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Chapter 76: Having Parents Sign the Contract

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Having parents sign the contract?

Xia Xibei was startled. She really didn’t know about this.

When she started in the industry back then, she was already in her twenties and was able to make her own decisions. She didn’t need to ask for her parents’ permission.

But now, she was only 17 years old, not able to be in charge until she was 18 years old.

“Do I need my parents to sign the contract?”

“Of course,” Bai Meixue smiled, “You aren’t an adult yet, and you can’t decide many things. Therefore, your parents have to be present.”

Xia Xibei looked at Pan Yan, but Pan Yan looked conflicted.

“Actually, you don’t need your parents to show up. Anyway, it’s only the trainee stage…”

“Little Pan, what you said is wrong.” Bai Meixue’s face was serious. “This is the company’s regulations, which you should be aware of. Besides, there’s things that have happened.”

Pan Yan’s expression was a little awkward.

Some trainees had terminated their contract with the company after they became famous.

The reason for the termination was that they were still minors when they had signed the contract. The company had misled the minors to sign an unequal treaty, so the contract could not be valid.

Such things were really common.

Therefore, when signing the contract, the potential trainee’s parents must be there, so as not to lose the talent just when they became famous.

“Little Bei, you can go back and talk to your parents. Ask them to come over and sign the contract later.” Bai Meixue looked at Xia Xibei with a smile.

“OK,” Xia Xibei said, forced to nod.

However, she frowned inwardly. She hadn’t expected this.

Of course, she couldn’t find her parents to sign the contract.

She had already signed a severance letter with them, and if she went to them for help, it would be humiliating.

However, if she did not go to her parents, then she could not be a trainee.

Although she did not care about becoming a trainee, she still wanted to be in a competition eventually.

“Go back and discuss it with your parents first, then let us know when you reach a decision.”


Pan Yan led Xia Xibei out of the company. His expression was a bit uncomfortable.

Bai Meixue was an elder-level figure at the company, but today’s matters were not within her jurisdiction.

However, Bai Meixue was one of the company leaders, so even if he was upset, he simply had to endure it.

“Don’t worry, our company’s contracts are very good. They are not as strict as those of other companies.”

Looking at Xia Xibei’s subtle expression, he quickly explained, “The minimum contract for trainees here is two years, and the maximum is five years. At your age, you would sign for three years at most, so don’t worry.”

“OK. I understand. I’ll think about it,” Xia Xibei nodded. “I’ll go home now.”

“Alright. Go talk to your parents about it.”

After saying goodbye to Pan Yan, Xia Xibei left SY company.

Meanwhile, Xia Qinghan was still in Bai Meixue’s office.

Bai Meixue was now one of the shareholders of SY Company, so she had her own office.

Her heart softened as she looked at the beautiful and neat Xia Qinghan.

However, after thinking about Xia Xibei, her mood changed.

“Don’t get too close to Xia Xibei in the future,” she warned.

Xia Qinghan was stunned for a moment.


Although she didn’t like Xia Xibei either, she was curious about Bai Meixue’s sudden seriousness.

“You are not from the same world. Don’t let her drag you down.”

Xia Qinghan blinked blankly but nodded, “Okay, I understand.”

She was a little happy. So Xia Xibei was not adored by everyone!

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