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Chapter 75: The Trainee Contract

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Good friends?

Xia Xibei smiled, not saying anything. She turned to look at Pan Yan, asking, “Brother Pan, where shall we go later?”

Before Pan Yan could reply, Bai Meixue said, “Well, we are going to the dance studio right now. Do you want to come with us?”

Bai Meixue had spoken up, so what could Pan Yan do?

He looked at Xia Xibei, who nodded.

“OK, let’s go,” he replied.

The group walked together, with Bai Meixue and Pan Yan walking in front and the two girls following behind them.

Xia Qinghan looked at Xia Xibei, her mood very complicated.

“Are you really going to be a trainee?”

“Yeah,” Xia Xibei glanced at her with the same smile as before. “I want to be a star and make a lot of money.”

Those words froze Xia Qinghan’s smile. “Really? But it’s not that easy to become a star.”

“It’s okay,” Xia Xibei said. “I think I look pretty good, so there shouldn’t be a problem.”

Xia Qinghan’s expression became stiff. However, she quickly smiled once again.

“Being a star requires talent in addition to good looks. Do you have any talents?”

“Talent?” Xia Xibei looked innocent. “What talent?”

“Singing, dancing, musical instruments, acting…”

“Singing and dancing?” Xia Xibei frowned. “Um… I haven’t tried it. I don’t know if I could sing well enough, and I haven’t danced before.”

Of course, Xia Qinghan knew that Xia Xibei had never been exposed to these activities.

Liu Zhijing knew Xia Xibei, so she knew that she had no time to try these things, let alone play a musical instrument.

Xia Qinghan was disdainful.

What else did Xia Xibei have besides a pretty face? And she wanted to be a star? Please!

With that thought, her smile became much more sincere.

“It’s alright! Just study hard after you become a trainee.”

“OK.” Xia Xibei’s smile was also very sincere.

Soon, they reached the dance room.

The door of the dance studio was transparent, letting people see the inside of the room.

Looking at the good-looking young men and women dancing to the music, Xia Xibei couldn’t help but open her mouth wide.

“This is amazing!” she exclaimed

Her reaction caused Xia Qinghan to open her mouth sarcastically. This girl was really a hillbilly, with no knowledge at all.

Thinking of this, Xia Qinghan’s hostility toward Xia Xibei faded.

Besides a good-looking face, what else could she offer?

It wasn’t easy to become a star!

Bai Meixue was also looking at Xia Xibei discreetly, and when she saw her exaggerated reaction, she was relieved too.

However, when she saw Xia Xibei’s pretty and familiar face, she didn’t dare take her lightly.

She didn’t expect to see Xia Xibei here.

If this face appeared on screen, it would easily attract suspicion.

She had some speculation thinking of this.

Then the group toured some other places.

After the tour, Xia Xibei showed much enthusiasm, similar to the admiration of a hillbilly seeing the city.

“This place is so big!”

“Yes. After you become a trainee here, you will often have the opportunity to enter these places. Now, if there are no problems, you can sign the trainee contract now.”

Pan Yan had great confidence in Xia Xibei. She would definitely succeed!

Bai Meixue looked at Xia Xibei with a smile, asking, “You and Qinghan are both in the same grade, so you’re not 18 yet, right? In that case, you have to ask your parents to sign the contract.”

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