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Chapter 359: Video Exposes All

The video was both clear and loud, so everyone could see the whole thing very easily.

The video wasn’t long, just a few minutes. However, everyone was stunned after viewing it.

[What the- Damn! Is this photoshopped?!]

[What kind of reversal is this? I feel like my face is puffy from being slapped!]

[The girl said before that the guy molested her! Is this what she meant by molested?!]

[What kind of gross person is this?! She’s the bad guy here!]

[This world is too crazy!]

[I’ve said it before, there’s definitely something wrong here! Feel your face, is it puffy?]

[The reversal video is out! Woah, the face-slapping is too brutal!]

This video dumbfounded everyone.

One second they were condemning the “top scholar,” and the next second they were being slapped in the face.

The person claiming to be molested was actually the perpetrator!

[So we were all swindled by this girl?!]

[I’m actually an accessory to this crime?!]

While everyone was in a state of shock and anger, Qing Ye High School’s official blog posted an update too.

[In response to what student Li said before, we can now provide an explanation. As you can see, student Li bullied student Tang, and after finding out what she did had been recorded, she begged for forgiveness from student Tang. After that, student Tang and the others chose to forgive her and deleted the video. But we never thought that things would go this far! We didn’t respond before because we had to recover the video and come up with the evidence to explain ourselves! Based on what student Li has done, we have called the police and left it to their discretion!]

Links to two videos were posted below.

One was a video they had seen before, but from a slightly different angle.

There was also a video of several people in the principal’s office.

Although the second video did not have any sound, they could clearly see Li Yulin suddenly kneeling and crying. Then, Tang Luo and several people took out their phones, supposedly deleting the video.

If one had seen the image of Li Yulin kneeling before this occurrence, they would think that this was when the school leaders and Tang Luo had bullied her together.

But now, who didn’t know what really went on?

This blog update annoyed everyone.

They were manipulated by a girl, and they almost became her accomplices!

They were just as angry now as they had been outraged by injustice before.

The previous anger was directed at Tang Luo and Xia Xibei, but now, that anger had backfired directly on Li Yulin.

[This is how everyone’s compassion is ruined by these scumbags!]

[With online things, it really takes only a few days to judge. With this reversal and then another reversal, I do not dare to speak!]

[Damn! This girl is so disgusting. When her confession of love didn’t work out, she accused the guy of assaulting her? Doesn’t she see her own face? Who would want her?]

[She is really too vicious! If he didn’t have evidence, wouldn’t he have to carry this charge for the rest of his life?]

Everyone knew that if Tang Luo didn’t produce evidence, even if the police had no evidence that he did something bad, no one online would believe he was innocent.

That way, his life would be ruined!

With this conclusion, people hated Li Yulin more than ever.

Looking at the outrage that quickly erupted online, both Zhang Yiqi and Xia Qinghan were bewildered.

Zhang Yiqi was even more angry. She dialed Li Yulin’s phone, cursing, “Are you a moron? Why didn’t you tell me about the video they took before?!”

She would have done things differently if she had known that there was a video taken!

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