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Chapter 55: What’s the Next Move?

Yang Xuan was very anxious. Although he didn’t like Song Jiaren, he couldn’t afford to give up the benefits that came with her.

There were many girls in school, and there wasn’t a shortage of pretty or wealthy girls either.

However, those girls wouldn’t necessarily like him. His tricks might not work with them. Song Jiaren was fat and ugly, which made her the easiest target around.

But now that Xia Xibei had drawn Song Jiaren to her side, what would he do?

Yang Xuan was so troubled that he didn’t even notice people pointing at him and making comments.

Right after returning to the classroom, his phone vibrated. He took it out for a look, seeing it was a message from Liu Zhijing.

Yang Xuan agreed to Liu Zhijing’s suggestion to meet up. Right after morning class ended, he went up to the rooftop, which was their secret meeting spot.

“What’s the matter with you and Xia Xibei?”

Upon arriving, Liu Zhijing immediately began questioning him with a cold, hard face.

“How do I know what’s wrong with that b*tch!” Yang Xuan shouted, equally angry and frustrated.

All the trouble and suffering he had gone through these past two days was all thanks to Xia Xiibei!

His reputation was ruined, and his parents had been detained. Also, they even paid back 20,000 dollars! When he had only borrowed 10,000!

Most importantly, Xia Xibei had built a rapport with Song Jiaren!

“Weren’t you getting along with her? How did it all turn out like this?”

Liu Zhijing had only heard about what happened to Yang Xuan yesterday when she returned to the school this morning.

The news had surprised her a lot.

Yang Xuan and Xia Xibei were a couple obviously, so how did the matter even turn out so badly?

Sure enough, Liu Zhijing knew about Yang Xuan’s relationship with Xia Xibei. After all, she had put in such a great deal of effort into it.

After getting together with Yang Xuan, Xia Xibei had to work harder to earn a living. The only free time she had left had to be spent with Yang Xuan as well, which left her even less time to study.

In other words, Xia Xibei’s situation would continue getting worse. At least that was Liu Zhijing’s aim.

Who would have expected things to take such a drastic turn after just one day?

Yang Xuan was the one getting embarrassed now, along with those strange parents of his!

“How would I know?!” Yang Xuan demanded, “Yesterday, she wanted to break up with me all of a sudden, and even made me pay her back. She even beat me up!”

“Beat you up?” Liu Zhijing asked with shock, “How did she even do that?”

“I don’t know when that lil’ b*tch got all that prowess! Most importantly, she denied having done it afterwards!”

When he recounted what had happened, Yang Xuan felt the oppressive feeling in his chest intensify.

This was the first time he had got beaten up! And no one believed him about it in the end!

“She has such prowess?” Liu Zhijing was stunned as well.

Xia Xibei had been such an easy target for bullies! How did she change into a whole different person within such a short time?

As she recalled how Xia Xibei had bickered with her yesterday, Liu Zhijing understood it all.

“Xia Xibei has been fawning over Song Jiaren now, are you aware of that?”

It must have been Song Jiaren who gave Xia Xibei such bravery and confidence!

“I saw it just now,” Yang Xuan said with worry. “And she even told Song Jiaren lots of bad things about me!”

“What did she say?”

“Song Jiaren knew about me having several girlfriends at once now.” Yang Xuan’s face was ashen gray.

“What?” Liu Zhijing asked, startled. Continuing with a frown, she prodded, “What was Song Jiaren’s reaction after that?”

“She asked me not to look for her anymore, Otherwise, she won’t have any mercy on me.” Yang Xuan’s shoulders hunched as he talked. “What should I do now?”

He was reluctant to leave Song Jiaren… and the wealth that she represented.

“She didn’t hit or scold you?” Liu Zhijing asked.

“No,” Yang Xuan shook his head.

Liu Zhijing’s eyes lit up suddenly, exclaiming, “If that’s the case, things are very easy to settle!”

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