had poked at her weak spot as soon as she spoke up.

“By the way, when I saw Yang Xuan last week, he seemed to be injured. Why didn’t you show your concern for him? He has spent so much money on you. Why are you so heartless?”

These words petrified Jin Yazhen.

“What… What are you talking about?!” After regaining her composure, she was struck by shame and anger. “I have nothing to do with him!”

“Really?” Xia Xibei showed a wicked smile as she took out her phone.

Seeing the newest model phone that Xia Xibei was holding, one question immediately arose in Jin Yazhen’s mind – where had Xia Xibei gotten the money to buy such a phone?

But soon, she no longer had the heart to think about this issue, because Xia Xibei had opened a photo album and clicked on a particular photo.

“You guys are so intimate here, so how can you have nothing to do with him?”

When Jin Yazhen saw the photo, her pupils constricted and her heart stopped beating for a second.

She looked at the two people in the photo in disbelief, her mind blank.

How had Xia Xibei gotten these photos?!

She had already deleted these photos herself! Or could Xia Xibei have gotten them from Yang Xuan?

The people close to them had also seen the photo, immediately rushing over.

“Wow! My god! So you two really are a couple!”

The two people in the photo could be seen very clearly, and no one would ever mistake their identities.

More people gathered over, and after seeing those photos, everyone was shocked.

Jin Yazhen had explained to them earlier that it was Yang Xuan’s mother who had misunderstood the situation, causing all those events.

But now… This face slapping was really aggressive!

“It’s you! You photoshopped it! You are framing me!”

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Jin Yazhen became anxious, and scrambled to come up with an explanation.

Looking at Jin Yazhen, who refused to admit the truth, Xia Xibei smiled and opened a video. “Is that so? Have I also photoshopped this?”

As soon as the video started playing, Jin Yazhen’s face turned ash white.

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