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Chapter 77: Going to the Songs

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After Xia Qinghan left, Bai Meixue’s face became grim.

She didn’t expect Xia Xibei to show up here!

Although there were many who looked similar to her, they weren’t as exceptional as Xia Xibei. If she really made her debut, she would be easily recognized.

Thinking of this, Bai Meixue made a decision.

Meanwhile, Xia Xibei wasn’t aware that her presence had disturbed Bai Meixue. She had just received a call from Song Jiaren, inviting her over to the Songs’ house.

The Song family home was situated in a very high-end community with good security features. The family of three lived in a single-family, two-story villa.

After her identity was verified, Xia Xibei successfully entered the subdivision.

When she walked to the villa, she could see a few tall men coming out.

These men looked fierce; they weren’t people you wanted to provoke.

The door was wide open. A tall woman stood at the doorway and happened to see Xia Xibei.

The woman’s eyes lit up when she saw Xia Xibei.

“You’re Xia Xibei, right?”

“Yes, I’m Xia Xibei.”

As soon as Xia Xibei nodded, the woman quickly stepped forward and grabbed her hand. “I’m Jiaren’s mom, you can call me Aunt Xin.”

She looked at Xia Xibei with a smile, commenting, “Oh, you’re so pretty!”

“Aunt Xin.”

It was the first time Xia Xibei saw someone older than her be so excited to see her. she almost didn’t know how to react.

“Hmm… Jiaren is home, right?”

“Yes, yes! Come in, come in!”

Fang Yongxin immediately brought her inside.

The Song villa was very large, but Xia Xibei was surprised to find that the decorations were not as lavish as she had imagined.

The decorations inside were refined, and the place felt like home. It was obvious that someone had put thought into it.

“Come, sit here!” Fang Yongxin led her to the sofa and added with a smile, “Wait here, I will call Jiajia.”

Then, she turned and shouted towards the stairs.

“Jiajia! Your classmate is here!”

This shocked Xia Xibei greatly.

While Fang Yongxin looked very gentle, this performance completely changed Xia Xibei’s impression of her.

Right. Fang Yongxin would not be so gentle to be able to raise a daughter like Song Jiaren.

Besides, she was a gang leader’s woman, although the gang leader had quit a long time ago.

“Aye! I’m here!” Jiaren Song answered from upstairs, running down.

“Bei Bei!”

Jiaren Song leapt over happily and hugged Xia Xibei.

“My parents agreed! We can open a store together!”

Song Jiaren was so excited that she almost smothered Xia Xibei.

“Please, don’t be so worked up,” Xia Xibei said, quickly pushing her away, “Just tell me calmly.”

There was a coughing sound nearby. Xia Xibei turned around and saw a middle-aged man with an imposing appearance.

The man was about 40 years old, the best age for a man. He was quite handsome too.

His facial features were similar to Song Jiaren’s, with a strong aura around him. One could tell he was successful.

“Jiajia.” Song Tianqin looked serious. “Speak well.”

Song Jiaren gave him a silly smile and sat off to the side.

Fang Yongxin came out with a plate with cake and beverages beside it, insisting, “Come on, drink something first.”

Jiaren Song stared, accusing her, “Mom! You’re eating cake again!”

Fang Yongxin coughed lightly, an innocent look on her face. “This was a gift from someone. I couldn’t just refuse it.”

Song Jiaren looked at her unhappily, with only one meaning in her gaze– yeah right, keep on making up stories!

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