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Chapter 390: I Am Your Brother

Other than facing his parents, Mo Bonan had never been so gentle.

But now, looking at Tang Luo’s stubborn little face, he could only soften his attitude.

“Look, it’s not so convenient today, right?” His tone softened, “Of course, if everyone else is fine with it, we can still have a meal together.”

“No need!” Song Jiaren immediately shook her head. “Let’s make another date later! If you guys have something to do, just go ahead!”

Although these guys were quite handsome, she was not used to eating with so many strangers.

“I’m going home too,” Yu Ziqi also said.

These big guys weren’t ones to mess with!

Tang Luo looked at Xia Xibei.

However, looking at Qiao Yanjue beside Xia Xibei, he could only sigh helplessly.

“Alright then, next time.”

Although Xia Xibei didn’t say it, he could feel that she was in a different mood.

Before, Wan Shijie had come to them when she was upset. If she was in her current mood, he definitely wouldn’t have ended up so pathetic.

“Then let’s meet up another time.”

Seeing Tang Luo nod, Mo Bonan inexplicably breathed out a sigh of relief.

“Sorry, I’ll buy you guys dinner next time,” Xia Xibei looked at everyone apologetically.

“It’s okay.” Song Jiaren generously waved her hand, “We’re leaving first.”

After saying that, she pulled Yu Ziqi along, the latter hastily saying his goodbyes to them.

Mo Bonan and Qiao Yanjue nodded politely, “Then we’ll be leaving.”


The two of them got into the car, Mo Bonan’s expression was a bit complicated.

Only after a long time did he speak.

“Why were you so late today?”

It had been a few days. He couldn’t find Tang Luo in the morning, and when he went back at night, Tang Luo would already be asleep.

He could only come pick him up after leaving work early today, but he had to wait for more than an hour before Tang Luo came out.

Tang Luo lowered his eyebrows, “We had a game with another school today.”

He was very confused. Shouldn’t Mo Bonan be busy with work and social engagements? How come he was free to pick him up?

“Did something happen?”

Mo Bonan shook his head, “Nothing. I just came to pick you up and take you home.”

Tang Luo did not refute it but expressed doubt with his eyes.

Mo Bonan was a little helpless and a little frustrated.

“Has anything happened in the last few days?” he asked.

Tang Luo then suddenly realized.

“You know?”

“What do you think?” Mo Bonan’s expression was a bit ugly. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“There was no need to tell you,” Tang Luo shook his head, his voice low.

“Anyway, it’s a small matter. No need to affect your collaboration.”

When he said this, the smile at the corner of his mouth was inexplicably a bit sad.

“This is a small matter?” Mo Bonan’s face sank. “Then what’s a big matter?”

“Nothing,” Tang Luo even smiled, “Anyway, it’s all in the past now.”

Looking at his smile, Mo Bonan took a deep breath, suppressed the anger floating in his heart, and held his breath.

“I’ve already cancelled the collaboration with the Zhang family.”

“What?!” Tang Luo was startled, and his voice rose. “Cancelled the collaboration?!”

Was he kidding! How was that possible?

It was clear that in the previous life, the Mo family and the Zhang family’s collaboration had always continued! How could it be cancelled now? Was Mo Bonan on drugs?

Looking at his shocked expression, Mo Bonan’s mood finally got better.

“They dared to bully you. Of course we couldn’t continue to collaborate.”

Tang Luo looked at Mo Bonan incredulously, unable to come back to his senses for a while.

Looking at his wide, round eyes, Mo Bonan’s heart turned soft. He could not help but pat Tang Luo’s head.

“Hey, I am your brother! I can’t watch you get bullied!”

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