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Chapter 361: An Elaborate Plot

The audio continued to play.

Zhang Yiqi froze while listening to the conversation.

Who recorded the conversation between her and Li Yulin?!

Xia Qinghan was also confused and shocked.


She had just heard the conversation between the two clearly from the side, so she was stunned to see the text version of the conversation posted by some marketing account. A chill rose up her spine.

This tactic was terrifying!

Did Xia Xibei and her people do this?!

Zhang Yiqi did not know what the hell was going on, but she knew things weren’t good!

The comments section went crazy.

[Damn it! I thought it was just a simple frame-up! I didn’t think someone had ordered it! It’s too vicious!]

[What is the grudge between the “top scholar” and this person? Is it a relationship thing? Is it hatred from unrequited love? This woman’s heart is too mean! She’s trying to ruin his life!]

[Ms. Zhang? Miss Zhang? But no matter who it is, this woman is too vicious!]

[What kind of god found such evidence? Worship!]

[Sorry to say, but this seems to be a violation of someone’s privacy? Evidence obtained by such means cannot be used, right?]

[I don’t care whether the evidence is legal or not, I just want to curse this bitch named Zhang! What a monster!]

[Scum like this needs to be severely punished!]

[How in the world did people like this grow up? Are their parents all dead?]

Looking at these comments, Zhang Yiqi was trembling, angry and anxious.

“What bastard did this?! I will kill him!” she screeched, wishing to chop the offender into pieces.

Xia Qinghan’s face was also twisted, but she could only comfort Zhang Yiqi, “It’s okay, just don’t admit it’s you.”

After being nervous, she quickly calmed down, “This kind of wiretap recording is not legal and cannot be considered legal evidence, you don’t need to worry. Besides, you can still deny it!”

Reassured by this, Zhang Yiqi also calmed down and said in a cold voice, “Yes! Who can prove that it was me? I can say that someone else took my phone and faked my voice to frame me!”

Besides, her family had money and a lawyer to help settle the matter. As long as Li Yulin shut up, her side would be fine.

Thinking of this, Zhang Yiqi finally let go of her worries.

However, the two were reassured too quickly. In a matter of minutes, new updates appeared online.

[Ooh, let’s look at the pictures and tell the story.]

A few photos were posted.

The first one was a photo of Zhang Yiqi and Li Yulin in contact with each other, while the second one was a photo of Zhang Yiqi and Xia Qinghan together.

The third one was a side-by-side photo of Xia Qinghan and Xia Xibei.

The fourth one was a photo of Xia Xibei and Tang Luo together.

Of these five people, only Xia Xibei and Xia Qinghan’s faces were not blurred, because they had been exposed before and there was no need for secrecy. The other three’s faces were blurred, but you could roughly make out what they looked like.

But what they looked like was not the point; the point was the relationship between them!

[Miss Z and Schoolgirl Xia are friends, classmate Tang and Fairy Schoolgirl are friends, and Schoolgirl Xia and Fairy Schoolgirl are rivals. So, Miss Z asked Li to frame Tang and drag the Fairy Schoolgirl down too… What an elaborate plot!]

This comment was widely up-voted by people.

This was extremely possible! After all, the comments praising Xia Qinghan over Xia Xibei hadn’t gone away yet!

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