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Chapter 79: Negotiating Collaboration

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Song Tianqin had people test whether or not these milk teas were really low calorie, as Xia Xibei had said.

The result surprised him, because Xia Xibei was correct!

So he had invited Xia Xibei over.

“I believe you have already checked the milk tea that was brought back yesterday.” Xia Xibei looked at Song Tianqin with a smile.

“Yes,” Song Tianqin nodded, “These milk teas are, in fact, low calorie. Can I ask how they are made?”

Even if they had not been exposed to milk teas, who didn’t know that milk tea was high in calories?

“Jia Jia may have already told you that a lot of herbs have been added to it.”

Song Tianqin was even more puzzled.

“Just with the addition of herbs? But there is no medicinal taste to it.”

“That is the secret recipe,” Xia Xibei said, smiling confidently. “If we collaborate, I will show you the formula.”

Of course, if they didn’t collaborate, there was no need to show the formula.

Song Tianqin understood this. He then asked, “I heard Jia Jia say that you only want 50% of the shares?”

“Yes,” Xia Xibei nodded. “After all, I’m just a student, and I usually have a lot of things to do. Even if we collaborated, I can’t do too much. The 50% shares are considered the benefits of the formula.”

Song Tianqin’s gaze was unfathomable. “You are not afraid that once we have made money, we will kick you out?”


Song Jiaren, who was sitting next to them, sounded unhappy.

Unexpectedly, Xia Xibei laughed.

“It seems that Uncle is quite confident in this business and thinks it can make a lot of money.” She smiled brightly. “If the partnership was really broken up, it won’t be a problem. After all, if I have this formula, naturally I can make more.”

“Oh?” Song Tianqin’s eyes lit up, “So you have more ideas?”

“Of course. You may have heard about my story from Jia Jia. I believe that my medical skills are decent. These milk teas are just the beginning, so people won’t get fat after drinking them. I will then introduce a milk tea that can help people lose weight after drinking it.”

These words made everyone in the Song family widen their eyes.

Milk tea for weight loss? Was she joking?

Milk tea was always fattening! How could it make people lose weight?

Xia Xibei’s smile deepened as she continued, “Of course, since I dare say this, I am sure about it.”

Moreover, there were some things she didn’t say.

Selling milk tea was just for early capital accumulation. She had more ideas and plans for the future stages.

Song Tianqin stared at Xia Xibei with an intense gaze for a while, before suddenly smiling.

“Wow, it’s awesome to be young!”

He had asked people to check Xia Xibei’s background, and it was obvious that she was a poor kid who was not loved by her parents. How could she have such a talent?

But he also understood that there were many things in this world that could not be explained by common sense. As long as Xia Xibei was not mean-hearted and wouldn’t harm Song Jiaren, he didn’t need to know everything.

He began laughing, adding on, “Great! Now we can talk about what comes next.”

Xia Xibei was overjoyed, but her face remained unchanged. “Okay, then I will get help from you, Uncle.”

When Song Jiaren, who sat on the side and saw the decision being made after a quick discussion, couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

This was decided just like that?

Fang Yongxin glanced at her daughter in disdain, then said with a smile on her face, “Since we are so happy here, I will cook. Let’s celebrate properly!”

“Thank you, Aunt Xin. Your cooking must be great!”

“You’re welcome!” Fang Yongxin smiled from ear to ear. “Come here often in the future. Aunt Xin likes great girls like you!”

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