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Chapter 360: Shut Your Mouth

Looking at the onslaught of rage and curses aimed towards her on the Internet, Li Yulin’s body became cold and the taste in her mouth was bitter.

When everything that happened to Tang Luo before happened to her, she realized that she didn’t have the same strong mental capacity as him.

Listening to Zhang Yiqi’s angry tirade, she also had a bitter expression.

“I- I didn’t think…”

Zhang Yiqi was livid, “You didn’t think? Why didn’t you tell me before that they took a video?”

Before, Li Yulin did not tell her that Tang Luo and others had taken any videos.

“He- They deleted- Deleted the video before!” And they had shredded it too!

“Are you pig-brained?!” Zhang Yiqi became even angrier and shouted, “If they really deleted the video, what is this now?! And don’t you know that these things can be recovered?!”

Even if the phone was smashed, the files inside could be restored, regardless of whether or not they were simply deleted.

Zhang Yiqi finally understood why Tang Luo did not say anything while being attacked before: he was busy recovering the video!

Li Yulin was also at a loss.

“I… I don’t know…” She was about to cry, asking, “Miss Zhang, what do we do now?”

“What do we do?!” Zhang Yiqi was furious, “Shut up, of course! If you f–ing dare to talk nonsense, you can just die!”

“Can’t you send me abroad?” Li Yulin begged, panicking.

If Tang Luo and others retaliated, what could she do to protect herself? She didn’t want to go to jail!

“Send you abroad?” Zhang Yiqi coldly snorted, “We agreed before that I would send you out of the country only when you finished the task. But look at what you’ve done now?!”

The charges on Tang Luo had been cleared by this video! Now everyone was feeling terrible for him!

She was going to die of anger and Li Yulin was thinking of going abroad? Hah!

“I’m warning you, think about what you can and can’t say!”

After Zhang Yiqi said those threatening words, she hung up the phone.

Li Yulin looked at the angry comments on the Internet, her body was like it was in the ice cellar.

Zhang Yiqi grinded her teeth. She had Li Yulin frame Tang Luo so he would bear a sexual assault charge. If that was the case, Mo Bonan would definitely hate him.

In order to make this happen, she also made Li Yulin send him several days of breakfast as a pretext!

But she never thought that Li Yulin would hide something so important, now putting her in such an embarrassing situation!

“Now what do we do?”

Xia Qinghan looked very worried too.

“What else can we do? Make Li Yulin admit to all the charges!”

Zhang Yiqi’s face was grim. If Li Yulin was in front of her, she would slap her!

“Would this work?” Xia Qinghan frowned, “Would she do it?”

“Would she dare to refuse?” Zhang Yiqi snorted, “Would she dare to reveal me?”

She had used Li Yulin because Li Yulin was easy to control!

When Zhang Yiqi said this, Xia Qinghan breathed a sigh of relief.

But soon, she wasn’t as calm.

Her eyes widened in disbelief, and after reading the text, she tapped the accompanying audio file with trembling hands.

Zhang Yiqi frowned, “What’s wrong with you?”

Why was she so scared?

“Are you a moron? Why didn’t you tell me about the video they took before?!”

A somewhat distorted, but familiar voice rang out, leaving Zhang Yiqi dazed.

She snatched up Xia Qinghan’s phone and stared at the screen, her heart beating wildly.

“What’s this?!”

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