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Chapter 54: Don’t Treat Me Like A Fool

The next morning, Xia Xibei returned to school refreshed after her morning exercises.

As soon as she got to the school entrance, she saw Song Jiaren rush over to her in excitement.

“Bei Bei!”

Song Jiaren gave Xia Xibei a hug. Her name also went from the unfamiliar whole name to the intimate Bei Bei.

Song Jiaren’s excitement was beyond words. When she got up this morning, she found her clothes were drenched in sweat, but she felt really good.

After taking a shower and weighing herself, she was stunned!

In just one night, she had lost three jin! Three jin! She couldn’t lose one jin even after jogging for days! But she had gotten results like this after just a 20-minute medicinal bath!

As she slept last night, her body had been detoxing automatically. Now she felt as light as a bird!

Xia Xibei really knew her stuff! She wanted to hug her and turn in circles!

Even though three jin wasn’t much to her sizable figure, it made her see hope! She really could be skinny!

“Well, don’t get so excited. You’ll be even thinner in the future,” Xia Xibei patted her arm, walking ahead with a smile.

There were quite a few students at school in the morning, all of them surprised by the intimate demeanor of the two of them.

When did Xia Xibei get so friendly with Song Jiaren?

At the school gate, Yang Xuan walked in with a haggard face. Yesterday, his parents had been taken to the police precinct and had to be detained for a few days. Even though it was just a few days, it had been a huge blow to Yang Xuan.

He actually didn’t want to come to school at all. After all, this was very embarrassing, since everyone must be discussing the matter.

However, if he didn’t come to school, what would Song Jiaren do? He couldn’t give up on Song Jiaren.

However, he didn’t think that as soon as he got to school, he would see Song Jiaren and Xia Xibei acting so affectionate.

This made him panic.

Xia Xibei wouldn’t tell Song Jiaren about their business, would she? If Song Jiaren knew he was two-timing her, he’d be over! Sister Jiaren of Qing Ye High School wasn’t a good person to anger! No! Absolutely not!

Thinking of this, he went to look for Song Jiaren right away.

Jiaren Song was so happy because she had lost a few jin, but when she turned around and saw Yang Xuan, her face suddenly became gloomy.

“Jia Jia,” Yang Xuan said, looking affectionate, “I have something to tell you.”

“What is there to say?” Song Jiaren asked, her expression ugly.

In fact, she still liked Yang Xuan. After all, he treated her well and was the first boy to pursue her, making him even more special. However, her heart hardened, thinking of what Xia Xibei told her about Yang Xuan’s behavior.

“It’s about yesterday,” he explained, his face bitter.

“Yesterday?” Song Jiaren’s face got dark. “I know about yesterday. You don’t have to tell me anything.”

“No! What you saw wasn’t true!” Yang Xuan said anxiously, “It wasn’t like what you saw at all!”

“Not like what?” Song Jiaren looked at him head-on. “You didn’t borrow Bei Bei’s money and tried not to pay it back? You weren’t two-timing people? Your parents didn’t make a mess at school because of this?”

“I…” Yang Xuan was speechless.

Before he could continue to explain, Song Jiaren shook her fist at him. “Don’t treat me like a fool! I won’t deal with you now, but If you ever show up near me in the future, I won’t let you off so easily!”

Then she turned and left.

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