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Chapter 391: Who’s Xiaoyun?

Not long after Xia Xibei and the others arrived at the restaurant, Huo Zijun turned up as well.

Upon arriving, Huo Zijun and Jiang Yuran were locked in an embrace, giving each other a playful punch.

“Brat, you’re finally back after being there for so long!”

Jiang Yuran made an innocent face, “It was you guys who didn’t go back, wasn’t it?”

Their families were all based in the capital. Previously, Qiao Yanjue and Jiang Yuran were both active within the capital. Huo Zijun was the only one who worked in City G.

However, Qiao Yanjue later also went to City G, causing Jiang Yuran to wonder what was so attractive about City G. What made them so happy that they forgot to return home?

Having been apart from each other for so long, the three of them were a lot more chatty than usual.

“It’s just a pity that the fellow Han Rui isn’t here with us.”

The four of them were of about the same age. They had grown up and studied together since they were young, and they had always gotten along very well.

The three of them had chosen to go into business while Han Rui joined the army, even making his way into the special forces. He was usually occupied with missions, and seldom had time to meet them.

“He just told me that he’s doing well,” Huo Zijun said after taking a sip of water.

“Why didn’t he contact me?” Jiang Yuran wasn’t very happy about it.

“Haha,” Huo Zijun shot him a glance, “Are you sure he can find you?”

The four of them had very different personalities. Han Rui was a reserved, serious man, while Huo Zijun was mellow and gentle, Qiao Yanjue was cold and haughty, and Jiang Yuran was a carefree playboy.

Jiang Yuran had never run short of girlfriends since his teenage years.

Men that had similar backgrounds as he always felt like they weren’t spending their money well if they didn’t have several girlfriends at a time.

He was a man with integrity though; he never had more than one partner at a time. It was always a one-to-one relationship.

He had a big brother at home to hold things together, and he wasn’t very interested in the family assets anyway, so he spent his life fooling around and having fun.

They might not always be able to find him, even if they wanted to.

Therefore, Han Rui always contacted the rest of the squad, who would then get in touch with Jiang Yuran.

“Cheh!” Not only was Jiang Yuran unruffled by the roast, he even spoke in a righteous manner, “He just wasn’t lucky enough to find me!”

Huo Zijun rolled his eyes at the shameless remark, nearly spitting water on his face.

After bickering with Huo Zijun for a while, Jiang Yuran came to a sudden halt, his jaw hanging open and his eyes going wide with shock.

He rubbed his eyes dramatically and stared at Qiao Yanjue in utter disbelief.

“God damn it!” he squealed. “Big Qiao, what are you doing?!”

Qiao Yanjue was skillfully peeling shrimp for Xia Xibei. Upon hearing his name being called, he spared a second and shot him a glance. “Want me to buy you a pair of glasses?”

Jiang Yuran was speechless.

Holy jeez, this surely couldn’t be his beloved Big Qiao! Someone must have exchanged him with a fake one!

Wasn’t Qiao Yanjue a clean freak? What the hell was happening right now?

While he was deep in shock, Qiao Yanjue had managed to peel a few more shrimps.

Damn! That was swift, wasn’t it? How long did it take him to master that skill?

Jiang Yuran couldn’t help but hold Xia Xibei in high regard now.

She must be a piece of work, to be able to mold Qiao Yanjue into the man he was right now!

If others saw him peeling shrimp for a girl, they would be shocked to death!

He shook his head and sighed, “If Xiaoyun sees you like this, imagine how upset she’ll be!”

“Xiaoyun?” Xia Xibei’s chopsticks stopped moving, and her expression changed subtly.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense!” Qiao Yanjue’s heart skipped a beat, and he shot Jiang Yuran a death stare. “Xiaoyun used to be our schoolmate.”

“Really?” All of a sudden, Xia Xibei couldn’t seem to taste the sweetness of the shrimps anymore, so she set down her chopsticks, “You guys must be close then.”

She knew exactly which Xiaoyun they were talking about.

Wasn’t it Li Weiyun?

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