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Chapter 392: Totally Unrelated

Xia Xibei had come across Li Weiyun several times, none of which had left her with pleasant memories.

Li Weiyun was aloof and haughty, but that wasn’t a big deal because the Li family was a prestigious family, and she had every reason to be snobby.

However, she was close to Xia Qinghan, so Xia Xibei couldn’t avoid her condescending disdain every time they met.

Besides, Li Weiyun was Qiao Yanjue’s fiancée. It caused a great deal of commotion when the two of them got engaged.

“Xiaoyun… Is your fiancée, right?” Xia Xibei asked, deep in thought.


Qiao Yanjue was startled by the question and poked his finger with the prawn shell.

He stared at her in disbelief, “What fiancée? What are you talking about?”

Jiang Yuran started clapping and laughing out of nowhere, “Their families really did plan on that before!”

If it hadn’t been for Qiao Yanjue’s willful, unbridled nature, and the way he kept a firm stance through it all, the two of them might have become a couple by now.

Qiao Yanjue stared at Jiang Yuran with his ice-cold eyes, till he shut his mouth and touched his nose bashfully.

“I- I was joking.”

After making Jiang Yuran shut his mouth, Qiao Yanjue turned to look at Xia Xibei. In a solemn manner, he explained, “I do not have a fiancée. Xiaoyun, whom they were talking about, is a high school friend of ours. We haven’t been in touch for years.”

They hadn’t really kept in touch ever since Li Weiyun went abroad to attend college.

“What do you mean you haven’t been in touch?” Jiang Yuran asked in a low voice. “It’s just that you always ignored her.”

Everyone knew how Li Weiyun felt about Qiao Yanjue, but he had always been cold and distant to her, never responding to her feelings.

Huo Zijun was speechless. He gave Jiang Yuran a forceful slam on his back, making a loud bang.

What a silly kid! How dare he still speak nonsense? Was he trying to get murdered by Qiao Yanjue?

“Big Qiao is right,” Huo Zijun said. “Xiaoyun is our highschool friend, one who has been living overseas all these years. I think she’s got a boyfriend now.”

He was trying to imply that Qiao Yanjue had absolutely nothing to do with Li Weiyun.

Although Huo Zijun didn’t believe that Qiao Yanjue and Xia Xibei could make it together, that didn’t mean he should hold them back!

Qiao Yanjue gave him a satisfied look, and then turned to tell Xia Xibei, “Alright, let’s not talk about those irrelevant people anymore. Eat more. You got skinny over the past few days.”

Jiang Yuran couldn’t bear the sight of Qiao Yanjue trying his best to please Xia Xibei.

Damn it! Was this the same cold, cruel, fierce Big Qiao that they knew?!

It turned out that he was no exception from other men, who lost their integrity in the face of a woman’s beauty. Even Li Weiyun became an irrelevant person.

Imagine how upset Li Weiyun would get if she knew!

However, he didn’t dare to speak another word, because Qiao Yanjue had just shot him a very intimidating warning look.

If he uttered another word, the consequences would be fatal.

Qiao Yanjue was not one to forgive.

However, this showed how much Qiao Yanjue adored and appreciated Xia Xibei.

Jiang Yuran heaved a silent sigh instead. It seemed like Li Weiyun no longer stood a chance.

Qiao Yanjue was already so evasive about the subject, even before his relationship with Xia Xibei became a certainty, so imagine how he would act in the future?

Li Weiyun didn’t have a chance in the past, nor would she get a chance in the future.

However, Jiang Yuran was more concerned about his best friend’s feelings than Li Weiyun’s.

Thus, he didn’t bring up Li Weiyun again.

Xia Xibei couldn’t help but feel better after hearing Qiao Yanjue deny his relationship with Li Weiyun.

She may seem selfish, but so what? She simply hated Li Weiyun and Xia Qinghan.

If Qiao Yanjue really had been with Li Weiyun before, she would keep a wide berth from him right away.

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