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Chapter 80: Advice from Song’s Father

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At the dinner table, Fang Yongxin enthusiastically served Xia Xibei food, so much so that Xia Xibei was almost overwhelmed.

After eating, they finished discussing the matter of opening the shop.

They would open one shop in the early stages, and if the business was good, they’d expand.

While Xia Xibei and Song Jiaren were collaborating in this business, in fact, things would be overseen by Fang Yongxin and Song Tianqin.

The profits would then go to Song Jiaren and Xia Xibei.

After all, Song Jiaren and Xia Xibei were still students. They didn’t have time to be busy with these kinds of things.

Xia Xibei did not feel guilty at all about getting 50% of the profit.

After all, this milk tea shop relied on her unique formula to open up, and she would continue to introduce more formulations in the future.

As for Song Jiaren, she was an only child, so it was fine to give her the money.

In fact, for the Song family, this was just a shop opened with Song Jiaren’s pocket money, and the final profits belonged to her.

Although Song Jiaren was very young and had family money, who wouldn’t want to have more money?

The reason they wanted Xia Xibei to visit was to see what she was truly like.

Now that they were sure that she was harmless, they would not stop their daughter from associating with her.

Song Jiaren had few good friends her age to begin with.

Even though she had an entourage at school, it wasn’t the same.

And Xia Xibei was the first friend Song Jiaren had invited home, so they wanted to treat her well.

Moreover, with their many years of experience, they could see that Xia Xibei’s future would be extraordinary!

Becoming friends with such people was good for Song Jiaren.

Therefore, the Song family was very enthusiastic. When Xia Xibei was about to leave, Song Tianqin wanted to have someone take her home, but Xia Xibei refused.

The two homes were not far apart, and Xia Xibei wanted to check out the shops on the way.

Although she didn’t need to think too much about the business going forward, she wouldn’t really be totally hands-off either.

In this case, Song Tianqin and Fang Yongxin did not insist but just walked her out.

After Xia Xibei left, Song Tianqin turned to his daughter.

“In the future, get along well with her and learn from her!”

Song Jiaren felt very conflicted about her father’s advice.

She was a little happy and a little upset.

It was good that her friend was approved by her father. However, she felt that after Xia Xibei came to her house, her status in the family had plummeted!

With her mom, it was always about looks, so she had nothing to say.

But her dad also valued Xia Xibei, which made her feel a little complicated.

“We don’t usually interfere with your friendships, but incidents like the one with that boy can’t be repeated.”

These words made Song Jiaren look up suddenly in shock.


They knew about Yang Xuan?!

“You are grown up now, and you should learn to distinguish between good and bad.” Song Tianqin patted his daughter on the shoulder. “If we lecture too much, you will be annoyed, so just think about it on your own.”

Her father’s words silenced Song Jiaren for a long time, her mind full of thoughts.

Xia Xibei didn’t know about this development. When she returned home, she began to work on the new milk tea.

When she arrived at school on Monday, she saw Song Jiaren excitedly rushing towards her.

“Bei Bei!”

Looking at Song Jiaren’s bright smile, Xia Xibei was a little lost. Had something happened?

After parting ways with Song Jiaren, Xia Xibei went to her classroom.

However, she found that the reaction of the other students was a bit strange too.

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