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Chapter 59: Yang Xuan’s Explanation

Song Jiaren was moved by Yang Xuan’s words.

Although it was Yang Xuan who suggested that they met up here in the first place, no one could have expected such an incident to befall her. It wasn’t Yang Xuan’s fault that those people had turned up. After all, they had sounded like they were here because of her father.

Even if Yang Xuan wasn’t around, they would still have found a chance to harm her.

On the contrary, it was precisely because of Yang Xuan that those people left.

Having thought that, the look in Song Jiaren’s eyes turned tender as she looked at Yang Xuan.

As he noticed the change in Song Jiaren, Yang Xuan got excited. The plan was working!

“Are you alright?” he asked affectionately, “They didn’t hurt you, did they?”

“No,” Song Jiaren shook her head, helping him off of the ground.

“Ouch…” Yang Xuan grimaced in pain but shook his head when Song Jiaren offered to get him help. “I’m fine, it’s just some surface level injuries.”

“No, that’s not fine, let me take you to see a doctor!” Song Jiaren looked at Yang Xuan worriedly, afraid he was hurt.

“I’m really fine,” Yang Xuan shook his head. “As long as you’re willing to listen to me, I won’t feel any pain.”

Song Jiaren paused for a second. “What do you want to say?”

“You must have heard about yesterday’s matter,” Yang Xuan forced out with a wry smile.

“Yes, I learned about it already.”

Speaking about the matter, Song Jiaren’s mood turned a little gloomy, her face twisting at the memory of finding out.

“But those are only rumors!” Yang Xuan insisted through gritted teeth, “I never thought Xia Xibei would be so shameless!”

“What do you mean?” Song Jiaren asked, her face falling.

Yang Xuan pretended not to notice Song Jiaren’s displeasure, carrying on with his explanation. “In fact, I was on good terms with Xia Xibei previously.”

“You two were really a couple?” Song Jiaren questioned, squinting in a menacing way.

She had heard about Yang Xuan and Xia Xibei being a couple earlier on, which was why she went to look for Xia Xibei yesterday.

However, she hadn’t expected Xia Xibei to deny it so decisively. The series of events that occurred afterwards didn’t match up with what she had heard either.

“Of course, we aren’t!” Yang Xuan shook his head immediately, “All we have is a little kinship.”

“Oh?” Song Jiaren didn’t expect Yang Xuan to spontaneously admit to that though.

Liu Zhijing was related to Xia Xibei, and Yang Xuan were relatives with Liu Zhijing. To be precise, they shared some kinship indeed.

“Although it’s a very distant connection, we are indeed relatives. However, she has never received any love and care from her parents. She’s been lonely and isolated all this time, so I cared for her,” Yang Xuan explained without inflection.

“What about the money, then?”

“I get so mad just talking about it!” Yang Xuan stated furiously. “In fact, she consigned the money to me for safekeeping!”


“Yes,” Yang Xuan asserted, seeming very indignant, “She said that she was saving up for college, but was afraid that she would spend the money, so she handed it to me for safekeeping. All she gave me was 10,000 dollars, but in the end, she claimed that I had borrowed 20,000!”

Yang Xuan’s chest hurt just by talking about the matter. That was 20,000 dollars!

His parents were utterly shamed just because of those 20,000 dollars!

“So that’s what actually happened?” Song Jiaren whispered, astounded by the explanation.

“I didn’t know she scammed people for money in such a way until now! How obnoxious,” Yang Xuan replied with gritted teeth.

“What’s the matter with you and Jin Yazhen, then?” Song Jiaren questioned again.

“I… Jin Yazhen and Xia Xibei are good friends, that’s why I had some interactions with her. But we don’t get along often…” Yang Xuan’s heart missed a beat, but he remained unruffled on the surface.

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