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Chapter 53: A Men’s Problem

Song Jiaren was even more shocked when she saw the lunchboxes.

“This is food from Jia Yao!” she exclaimed, her face full of surprise. “This must have cost at least a few thousand!”

Jia Yao was a well-known restaurant. Their dishes were delicious, but their prices weren’t very affordable. Song Jiaren liked the food from this restaurant, but why would anyone deliver such expensive food to Xia Xibei?

Song Jiaren knew Xia Xibei’s life story. Even if she hadn’t before, she understood after Liu Zhijing’s explanation.

Xia Xibei’s parents didn’t love her, so she lived on her own and worked to make money for herself.

In that case, how could Xia Xibei have afforded such expensive food?

“It was sent by a wealthy patient I helped before,” Xia Xibei explained, her expression not changing. She hadn’t exactly lied. Qiao Yanjue was a patient she had once saved.

“Wow, so rich!” Song Jiaren widened her eyes. “What was he sick from?”

“You can’t tell anyone!” Xia Xibei warned, suddenly turning mysterious.

“I’m not the gossipy kind!” Song Jiaren patted her chest.

“It was… the most insufferable problem for men.”

“A problem for men… Im- impotence?!”

Jiaren Song took a breath, hurriedly covering her mouth.

“Don’t tell anyone!” Xia Xibei repeated.

“Okay! I will never tell anyone!” Song Jiaren nodded quickly, sympathizing with the man named Qiao.

As a man, if his male ability had something wrong with it, then was he still a man?

“How is he now?” she asked anxiously.

“He is fine now, of course!” Xia Xibei patted her chest and said. “As soon as I worked on him as an expert, there were no more problems!”

Song Jiaren looked at her with surprise and a little bit of admiration, “That’s amazing!”

“Of course! So, don’t worry. Your problem is only a small one.”

Song Jiaren felt more confident hearing her say this. “Should we start now?” she asked eagerly.

“Let’s eat first. I’m also hungry.”

Xia Xibei only had a bread roll for lunch, so she was starving. If the food was here, why not eat it?

“OK. Let’s eat! But… wouldn’t I get fat?” Song Jiaren looked at the food, coveting it but trying hard to resist. She would definitely gain weight if she ate all this!

“It’s okay, I will help you lose weight if you get fat!” Xia Xibei took out utensils and put them into her hand. “You don’t believe me?”

“I do!” Song Jiaren nodded. “But…”

“No buts. Let’s eat!”

Xia Xibei sat down and started to feast, nodding with satisfaction as she ate.

Sure enough, there were advantages to the expensive prices. These meals did taste really good.

Song Jiaren was tempted by the food, but she forced herself to stop after eating only some.

Then her eyes grew bigger.

Xia Xibei had finished all of the leftover food, unable to even close her mouth.

What the…? How did Xia Xibei eat all of that?!

Song Jiaren ate only a single portion and there was enough food left over for a few more people, but it was all eaten by Xia Xibei!

Jeez, was her stomach a black hole?!

“What… Aren’t you stuffed?”

Song Jiaren looked at her with a confused expression.

“Not stuffed at all,” Xia Xibei smiled, “But I’m fine.”

Her body wasn’t in great condition yet. She still needed a lot of nutrition.

She could handle hunger, but she would also eat this much if she could.

Song Jiaren was impressed, noting that Xia Xibei did not seem to have a problem.

After the meal, the washtub was delivered.

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