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Chapter 60: It Was Just For Show

“You guys really don’t get together often?” Song Jiaren looked at him through squinted eyes, filled with both intimidation and suspicion.

“Of course, we don’t!” Yang Xuan shook his head resolutely, “Jin Yazhen and Xia Xibei are good friends, that’s how we got into contact!”

He was determined to hold onto that explanation and deny their relationship until the very end.

Even if Song Jiaren went to find Jin Yazhen, Jin Yazhen wouldn’t blow his cover. If she did admit, both of them would be finished!

Looking at Yang Xuan’s resolute attitude, Song Jiaren couldn’t help but begin to doubt what had happened earlier.

Seeing that she was moved, Yang Xuan immediately added, “I think I saw you getting along well with Xia Xibei recently? You’d better be careful not to be cheated by her!”

“How would she cheat me?”

“I didn’t understand why her parents didn’t like her before, but now I know. Who would like a person who’s full of lies!” Yang Xuan said with a solemn look. “Don’t believe anything that she tells you, she’s just too much!”

“What would she tell me?”

“Well, for one thing, me borrowing her money and that nonsense about me being in a relationship with someone else!” Yang Xuan listed off, sounding righteous even to himself. “She’s trying to get me in trouble!”

“You really aren’t in a relationship with someone else?”

“Of course, I’m not!” Yang Xuan shook his head continuously. “How could I even fall for someone else when I’m with you?!”

“Don’t you think I’m fat and ugly?”

“You are kind of fat,” Yang Xuan nodded, hurriedly continuing before Song Jiaren could get mad, “But you aren’t ugly at all! Plump girls like you are so adorable! I happen to be fond of that body shape!”

Looking at his serious, intent countenance, Song Jiaren felt a little warmth in her heart.

Who wouldn’t be happy if they were praised in that manner by someone of the opposite sex?

“You really aren’t lying to me?” she asked once again, just to make sure.

“Of course not!” Yang Xuan vowed, raising a hand, “If I lie to you, let me be knocked down by a car!”

A toy car, he added inwardly, just to be safe.

However, his words had the intended effect, making Song Jiaren’s face soften a lot.

“Fine, I believe…”

Before she could finish, a series of hectic footsteps approached them from afar.

Looking up in that direction, their faces fell.

It was the same people as earlier, all of them wearing awful looks on their faces! The man in the lead dashed toward them with wide strides, giving Yang Xuan a brutal slap on his face.

“God da*n it! How dare you fool us, you little brat!”

Both Song Jiaren and Yang Xuan were stunned by the scene unfolding before their eyes.

Why had they returned?!

“You guys…”

Before Yang Xuan could finish, he got another harsh slap.

“Didn’t you say it was just a show, and that no one would find out? I freaking believed your nonsense!”

The chief seemed very battered, bruises present all over his face. It seemed that he had been badly beaten up, the guys behind him not faring any better.

The chief’s face was dark and gloomy, fighting the urge to murder Yang Xuan, especially when he thought of the people that they had just met.

“A show?!” Song Jiaren exclaimed in jaw-dropping shock.

“Ms. Song, we are really sorry! We didn’t mean it! We were just acting! We had no intentions to harm you at all!” the chief said apologetically.

Then, pointing at Yang Xuan in rage, he revealed the truth.

“It was all his intention! He wanted us to help him put on a show of heroism! He even assured us that there would be no problem at all, as no one was going to look into what we did! If not for that, we wouldn’t have dared to treat you with the slightest bit of disrespect!”

The chief’s words made Song Jiaren freeze in utter horror.

It had all just been a show arranged by Yang Xuan, with the help of these people?!

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