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Chapter 56: Put Up A Heroic Show

“Easy to settle?” Yang Xuan looked at her with doubt and a little bit of displeasure. “How can it still be easy to settle at this point of time!”

“Are you stupid!” Liu Zhijing berated him, “You’re not a girl, that’s why you’re clueless. But I know! If Song Jiaren reacted that way, it means she still has feelings for you!”

“Really?” Yang Xuan asked, even more puzzled than before.

“If she had no feelings for you at all, she would have sent someone to teach you a lesson by now!” Liu Zhijing explained. “Therefore, there is still a chance to turn things around!”

As he listened to her, Yang Xuan came to his senses as well, beaming with surprise.

“Yes! You must be right!”

Although he didn’t like Song Jiaren, thinking she was too fat and revolting, he understood her character regardless. He knew that she was quite kind-hearted and gentle. In fact, she wasn’t really as ferocious and evil as how people described her.

Therefore, he just had to take advantage of that, and things might turn around for him!

“But… what am I supposed to do?” Yang Xuan asked, troubled once again.

“It’s simple!” Liu Zhijing flashed a cunning smile. “We could put up a heroic show!”

“A heroic show?”

“Yes!” Liu Zhijing was thrilled. “If you rescue her when she’s in danger, she will certainly become hell-bent on staying with you! Once she becomes obsessed with you again, she won’t take Xia Xibei’s words seriously anymore!”

Liu Zhijing was a girl, so she knew that some girls became blind once they fell in love. By then, nothing from the outside world could influence them anymore.

“But, what danger can there be?” Yang Xuan was still helpless. “Don’t forget that she’s much more capable than I am!”

Putting aside Song Jiaren’s martial strength, her size alone was enormous. Who would be foolish enough to even lay a finger on her?

“Are you stupid or what?” Liu Zhijing asked in frustration, “Can’t you just create some danger yourself?”

“That…” Yang Xuan hesitated. “That isn’t easy though!”

Song Jiaren’s father was the well-known head of a gang in their area, so who would dare to harm his daughter?

“Come on, just how powerful can the Song family be? They’re not invincible!” Liu Zhijing remarked contemptuously.

Even though the Songs were renowned, they still had a long way to go to gain real prestige and influence in this world! It was only because the place wasn’t big that the Songs could behave so rampantly.

“Even if they aren’t invincible, there’s no way we could do it,” Yang Xuan argued, brows deeply furrowed. “We can’t find anyone here!”

“Why don’t you ever use your brain?!” Liu Zhijing shot back, looking at him in disgust. “We can find people somewhere else if we can’t find them here!”


“If we can’t find people in our area, we can go to other areas! The Songs can’t be that influential, can they?”

Looking at Liu Zhijing’s confident manner, Yang Xuan felt reassured once again.

After discussing the matter and deciding on their next moves, they went downstairs for classes.

On her way back to the classroom, Liu Zhijing passed by the third class of sophomore year and caught sight of Xia Xibei.

She couldn’t help but sneer. Once they regained Song Jiaren’s favor, Xia Xibei would lose her support! Then she would see whether Xia Xibei could keep behaving arrogantly!

As she recalled the slap that Song Jiaren gave her yesterday, Liu Zhijing felt even more ashamed inside. And it had all been because of Xia Xibei!

Xia Xibei happened to look up and met Liu Zhijing’s resentful gaze, flashing a bright smile at her.

It caught Liu Zhijing off guard.

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