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Chapter 61: Song Jiaren Turned Savage

The way the guys reacted put a look of dread on Yang Xuan’s face, his heart beginning to thump wildly. “You- You guys…”

“Miss Song, we’re so sorry! We shouldn’t have done that! We beg you to help us ask for Boss Song’s mercy! We really didn’t hurt you!”

The leader was on the brink of tears.

When they took off leaving just now, they had thought that the matter had come to an end.

Unexpectedly, their way was barred by a girl.

Although she was quite pretty, the girl looked thin and feeble, so they didn’t pay much attention to her.

Little had they thought that several tall, heavily built men would appear after her!

From the appearances and imposing manners of these men, it was clear that these guys had seen blood before, setting them apart from little rascals like themselves.

Those men had taught them a brutal lesson, chasing them back here and forcing them to apologize to Song Jiaren.

How dare they disobey? They returned immediately.

Upon seeing Yang Xuan, all their pent-up anger and resentment became free at once.

If it wasn’t for Yang Xuan, who had assured them that nothing untoward would happen, they wouldn’t have had the guts to do that!

Song Tianqin was the big boss here!

How could little sidekicks like them ever have the guts to go against Song Tianqin?

Song Jiaren felt her heart sink upon hearing the guys’ words. In a stiff manner, she turned to face Yang Xuan, who looked fearful and guilty. Slowly pronouncing each word, she asked, “You were lying to me?”

Yang Xuan panicked and he shook his head hurriedly, “No, no, no! I really wasn’t lying to you!”

However, before Song Jiaren could speak, the leader with slitted eyes gave him a violent punch.

“Little scumbag, are you saying that I was the lying one then?!”

“Miss Song, don’t get angry. We have realized our mistakes, so please forgive us!”

The sidekicks at the back also begged for her mercy, “We really have realized that what we did was wrong, we swear that we won’t do it again!”

As she watched how this absurd scene was unfolding, Song Jiaren felt her hands and feet go cold.

Moments later, she questioned in a cold voice, “What did he say to you?”

“This fellow gave us 3,000 yuan and asked us to stop you on your way. That way, he could play the hero and come save you!”

“It was that simple?”

“Yes! Otherwise, we wouldn’t waste our time for just 3,000 yuan!”

The entire process only took ten minutes, and they would be leaving with 3,000 yuan in their hands at the end of it.

But who would have thought that things would eventually turn out this way?!

“This is the money that he gave us! We don’t want it anymore!”

The narrow-eyed leader fished out the money from his pocket, snatching the rest of the money back from his sidekicks. He didn’t dare count it, stuffing it directly into Song Jiaren’s hand instead.

“We don’t want the money anymore! Miss Song, we really didn’t do anything! Please let us go, I’m begging you!”

Song Jiaren was rather baffled as she looked at the guys, weeping bitter tears of remorse.

She wondered who had actually gotten involved, making them panic so terribly?

However, she wasn’t in the mood to bother with anything about them. “Fine, you may go. Just don’t let me see you again from now on!”

“Okay, okay! We’ll go away now!”

They were shedding tears of gratitude as they scrambled up from the ground, fleeing helter-skelter.


Yang Xuan forced out a smile, but his battered face made him look nothing but ridiculous, his usual charm nowhere to be seen.

“You lied to me…”

Song Jiaren spoke in a low, hoarse voice, an ice-cold look in her eyes.

Yang Xuan’s heart was pounding insanely in his chest. Song Jiaren looked like she was turning into a savage.

“How dare you freaking lie to me!” Song Jiaren growled in fury. She stepped forward in wide strides and landed a brutal punch on Yang Xuan’s eye!

“Ahh!” Yang Xuan screamed in agony, the skin around his eye turning black instantly.

“Playing the hero and saving me?! This serves you right!”

Song Jiaren’s rage did not dwindle at all. Rather, it escalated even more. Punch after punch, she unleashed her rage on Yang Xuan’s face.

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